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Daily Dose - WP7 App Market Open For Submissions

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Today the Windows Phone 7 App Market is officially open for public submissions.  Over 12k developers have already registered for the new marketplace.  That number should increase now that non-early access developers can submit apps.  You can download the WP7 toolkit and register for the marketplace here.

Fedora 14 "Laughlin" is Finished
The 14th version of Red Hat's FOSS Linux distro, Fedora, is now available in its final iteration.  The release, codenamed "Laughlin", features a newly designed interface and faster JPEG decoding.  Laughlin is also the first distro to have SPICE, a protocol for desktop virtualization.

Adobe Closes Flex Public Repository… For Now
The upcoming version of the Flex Framework, codenamed "Hero", will be closed to open source contributions Adobe says.  Patches won't be accepted from the community either, but Adobe hopes that it can re-open the framework for patch submission after some changes to the core infrastructure, which should make the process "smoother and less stressful."  Flex SDK product manager Deepa Subramaniam explained at Adobe MAX:

"The Hero SDK is building against the latest and greatest of the runtimes, the in-development Flash player and the in-development AIR runtime, and those runtimes are not open source. They are not developed as transparently as Flex is. We have to respect those teams development process and make sure that we don't check in early in-development builds of Flash player. We can only check in the builds that they deem publicly previewable."

Adobe is speeding its technology toward greater mobile optimization and ubiquity, and managing open source contributions will consume time and resources that they need for other areas.  Adobe hopes to restore open development within the next two releases of the Flex Framework.

33 Contributors to the German Section of OpenOffice Depart
More than 30 members of the project announced their resignations this week.  The members cite repeated instances of poor communication with Sun and now Oracle.  These developers believe LibreOffice, an fork that is completely free of corporate entities, has the brightest future.  They will be committing their time to that project instead.

What Apple’s Announcement Really Means to Java Developers
Should Java developers (many of whom, like me, develop on Macs) freak out?
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