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Adi Gaskell10/10/14
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How Multitasking Changes Your Brain

Our modern workplaces are often a hive of activity, whether it’s the hubbub of conversation across our open plan offices or the multitude of digital disruptions busting to interrupt our flow of thought.

Brian O' Neill10/09/14
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Diction in Software Development (i.e. Don't be a d1ck!)

It may mean the difference between a 15 minute meeting where everyone nods their heads, and a day long battle of egos.

Hasan Sunasara10/09/14
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Continuous Integration: How to Avoid 'Integration Hell'

Continuous integration is the practice of merging all developers’ working copies with a shared mainline and making a build several times a day. CI is used to prevent integration problems, to improve software quality, and to reduce the time taken to deliver. Continuous Integration is derived from the early practice of XP (Extreme Programming) where a team integrates the code change more often to avoid descending into 'integration hell'.

Rob Galanakis10/09/14
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High Performance, Poor Morale, and the Niko Niko Calendar

I was introduced to Niko-niko calendars by Max Webster at Niko Niko. Basically, they are a way of tracking a team’s mood over time. At the end of the day, team members put in a smile/frown/whatever face indicating their mood.

Trevor Parsons10/09/14
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Our Favorite Continuous Delivery Tools

We’re working hard in the Logentries towers to integrate our continuous delivery tools, so we can identify and track issues as easily as possible. This saves us time that we can spend on important things like adding new features (or playing pool!).

Bill Jones10/09/14
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Review: Kali Linux Network Scanning Cookbook

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn more about securing their network setup, know your enemy and you'll be a head of the crowd.

Steve Smith10/08/14
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Pipeline Antipattern: Artifact Promotion

A Continuous Delivery pipeline is an automated representation of the value stream of an organisation, and rules are often codified in a pipeline to reflect the real-world journey of a product increment.

Ariya Hidayat10/08/14
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Shells: Bash, Dash, and Fish

The most recent Shellshock, a vulnerability in the popular shell bash, got me to evaluate again the unique setup on Ubuntu/Debian. In this setup, script execution is not handled by bash, this job is carred out by dash, the Debian Almquist Shell.

Anders Abel10/07/14
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Regression Testing Processing Algorithms

On several occasions I have worked with systems that processed lots of work items with a fairly complicated algorithm. When doing a larger rewrite of such an algorithm you want to regression test your algorithm.

Gunnar Hillert10/07/14
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Java Template Engines Revisited Part 1

Over the past week, I spent some time looking at Java based template engines. Typically I need templating support for two areas.

Prateek Jain10/07/14
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Adding License Information Using Maven

Recently, I got a task where licensing was required to be added. I have done such tasks using ant in the past but this time I was supposed to use maven.

Nicolas Frankel10/06/14
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Your Code Coverage Metric is Not Meaningful

The Code Coverage metric that most quality-conscious software engineers cherish doesn’t guarantee anything.

Alec Noller10/06/14
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TeamForge 7.2: New Tools & Features for Agility (Not Just Agile)

There are a lot of ALM tools out there - so many that it can become a problem to keep it all straight, and it can be difficult to track information between platforms. That's the problem that the newest version of Collabnet's Teamforge, 7.2, aims to address: the interconnection of disparate tools.

Gil Zilberfeld10/06/14
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From Legacy Code To Testable Code - Introduction

The word "legacy" has a lot of connotations. Mostly bad ones. We seem to forget that our beautiful code gets to “legacy“ status three days after writing it

Ant Kutschera10/06/14
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Simple Rule Engine Updated

I have taken the time to upgrade my simple Java rule engine so that it supports Java 8 lambdas and streams and it is now published in Maven Central.

Upender Chinthala10/06/14
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MockRunner with JMS Spring Unit Test

This article shows how to mock your JMS infrastructure using MockRunner and test it using Spring.

Matt Farina10/03/14
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Security is a Feature

In our modern age, security is a feature. You can sell it. If you get caught without it your brand and your customers can be hurt.

Rick Delgado10/03/14
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Keeping Your Small Business From Getting Hacked: 5 Security Tips to Use Today

If you feel like your small business is immune from cyber attacks simply because it isn’t a large corporation, think again. While small businesses may not have the same finances as bigger ones, they still make tempting targets for determined hackers.

Douglas Rathbone10/02/14
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So You Want Your Team To Start Using Git? - Part 4: Team Workflows

So you’ve got your own personal Git use dialled in, you’ve got a server environment configured with commits flying into your project like crazy. Now you’re ready to start leveraging the power of Git with others.

Rob Allen10/02/14
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Setting Up Mailcatcher as a Service in Debian/Ubuntu

I've recently been changing's Vagrant system to use Debian and one issue I came across was getting Mailcatcher to start on boot and integrate property with the service command.

Ajitesh Kumar10/01/14
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Java - Top 5 Exception Handling Coding Practices to Avoid

This article represents top 5 coding practices related with Java exception handling that you may want to watch out for or better say, avoid, while doing coding for exception handling.

Jeremiah Orr09/30/14
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New Programming Techniques and the Productivity Curve

Though I love learning new programming techniques and technologies, I often struggle to make them a part of my normal development processes

Dror Helper09/30/14
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What I Hate About BDD

Disclaimer: this is not a TDD vs. BDD post – now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s discuss the thing I hate most about BDD…

Paul Hammant09/30/14
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Shades of Trunk Based Development

I’m going to try to explain the alternatives for Trunk Based Development (TBD) in terms of branch layout. There’s few different styles, that different types of development organization might try to implement.

Gil Zilberfeld09/29/14
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Testability != Good Design

When we talk about testability we usually mean "hard to test". That is a whole discussion by itself, because "hard to test" is also subjective. If we follow the theme of testing as an investment to minimize future maintenance costs, then "hard to test" translates to "Costly to test" or "risky to test".