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Despite it being 2012 and the PHP wars having been waged for years now, many people still continue to rail against PHP as a programming language. The complaints about it are numerous, and many of them are warranted to some extent: non-standard function names, exceptions to operator usage, and non-standard inheritance of ideas from other languages are just a few of the legitimate complaints that come out of the anti-PHP camp. Many of them, however, curiously seem to center around one core complaint: that it leads programmers to write “bad code”, either because of the reasons listed above or because of others.

Posted by Svetlana Lucky  |   Nov 17 2012 / 06:03

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Jeremy Morgan replied ago:

PHP has some pretty serious design flaws, but as the article says it serves it's purpose very well. And if it acts as a "gateway language" to get people hooked on programming, then it's great! In a discussion with Rasmus at a meeting years ago he admitted frequently that he was isn't a programmer, PHP has flaws, and most importantly that he thinks it serves as a "glue" language to connect other technologies together. In this respect PHP works very well. It runs identically on multiple platforms and interfaces with other technologies quickly and easily. There's definitely a lot of value in that.

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infovation_Softwares replied ago:

Where do these stupid posters come from MARS or Venus, Oh wait no, they are the ones slogging 24/7 for their illuminati masters. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PHP language dont matter much but what matters is that there is no good RAD IDE for it, nor there is any Form designer, not a single one, so the QUESTION IS VERY VERY STUPID

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