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Alec Noller04/02/14
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Introduction to Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery (CD) is a software development design practice used to increase the efficiency of the software delivery process. It encourages more frequent enhancements, and these smaller, iterative changes allow for quick bug fixes with minimal risk. Ultimately, CD is about keeping things moving.

Dustin Marx04/02/14
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Contributions of Individual Programming Languages to Software Development

I've grown weary of the blog posts and forum rants stating why one programming language is better than another.

Mike Hadlow04/02/14
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Docker: Bulk Remove Images and Containers

I’ve been playing around creating new images and containers and debugging my Dockerfile, and I’ve wound up with lots of temporary containers and images. It’s really tedious repeatedly running ‘docker rm’ and ‘docker rmi’, so I’ve knocked up a couple of bash commands to bulk delete images and containers.

Lorna Mitchell03/31/14
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Quick Switch Between Git Branches

Today's little-known git feature (or maybe everyone knows but me? I only found this a few months ago) is for quickly switching between branches. Usually I would switch branches with: git checkout [branchname]

Roger Hughes03/28/14
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Error Tracking Reports - Part 3 - Strategy and Package Private

This is the third blog in a series that's loosely looking at tracking application errors. In this series I’m writing a lightweight, but industrial strength, application that periodically scans application log files, looking for errors and, if any are found, generates and publishes a report.

Jim Bird03/28/14
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Secure DevOps: Seems Simple

The DevOps security story is deceptively simple. It’s based on a few fundamental, straight forward ideas and practices:

Hubert Klein Ikkink03/27/14
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Grails Goodness: Multiple BootStraps

In Grails we can execute code when the application starts and stops. We just have to write our code in grails-app/conf/BootStrap.groovy.

Tomasz Nurkiewicz03/26/14
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Automated Bug Finding With git bisect and mvn test

Do you know the feeling when you discover a bug in a functionality that was working couple of weeks (or versions) ago?

Alec Noller03/26/14
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Dev of the Week: Troy Hunt

Every week here and in our newsletter, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Troy Hunt, Software Architect and Microsoft MVP for Developer Security.

Alec Noller03/26/14
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Tell DZ: The Highs & Lows of Your Journey to Continuous Delivery

Moving toward Continuous Delivery can be a big change. Ideally, releases speed up and smaller, iterative changes allow for quick fixes and less risk. But any team undergoing changes will experience growing pains. Let us know with a comment: What has your experience with Continuous Delivery been like?

Vlad Mihalcea03/26/14
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The Builder Pattern and the Spring Framework

I like to make use of the builder pattern whenever an object has both mandatory and optional properties.

Mark Needham03/25/14
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Functional Programming in Java – Venkat Subramaniam: Book Review

I picked up Venkat Subramaniam’s 'Functional Programming in Java: Harnessing the Power of Java 8 Lambda Expressions' to learn a little bit more about Java 8 having struggled to find any online tutorials which did that.

Mike Bushong03/25/14
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DevOps, automation, and mid-market companies

I have been a huge fan of automation in general and DevOps in particular for many years now. But, as an industry, are we leaving people behind unintentionally?

Ariya Hidayat03/25/14
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Exploring Eclipse Orion 5

Eclipse Orion released its latest version 5, right before the most recent EclipseCon. This new version packs several exciting features, everything from stylistic change in the appearance to an streamlined cloud deployment.

Yashwant Golecha03/24/14
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Generating an Executable JAR File From Project Containing Third Party Library

A lot of times we write java utility programs which can be used as stand alone applications. We package them as executable jar file which could be shared with end users.

Paul Jenson03/24/14
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Dev vs. Ops and DevOps

The buzz about DevOps still seems to be dominated by conversations describing what it is. So here is my description in a simple visual format.

Paul Jenson03/24/14
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Dev vs. Ops and DevOps

The buzz about DevOps still seems to be dominated by conversations describing what it is. So here is my description in a simple visual format.

Peter Verhas03/23/14
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Documenting API using Concordion

Concordion is an open source tool for writing automated acceptance tests in Java. It is a handy little tool, simple to use and even the source code of the tool is good style

Rob Williams03/22/14
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Revisiting Bloch's Static Builder with IntelliJ's New Postfix Completion

Pretty thrilled with the new postfix completion in IntelliJ 13.1 EAP. Redid my Builder Live Templates to use it and the results are pretty awesome.

Jan 03/22/14
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Top 5 Reasons to Choose ScalaTest Over JUnit

Testing is a major part of our development process. After working with JUnit for some time we leaned back and thought: How can we improve our test productivity? Since we were all fond of Scala we looked at ScalaTest. Here are the author's top 5 reasons to use ScalaTest over JUnit!

Jakub Holý03/21/14
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Frustration-Driven Development – Towards DevOps, Lean, Clojure

A post about development practices, speed, and frustration.

Vlad Mihalcea03/20/14
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Afraid of Reopened Issues?

Reopened issues and developer feelings don’t mix well, a recurrent phenomenon I’ve seen on all projects I’ve worked on.

Alec Noller03/20/14
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Take Our Survey and be Part of DZone's New Continuous Delivery Research Report!

We'd like to offer everybody in the DZone community the opportunity to be part of DZone's 2014 Continuous Delivery Research Report. By taking our survey, you will help decision-makers understand trends and preferences around deployment automation and configuration management solutions.

Chen Harel03/20/14
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5 Features In Java 8 That Will Change How You Code

Java 8 is packed full of some really exciting features at both the JVM and language level. In this post, we'll look at 5 features that we feel are an absolute must for you to know about.

Zac Gery03/20/14
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The Accidental Standard

As groups and products grow in size and complexity, it's common for people to use their best judgment when making decisions. This trust is a vital olive branch in team building and group dynamics. But as time marches on, accidental standards are created. An accidental standard is a method, process, or expectation set without explicit recognition by those involved.