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Interview with Emily Hall, Community Program Manager, Telerik

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I am back with one more episode of Uncut & Unedited. This is episode number 18. I have a very interesting guest this time on the show. And the guest is Ms. Emily Hall – Community Program Manager from  Telerik.

As many of you know that I am one of the sponsored speakers under Telerik program known as Insiders. So I am technically a Telerik Insider. Telerik sponsors my talks i.e. take care of my logistics like travel & stay and I get to go and talk on my whatever I feel like without worrying anything. But I do make it a point to tell that I am there because of Telerik and believe me when I say this – that’s all they ask for – nothin else. Not to forget the cool swags they send everytime.

Ever wondered who handles all the community related things within Telerik. Well I had wondered before becoming an Insider. I knew about Telerik association with User Groups for quite some time through the UG meets of BDotNet. Every UG meet there would be some cool swag from Telerik. So if you are one among those curious people then do sit back and enjoy this interview.

Emily Hall works in the capacity of Community Program Manager within Telerik. She is responsible for many of the Community related activities that Telerik takes up. It includes sponsoring speakers, sponsoring UG meets, reaching out to speakers to speak at an event, reaching out to organizers to see if they need any speakers etc etc. I have known Emily for over a year now and mostly it was email. Finally on Jan 27 I got to meet her in person and talk to her as part of the Telerik Insiders Meet held at The Florida Mall & Convention Center, Orlando.


As usual I ask Emily 5 questions. Here are the questions:

  • About her roles & responsibilities
  • Her day as a Community Program Manager in Telerik
  • About Telerik Insiders program
  • How to become a Telerik Insider
  • About Telerik Insider statistics
  • What’s in it for a speaker as an Insider

Here is the interview:

Open Video 

I was really excited to hear Emily speak about the community activities that Telerik does. Its really nice of a company to dedicate itself to help the community in any possible way. I really feel good  and honored to be part of their prestigious Telerik Insider program. I had the opportunity to meet some of the elite speakers who are part of this program at Insiders meet. Felt great to be amongst such prestigious US speakers. Once again my thanks to Telerik for have given me the opportunity to be part of their family.

As usual, Happy Coding. Code with Passion & Decode with Patience.

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