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Andrey Cheptsov05/03/14
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What Makes IntelliJ IDEA Different

This post may sound commonplace to you if you already use IntelliJ IDEA. If so, then just ignore it or share with a friend of yours, as it’s intended for people who are still wondering what’s so special about IntelliJ IDEA and why is it so different from other IDEs.

Len DiMaggio05/03/14
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The Red Deer Recorder

One of Red Deer’s goals has always been for it to be an easy to use test platform, but it’s always lacked the convenience of a keystroke recording tool. Until now that is. Before we look at how we can use the Recorder, let’s take a minute to understand just how it works.

Chase Seibert05/02/14
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Loading Classes From Modules With Reflection in Python (Imp Module)

For a dynamic language, it’s more difficult than it needs to be to import a module dynamically in Python. It’s very easy to just from foo import bar, but what if you want to load a list of things and all you have is a string representation of each one, for example

Topher Marie05/02/14
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Why Centralize Cron Jobs and Stop Fighting Configuration

As a company focused on server management, we’ve been talking a lot about how we can help DevOps and IT pros automate tasks and generally make their lives easier. Many a customer have asked us to include scheduling of tasks into our product. So, this past week we just did that!

Peter Verhas05/02/14
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You Can Program Bug Free

You can not. This is a lie, just like the cake. You can lower the number of bugs.

Joseph Ottinger05/02/14
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Avail, a language for "articulate programming," released

The Avail team has announced the first release of Avail, an "articulate programming language," which attempts to offer a somewhat natural expression form for solving programming problems.

Rob Allen05/01/14
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Injecting Dependencies Into Your ZF2 Controllers

ZF2 controllers tend to extend AbstractActionController which does not define a constructor. This means that you can define your own constructor in your controllers and use it to inject the dependencies that your controller needs.

Mark Needham05/01/14
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Jersey/Jax RS: Streaming JSON

About a year ago I wrote a blog post showing how to stream a HTTP response using Jersey/Jax RS and I recently wanted to do the same thing but this time using JSON.

Topher Marie05/01/14
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Why Should You Check Out the DevOps Movement?

We’ve all seen industry trends come and go, but DevOps can’t be considered a fad. It’s an approach that has come about as a result of drastic movement in the industry towards automation and the changing role of the IT admin.

Derek Weeks04/30/14
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Are We Doing Enough to Prevent Future “Bleeding Hearts”?

Was this OpenSSL vulnerability an oversight by system administrators installing unknown software? The simple answer is no. OpenSSL is the defacto SSL implementation used on most internet servers around the world. This is not an untested, unverified component that slipped by security audits.

Mark Needham04/30/14
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Clojure: clj-time – Formatting a Date / Timestamp With Day Suffixes

I’ve been using the clj-time library recently – a Clojure wrapper around Joda Time – and one thing I wanted to do is format a date with day suffixes e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

Aleksey Novik04/30/14
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Open Session In View Design Tradeoffs

The Open Session in View (OSIV) pattern gives rise to different opinions in the Java development community. Let's go over OSIV and some of the pros and cons of this pattern.

Topher Marie04/30/14
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Executing Scripts on a Schedule and in Your Language

Shell scripts are a staple in any IT environment. There are quick little scripts for all kinds of little tasks. But, there are also much more complicated scripts to automate critical business processes. If you need to schedule a task or group of tasks, you end up creating a cron job.

Michael Norton04/29/14
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I fartlek in your testing strategy's general direction

I see an interesting parallel in the debate over practices in the running world and practices in the software development world. Indulge me for a moment while I attempt to share my thinking.

Steve Smith04/29/14
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More Releases With Less Risk

Continuous Delivery often challenges conventional wisdom within the IT industry, and by advocating the rapid release of value-add to reduce risk it contradicts the traditional belief that a low release cadence is an effective risk reduction strategy.

Derek Weeks04/29/14
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DevOps: The Last Great Hope for Application Security?

At the RSA Conference 2014, we gathered some of the top DevOps experts and influencers at an evening called Wining Not Whining and asked them “Why is application security so important to the DevOps revolution?”

Johannes Lichte...04/29/14
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Sirix - Beyond Versioning of Persistent Trees

Sirix is a versioning storage system capable of storing and querying snapshots of temporal trees effectively and efficiently. In stark contrast to other database and storage systems Sirix offers advanced versioning at the storage layer and extends high-level APIs as for instance XPath/XQuery.

Bozhidar Bozhanov04/28/14
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Development "Methodologies"

Below are several development "methodologies" that are popular and even industry-standard

Benjamin Ball04/28/14
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The Continuous Delivery Toolchain

Unless your software is very simple, no single tool or pipeline implementation will provide you with Continuous Delivery. Effective Continuous Delivery requires an organizational understanding of the intent and purposes of the activities you undertake, not merely the automation of those activities.

Gil Zilberfeld04/28/14
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TDD Is Dead? Let’s Kill The Messenger Instead!

David H. Hansson (@DHH) sparked the “TDD being dead”  latest twitter storm. DHH is no stranger to controversy, and he certainly picked the right title for it. Of course, the responses followed immediately. and most of them fell directly into his...

Nicolas Frankel04/28/14
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The Visitor Design Pattern

I guess many people know about the Visitor design pattern, described in the Gang of Four’s Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software book.

Punit Ganshani04/28/14
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Build Automation Using Jenkins and TFS Version Control

I’ve used several version control systems for my source code and research projects. Recently, I’ve consolidated them to TFS and Git. I have started using Visual Studio Online for my research work, CodePlex for my Open Source Frameworks and Tools and GitHub for my blog code.

Lorna Mitchell04/28/14
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Copy/Pasting and Vim

I'm a vim user and I somehow completely missed this excellent feature until much more recently than I care to admit! Usually vim has its own clipboard, but it doesn't share with the operating system. You will need a vim-gtk install, this isn't available in really basic vim.

John Ferguson Smart04/28/14
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Using BDD with web-services: a tutorial using JBehave and Thucydides

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) is an approach that uses conversions around concrete examples to discover, describe and formalize the behavior of a system. BDD tools such as JBehave and Cucumber are often used for writing web-based automated acceptance testing but are also a great fit for other domains such as testing Web Services.

Natalia Pankova04/26/14
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Dynamic Class Generation with the Help of Javassist Library

Have you ever come across a situation where testing should be done and you need to rename the class objects? Reveal the secrets of dynamic class generation with the help of Javassist library.