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Barton George09/06/13
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Developers + IT Ops = Cloud Innovation

John Willis and I presented the deck below. We talk about how IT can best work with developers to drive innovation, while at the same time maintaining stability (spoiler alert: the answer is DevOps).

Carlos Sanchez09/06/13
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PuppetConf Video: How to Develop Puppet Modules

Puppet Modules are a great way to reuse code, share your development with other people and take advantage of the hundreds of modules already available in the community. But how do you create, test and publish them as easily as possible?

Wayne Beaton09/05/13
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Starting the 2014 Eclipse Development Process Document

I’ve created a working document for the 2014 Eclipse Development Process (EDP) document. I’ve made a few changes, starting with bug 415715 (which is not complete yet).

Ben Wootton09/05/13
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Continuous Delivery Using Cloud Development Tools

Cloud-based online development tooling is continuing to improve, removing barriers to entry with regards to building software as part of a team.

Rado Buranský09/05/13
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With a Little Help from Our Friends

I don't feel comfortable advocating unit tests. I just can’t find any measures, numbers, or graphs to show that would clearly visualize the benefits. The more I think of it, the more it gives me the impression that we should start a movement against unit tests.

Allen Coin09/04/13
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Dev of the Week: Scott Westfall

This week we bring you a Dev of the Week with a twist: We're talking to Scott Westfall, our new Director of Engineering here at DZone.

Mihai Fonoage09/04/13
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TDD Resources for iOS

Below are a few resources I've found useful when doing TDD in iOS.

Jim Bird09/04/13
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This is how Facebook develops and deploys software. Should you care?

Rather than planning work out into projects or breaking work into time-boxed Sprints, Facebook developers do most of their work in independent, small changes that are released frequently. Facebook says that they follow Continuous Deployment, but it’s not Continuous Deployment.

Allan Kelly09/04/13
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Software quality?

What I really need are two things: A definition of software quality and a definition of a software defect. I think I’m starting to approach workable definitions of both.

Diarmuid Moloney09/03/13
0 replies and Redis on DigitalOcean in Five Minutes

Docker turned 0.6 over the weekend and is heading full speed toward a production-grade container platform. So here is my guide to get Docker 0.6.1 running on the DigitalOcean VM. Five minutes starts now!

Pierre - Hugues...09/03/13
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Weblogic Thread Monitoring Tips

If you are working as a middleware administrator or application support individual, you may have realized by now how crucial it is to have proper knowledge of the JVM along with a good understanding of the Java concurrency principles

Chris Shayan09/03/13
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Testing Stages in Maven

In Maven, we have different lifecycles. By default, using Maven will help us to achieve test automation, but Maven phases help us to achieve the various stages, too.

Clemens Helm09/02/13
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Testing Tuesday #20: Continuous Deployment for Node.js Applications

In this screencast we’ll deploy a very simple Node.js web application to Heroku continuously with the help of the Codeship.

Toni Petrina09/01/13
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DevLog: WebMatrix, GitHub, Azure and the Wonders of Continuous Deployment

That Azure and GitHub work together like a charm … wow, this just blows my mind. All Microsoft services should be as easy to integrate with as this scenario makes it.

Carlos Sanchez08/31/13
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PuppetConf Recap: How to Develop Puppet Modules

Last week, PuppetConf took place at the Fairmont in San Francisco, gathering Puppet users and enthusiasts from all over the world for five days of training, development and sessions.

Manuel Hartl08/30/13
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Getting Started with IT Security, Part I: Security Lifecycle and Goals

This is the first in a series of articles about IT security. Part I highlights the importance of considering security during the whole software development lifecycle and enumerates and explains common security goals.

Wayne Beaton08/30/13
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Eclipse Development Process 2014

One of my tasks for this quarter is to deliver a draft of an update to the Eclipse Development Process (EDP) to the Eclipse Architecture Council for their review. The process that we follow is to open bugs against Community/Architecture Council (prefixed with [EDP]), discuss them, and then incorporate the discussion into the new version of the EDP.

Olga Kouzina08/30/13
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3-D Backlog Management

Managing or prioritizing the backlog, re-prioritizing works in progress — these activities make up the most of a product owner’s work. That’s not breaking news, obviously.

Zac Gery08/29/13
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Product Support: The Forgotten Tale

For a programmer, anyone consuming his/her software is a customer. It's not wise to discount customers, as they are the life line of any product. Without them, even the most innovative concepts will fail.

Allen Coin08/28/13
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A Novel Idea: Write a Book with GitHub

GitHub stands to revolutionize the revision and management of writing something other than code: books.

Paul Hammant08/28/13
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A Different Style of Fluent Selenium Tests

Kevin Dishman is ThoughWorks’ QA lead for a client I “rolled off” a few days ago. He prefers a different style of Java and Page-Objects for Selenium2 / WebDriver codebases.

Chris Chang08/28/13
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Are you ready for production?

What follows is a checklist of action items that we’ve found imperative for successfully taking your application to production. For the experienced, we hope you can use this guide as a refresher on best practices. For the newer folks, this is a must-read on how to ready your database for the big move.

Chip Bates08/28/13
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How to Overcome Office 2010 Migration Challenges

As with any migration, this one has its challenges. Below you can find more about them and how to overcome some of them:

Allen Coin08/27/13
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How Netflix Does Deployment

Obviously, anyone interested in learning about continuous delivery could learn a lot from Netflix. Luckily, Netflix's own engineering manager Ben Schmaus recently wrote an article titled "Deploying the Netflix API" on the Netflix Tech Blog.

Peter Verhas08/27/13
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The Difference Between Refactoring and Redesign is 10 Minutes

Anything that takes longer than ten minutes is not refactoring. That is a redesign.