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By mitchp
Published: Apr 10 2010 / 02:29

What Apple is saying here is that the only tool you can use to write iPhone apps is theirs. This, it seems to me, is bad enough. I don't believe I have ever seen any company prescribe what tools you could use to compile on their hardware.
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sarek79 replied ago:

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It doesn't matter because almost every apple fanboy developer will just shrug and go "They're amazing and we must do what they say!" and continue to follow these insane rules.

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rv49649 replied ago:

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So Adobe Flash haters, as Steve Jobs continues to fine tune his anti-Flash tactics in order to try to obliterate Adobe from the face of the Earth, are you pleased with the out-come you're getting? Microsoft has never done anything as remotely draconian as Job's new stipulation that iPhone apps must now be originally written in Objective-C, C, or C++ - or JavaScript if web browser-based. So this is what you wanted - to see Flash taken down in order to be supplanted by Steve Jobs hegemony?

Adobe has attempted to take their runtime to many platforms, including Linux. Their developer and creative tools have at least been available on both Windows and Mac. They've made significant portions of their technology open source, like the Flex SDK and BlazeDS. Developers have enjoyed great reach, flexibility, and freedom using the Adobe Flash technology stack.

Yet look at what Steve Jobs is attempting to do to the formerly open and freedom-centric Internet. As his hardware products and online stores gain more dominance via their eager reception by mass consumers, he is erecting an ultimate closed silo that in time will bring the Internet significantly under Apple's (Steve Jobs) dominance (and hence all manner of content creation - especially the creation of software applications).

So you hated Flash so much that you're glad to have Apple take iron-fisted dominance of the Internet as a byproduct of killing Flash.

Who could ever imagine that Apple could become so brazen in their reach for hegemony that they could make Microsoft's tactics back in the early days of the browser wars look mild and amateurish. Yet the DoJ went after Microsoft for the tactics it wielded...

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jamesjames replied ago:

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Why would Adobe get obliterated by this decision? I dont get that? Flash has always been a desktop platform, I do not see any problem on apple blocking them from iphone and ipad. Flash does not need to be as viral as possible to survive. All desktops on earth right now can run Adobe Flash. That is all good and dandy.

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TroubleX replied ago:

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Apple is a retarded company, but their are plenty of retards out there willing to give them money and play by their rules.


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