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Lorna Mitchell10/20/14
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Git Submodules for Dependent or Common Code

Submodules are one of the most powerful and most mistrusted features in git, at least in the web development part of the internet where I spend my time. I've seen them go horribly wrong, but I've also had teams adopt submodules and have their development process run much more smoothly as a result.

Curtis Lassam10/18/14
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Cube Drone #5: Purple Hazing

From software developer Curtis Lassam (who writes about comics and code) comes a comic series called Cube Drone. This is Cube Drone #5: Purple Hazing.

Dustin Marx10/17/14
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Java Minor Releases Scheme Tweaked Again

Yesterday's announcement states that PSU releases (which are really CPU+ releases) will be released along with their corresponding CPU releases.

Trevor Parsons10/17/14
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Why Great Logging is Key to Continuous Delivery

Over the last years Continuous Delivery has gained a massive following with many development teams embracing the style. Companies have chosen (as with many other modern developer tools), to either build their own or embrace a hosted service.

Derek Weeks10/17/14
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Time for Full Open Source Disclosure

We are not the first industry to face this challenge. But many are convinced our problem is much smaller than it really is or that it does not exist. They simply ignore it. Or choose to do nothing about it. Meanwhile, the problem is multiplying like rabbits.

Matt Farina10/16/14
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Find Security Holes With A Threat Analysis

How can we try to figure out where the weak points are in our security? How can we find the tasks to work on to beef up security? One option is to perform a threat analysis.

Nikita Salnikov...10/16/14
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Plumbr 4.4: Completing Transition From Troubleshooting to Monitoring

First and foremost, you now have access to the history of your JVMs.

Cloudify Community10/16/14
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Buzzword Abuse - The Anatomy of a DevOps Engineer

Once, people used the word genius only when describing someone who really was a genius. Today every parent uses this word to describe their, likely cognitively regular child. I find the same trend holds true for DevOps. And yet, that doesn't stop everyone from saying the word DevOps, a lot (and more often than not, in a completely wrong context).

Chris Haddad10/15/14
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Real World DevOps Stories - A Continuous Discussion

DevOps requires new practices and smart players. Panelists at the #C9D9 hangout shared their real world DevOps stories, and want to spark a continuous discussion.

Ajitesh Kumar10/15/14
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BPM - Key Aspects of Process Discovery Phase

This article represents different aspects of process discovery phase which is key to any business process implementation project. The analogy to process discovery phase in regular software project is “requirements gathering phase”.

Trevor Parsons10/14/14
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Logs: The Most Fine-Grained Data Source

As co-founder of Logentries I am often asked – “Why Logs?” And I have to admit, upon first impression, ‘log management and analytics’ does not seem like the sexiest space.

Denis Goodwin10/14/14
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API Security Testing: Think Like a Bad Guy

You want to check an API to ensure that it’s secure, but just how do you think like a bad guy intent on breaking your API and potentially into your site? Performing the right sorts of API security testing is essential.

Andy Moncsek10/12/14
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Creating Executable Uber Jar’s and Native Applications with Java 8 and Maven

With the first release of JavaFX 2, Oracle introduced the javafxpackager tool, which has now been renamed to javapackager (Java 8 u20). This enables developers to create native executables for any common platform, even mac app store packages.

Irit Gillath10/10/14
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3 Data Sets That Bring Context to Exceptions

Troubleshooting an app based on one error is hard. How do you add context to the exception?

Jayanga Dissanayake10/10/14
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How to Avoid org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Error in Encryption (Illegal Key Size or Default Parameters)

This issue comes when your application uses a bigger key size in encryption than the default key size provided by the Java runtime.

Matt Farina10/10/14
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Glide In The Sea of Go Package Managers

Out of the box, Go provides just enough package management to make for a fast and efficient compiler. While it's not opinionated enough to drive anyone away, Go package management doesn't have the features to meet the needs of many developers.

Adi Gaskell10/10/14
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How Multitasking Changes Your Brain

Our modern workplaces are often a hive of activity, whether it’s the hubbub of conversation across our open plan offices or the multitude of digital disruptions busting to interrupt our flow of thought.

Brian O' Neill10/09/14
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Diction in Software Development (i.e. Don't be a d1ck!)

It may mean the difference between a 15 minute meeting where everyone nods their heads, and a day long battle of egos.

Hasan Sunasara10/09/14
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Continuous Integration: How to Avoid 'Integration Hell'

Continuous integration is the practice of merging all developers’ working copies with a shared mainline and making a build several times a day. CI is used to prevent integration problems, to improve software quality, and to reduce the time taken to deliver. Continuous Integration is derived from the early practice of XP (Extreme Programming) where a team integrates the code change more often to avoid descending into 'integration hell'.

Trevor Parsons10/09/14
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Our Favorite Continuous Delivery Tools

We’re working hard in the Logentries towers to integrate our continuous delivery tools, so we can identify and track issues as easily as possible. This saves us time that we can spend on important things like adding new features (or playing pool!).

Rob Galanakis10/09/14
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High Performance, Poor Morale, and the Niko Niko Calendar

I was introduced to Niko-niko calendars by Max Webster at Niko Niko. Basically, they are a way of tracking a team’s mood over time. At the end of the day, team members put in a smile/frown/whatever face indicating their mood.

Bill Jones10/08/14
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Review: Kali Linux Network Scanning Cookbook

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn more about securing their network setup, know your enemy and you'll be a head of the crowd.

Steve Smith10/08/14
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Pipeline Antipattern: Artifact Promotion

A Continuous Delivery pipeline is an automated representation of the value stream of an organisation, and rules are often codified in a pipeline to reflect the real-world journey of a product increment.

Ariya Hidayat10/08/14
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Shells: Bash, Dash, and Fish

The most recent Shellshock, a vulnerability in the popular shell bash, got me to evaluate again the unique setup on Ubuntu/Debian. In this setup, script execution is not handled by bash, this job is carred out by dash, the Debian Almquist Shell.

Anders Abel10/07/14
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Regression Testing Processing Algorithms

On several occasions I have worked with systems that processed lots of work items with a fairly complicated algorithm. When doing a larger rewrite of such an algorithm you want to regression test your algorithm.