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Recently i was working on a project where application performance was a top priority. I started looking into ORM frameworks and found that ORMs are great for most applications, but when performance is a factor it�s best to write your own data access. So that's when I decided to write my own data access. This article will explain some of the design that i have used in my project. I have used SqlDataReader�s strongly typed Get methods to do a null check and then write the values. Here is my base class in VB.NET.

Posted by farooq.kaiser  |   Jun 13 2012 / 07:20

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Yurik Tyrant replied ago:

No need to write your own code. LINQ to SQL will populate your classes for you. Just decorate your fields with Attributes matching the columns.

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farooq.kaiser replied ago:

Have you read the article? LINQ to SQL won't give you the performance. Take a look benchmark here.

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