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Greg Duncan04/08/14
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Mads Must Have Web Dev Visual Studio Extensions List

This year at the //build/ conference I gave a session on Visual Studio Web Tools and Web Essentials. It’s now online on Channel 9 in case you want to watch it.

Gil Fink04/07/14
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DevWeek 2014 Experience Summary

I’ve arrived back home a few hours ago after a great week in DevWeek 2014. This year DevWeek location was Central Hall in Westminster, London. What a great location for a conference!

Dror Helper04/07/14
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Faking a Long Running Asynchronous Call

A few days ago I needed to make sure that a specific method would only get called once no matter how many times it’s caller is invoked.

Filip Ekberg04/06/14
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Microsoft Open Sources C# Compiler

This is truly an extremely exciting time, Microsoft is Open Sourcing the C# Compiler (Roslyn). Even without being open source, the new C# (and VB) compiler have had some proven potential. We have seen some exciting things such as semantic merge and powerful plugins for Visual Studio.

Joost Van Schaik04/06/14
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Code Sharing Strategies Between Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 with the New Universal Windows Apps

With the announcement of the new SDK for Windows Phone Microsoft now really starts to stress the companionship of Windows and Windows Phone, and makes it a lot easier to build apps that run on both platforms.

John Sonmez04/05/14
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How To Get Started Programming

Breaking into the software development industry can be rather difficult. It is difficult to get a job without experience and it is difficult to get experience without a job.

Filip Ekberg04/05/14
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Cross-Platform Development Using C# and Xamarin Studio Australia Tour

Are you keen to learn more about Cross-platform development using C# and Xamarin Studio? I have had a lot of interest in my Xamarin Introduction video, which was released in March, and I am very happy to announce that I will be doing a Xamarin tour in Australia!

John Sonmez04/05/14
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Get Up And Code 048: Brian Lagunas: XAML and Oats

In this episode, I got to talk to my hometown buddy, Brian Lagunas. Brian is a Program Manager for Infragistics and a former bodybuilder.

Jalpesh Vadgama04/05/14
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Converting a C# Object Into JSON String

Some people might think why I am writing so much about basics but the things but in reality I got lot of questions through email and other communities about very basic things. So I thought instead of replying them into single thread. It is a good idea to write blog post about it and as a result I am writing this blog post.

Mike Hadlow04/03/14
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A Docker ‘Hello World' With Mono

Docker is a lightweight virtualization technology for Linux that promises to revolutionize the deployment and management of distributed applications. Rather than requiring a complete operating system, like a traditional virtual machine, Docker is built on top of Linux containers, a feature of the Linux kernel, that allows light-weight Docker containers to share a common kernel while isolating applications and their dependencies.

Michael Crump04/03/14
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Easily Update to Windows 8.1 Update 1 without Installing all the MSUs Manually

If you are upgrading an existing Windows 8.1 installation to Windows 8.1 Update 1 through your MSDN account then you will need to find the following .zip package for x64.

Chip Bates04/02/14
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ConverterTechnology and CU2 Global Announce Partnership to Streamline Access to SQL Migrations

ConverterTechnology, data risk management experts, today announces a partnership agreement with CU2 Global, developers of 2SQL – the only “silver bullet” technology for automating the conversion and migration of Microsoft Access data and applications to Microsoft SQL.

Sony Arouje04/01/14
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Bind JSON REST result using Knockout

Last couple of hours I was trying to bind json data from a WCF service to a simple HTML UI using Knockout js. This is a very simple application I created to learn Knockout.

John Sonmez04/01/14
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My Views On Test Driven Development

I used to be a huge supporter of TDD, but lately, I’ve become much more pragmatic about it. In this video, I discuss test driven development and what my current views on it are.

Greg Duncan03/31/14
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Jetting to The New Home of ManagedEsent, a New v1.9 and MSDN Doc's Too!

The Extensible Storage Engine (ESE/ESENT), also known as JET Blue, is an Indexed Sequential Access Method (ISAM)data storage technology. Its purpose is to allow applications to store and retrieve data via indexed and sequential access.

Greg Duncan03/31/14
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Search SQL Scripts Simply With the SQL Scripts SSMS Plugin

Developers strive to write well-tested, reusable code with well-defined interfaces so that when they need to update the functionality, they need do so in one place only. It is the principle of ‘Don’t Repeat Yourself’ (D.R.Y.).

Greg Duncan03/30/14
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JustMock Lite - Free and Open Source Too

For developers who practice unit testing and want to deliver exceptional software, JustMock Lite is the superior free mocking framework that makes unit testing simpler for SOLID testable projects.

Jeremy Likness03/30/14
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Angular: The Modern HTML5 Answer to Silverlight’s MVVM

First, let me say that I realize Silverlight in no way “owns” the Model-View-View Model pattern. I’ve written on this extensively in my article “MVVM Explained.”

Greg Duncan03/30/14
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NuGet, Open Wrap, NPanday, Chocolatey, Chewie, Ninite - Top Package/Dependency Management for .Net Tools

You mean there's more than NuGet? No, say it's not so! Kidding aside, this is a great article of tools you might not of heard of before. Make sure you click through to read the details.

Sasha Goldshtein03/30/14
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iOS Gesture Recognition and Animation with Xamarin

In the previous post, we looked at Android gesture recognition and animations. This post completes the picture by looking at the same features in iOS. Touch gestures and animations are really cool experiences for users, and iOS ships them out of the box because it is both touch-first and touch-centric, and touch naturally leads to rich, immersive animations.

Marco Siccardi03/30/14
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How to Use Text to Speech to Read Text Aloud on Windows Phone 8

Today I started to update my very first app I ever wrote to Windows Phone 8. The app has a read aloud feature that uses the Bing translation service (as TTS was not available on Windows Phone 7).

Greg Duncan03/30/14
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"What is Open Source" - the LEGO Movie

If you're having a problem getting the idea of open source across, there's nothing like a fun video to help... and hey, it's LEGO's!

Gunnar Peipman03/27/14
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Speaking at Global Windows Azure Bootcamp, Sofia

I’m happy to announce that I will be speaker at Global Windows Azure Bootcamp at Sofia, Bulgaria this year. I have two real-life based presentations there (you know well I don’t like those hello-world-presentations) and I have some valuable field information plus real-life code to share with you. Here’s few words about my presentations.

Filip Ekberg03/27/14
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Xamarin Introduction

Do you struggle with cross-platform development? Should we just use html and JavaScript? Should we write once for every platform? Enough with that. Come along and get an introduction to Xamarin’s unique approach on how to solve the headaches of cross-platform development.

Erik Ejlskov Jensen03/26/14
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Entity Framework 6 & SQL Server Compact (7) –New features and fixes in version 6.1

Entity Framework 6.1 is now available on NuGet, and this blog post by Rowan Miller, Program Manager for the Entity Framework team, covers the major new features in this release. Most of the new features are also applicable to SQL Server Compact users, for example Code First Model from Database in the EDM Wizard, which is also available with SQL Server Compact if the latest SQL Server Compact Toolbox version is installed.