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By tp02ga
Published: Sep 29 2012 / 02:32

Want to learn about Enums in Java? Would you like to make your own card game? Check out this Java tutorial!
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eaorak replied ago:

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Come on, the year is 2012 and we still try to learn enums ?

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tp02ga replied ago:

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I'd love to hear your thoughts on another aspect of Java programming that you believe is the replacement for Enums. I could write up a post with these thoughts in mind as a counter argument.

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eaorak replied ago:

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First of all, thank you for the "constructive" reply.. Actually, I think enum is a very powerful programming construct and I have been taking advantage of advanced usage of enums in almost all programs that I wrote, and I also think that most Java programmers still can not use enums effectively. I don't have any suggestions for replacement of enums, yet find this unnecessary, since enum is already powerful enough for most of the requirements. But the main point is, I personally don't like to see such basic topics are being issued on DZone. I (want to) think anyone interested in new technologies, how to be a better programmer, how to improve himself .. enough to make them follow DZone should already know that kind of very essential and old language stuff like enums. Cause enum was first added to the Java language in version 5.0 which has released in 2004 ! And it's been 8 years since enum was first added, and 8 years is almost a century in terms of the development world. Also the example you have given in the blog is a copy of the official java documentation provided by Oracle: So I think providing the same old examples and information that anyone can find in official document of the language is meaningless.

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infovation_Softwares replied ago:

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seems like you are confused, just check how many people are posting any comments on how many posts here, yeah go ahead check it out. People here are just blind followers due to their memory based education system, they cant think specially they cant do critical thinking, if you can think, you dont belong here, infact you dont belong anywhere else other than places where you can mint tons of money. or else here people would have rattled the thread started for ignoring the power of enums in Visual studio IDE. what you have in Java is a mockery of enums.

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michele.mauro replied ago:

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Your comment actually argues that there is still education needed about this topic :-) If you don't like basic topics like these on DZone, don't vote them. But that won't make the newbies vanish, or become more educated.

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infovation_Softwares replied ago:

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and see how no one complains about lack of new line character here, because they never post anything here, thus we are an planet of apes, owned by pigs,

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