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Today we're pleased to announce the first public release of UberFire, a web based workbench framework inspired by Eclipse Rich Client Platform. UberFire is a new independent project developed and maintained by Drool & jBPM team. This is a very strategic project for us, once it's the base technology for our next generation of web tooling. One key aspect for UberFire is the compile time composition of plugins. Every plugin can be a maven module, when building a distribution, you simple add those maven modules as dependencies. Those plugins then become available a panels to be placed in perspective, via drag and drop, with docking. The clean and powerful design was made possible by GWT, Errai and CDI.

Posted by mdproctor  |   Nov 02 2012 / 01:59

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Martyr2 replied ago:

Not sure why this has gotten so much up votes from everyone. Must be the team developing it. Here is a small tidbit of advice, if your project is in alpha and the UI is still in need of a serious rework, don't go announcing it. I think it is lame to be seeing a demo video of a product that needs a warning of "this project is in alpha and the UI looks like shit, but here is our great product" because frankly it is not a great product until it is nearing completion.

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mdproctor replied ago:

Marty2: We are looking ot build a community of developers, those that want to get involved and shape the project. Alpha versions are not aimed at end users. I believe that DZone is as much for developers of frameworks, as it is for end users.

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