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Daily Dose - Spring Ignites GemFire 1.0

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Several months after the acquisition of GemStone, Spring has officially released a project integrating the company's technology.  The first milestone of GemFire 1.0 now includes the Spring development approach in its distributed data management platform.  The new features include:

  • Declarative dependency injection style configurations for the GemFire infrastructure (such as Cache, Region, Interest, etc)
  • Exception translation to Spring's portable DataAccess exception hierarchy
  • Emplate and callback support for easy native API access
  • Transaction management support
  • Spring backed wiring for GemFire managed objects
  • Auto-generation of non-reflection based Instantiators

GemFire is available for Java and .NET.  Some of the new features in this milestone are only available for Java.

A Web App Can Jailbreak Your iPhone Through PDF Flaw
Security analysts revealed how the new web app, "JailbreakMe", is able to jailbreak your iPhone like a champ simply by visiting a website.  It's a remote exploit related to the iOS's rendering of PDF files, and it can let hackers execute code on any iOS device.  I imagine that this newly declared exploit will be quickly patched by Apple because 1) hackers now know about it, and 2) because Apple hates jailbreakers.  Apple may even find a way to brick the phone if a user plays with JailbreakMe.

Embed a Maven Repo in the 'Aether'
Sonatype has come up with a new toy for interacting with Maven repositories (they hope it becomes the standard).  Aether is meant to provide interoperability for a wide variety of JVM-based development infrastructures.  Aether is not Maven-specific, but Sonatype is making it the priority technology to interoperate with.  You can expect excellent Aether Ant Tasks as well.

Sones GmbH Hops on the Azure Cloud
One of the few (maybe the only) .NET open source Graph databases, Sones, is releasing the 1.1 version of its Enterprise Edition GraphDB, which runs on the Azure cloud platform.  GraphDB is the first graph database for Azure and the DB is also compatible with App Fabric.  The open source edition is compatible with Amazon and they are currently working on an Enterprise version that will run on EC2.

Java Killers #3 - ? is the question
This series of Java language "gotchas" features a catch in the ? operand.
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Christopher Brind replied on Wed, 2010/08/04 - 2:51am

"Apple may even find a way to brick the phone if a user plays with JailbreakMe."
Don't be so paranoid. Besides which jail-breaking is considered legal and unless the law has changed willful destruction of someone's property is not.

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