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Mite Mitreski02/26/14
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OAuth 2.0 Identity and Access Management Patterns

OAuth is the most widely known and used authorization framework. There are many service providers like Facebook and Twitter making it easy to connect with millions of users. The book make nice introduction to integration of OAuth 2.0 on web applications, desktop and mobile.

Manu Pk02/25/14
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4 Simple Steps to Migrate Legacy Projects from Ant to Maven

For some time we were thinking about migrating our build to maven from ant. It happened last month and was actually simpler than what we have anticipated.

Chris Haddad02/25/14
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Reshape Reference Architecture: Why, What, How

The reference architectures of the past (i.e. client-server, web application, SOA services) are not adequately addressing current business demand, use cases, and expectations. IT must update reference architecture models to remain relevant and effective.

Madhuka Udantha02/25/14
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Configuring WSO2 API Manager for High Availability

Here I am going to building two APIM instance for high availability. You can try this on two nodes. But here I am trying it in one PC. Therefore I will be changing port offset. I will be using WSO2 AM 4.6.0 for this article.

Eric D. Schabell02/24/14
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JBoss Webinar Slides Available - Business Rules, Events, and Processes. Oh My!

This article covers arious components that you can leverage in the JBoss BPM Suite to leverage your enterprise rules, events, and processes. There were almost 500 registrations for the webinar that originally aired this content.

Steven Willmott02/24/14
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API Alchemy - Education and Learning Resources for APIs

Why API Alchemy? APIs are still in many ways a dark art – a vial of JSON, a dash of Hypermedia and some vigorous debugging followed by oak barrel versioning … but there are expert practitioners we can all learn from!

Benjamin Ball02/23/14
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The Best of the Week (Feb. 14): Enterprise Integration

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Enterprise Integration Zone. This week's topics include how wrong your API versioning is, Apache Camel cookbooks, APIs performing as the new SOA, best practices for application governance, and defining API governance.

Ross Mason02/21/14
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What does cosmology have to do with integration?

Software integration used to be the customer’s headache in the days of on-premise solutions, but the cloud has changed all that. So why are we still talking about it? This article includes a weekly roundup of top API and integration articles from MuleSoft.

Chris Haddad02/21/14
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Application Services Governance: Best Practices Accelerates Safe Delivery

This article brings heavy emphasis to what exactly Application Services Governance is, and focuses specifically on the best practices to accelerate safe delivery. Application Services Governance is a mechanism to achieve business agility, build a responsive IT organization, and optimize IT effectiveness.

Mark O'neill02/20/14
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Building your API Developer Portal to embrace the API Economy

An API Portal is one of the key components of an effective API Management strategy, along with an API Gateway. They work together hand-in-hand. The API Portal allows developers to self-register and learn about your API, while the API Gateway is the "sharp edge" of your API Management solution.

Madhuka Udantha02/20/14
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How to Perform SSO with Claims in WSO2 IS

This article demonstrates a sample SSO that will be deployed in AS 5.2.1, and WSO2 IS will be used as IDP for SSO. This tutorial includes an SVN resource as well as a registry index issuer in IS and for WSO2 AS.

Chris Haddad02/20/14
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Defining an API Governance Approach

Leading API governance platforms provide analytics supporting the assessment of IT business value. The platform should capture service tier subscription information, collects usage statistics, present productivity metrics, and integrate with billing and payment systems.

Ross Mason02/19/14
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APIs: A New Path to SOA

We have seen the same evolution that happened within the enterprise now happening at a broader level between companies. APIs will keep increasing exponentially in number, and that evolution will be accompanied by a new breed to technologies focused on simplifying the exposing and consuming of APIs.

Alan Cassar02/19/14
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Schema Validation Filter Gotchas with Mule Studio

This article is about delivering a proof of concept around Mule that required the use of the schema validation filter. Well this is the perfect use case scenario for the Schema Validator that is provided out of the box with Mule. Its an element you can drop from Mule Studio palette straight into your flow.

Eric Berg02/19/14
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How to Integrate More Applications Into Otka's Application Network

Okta has integrated thousands of applications into the Okta Application Network (OAN). We’ve opened up the OAN and created an easy-to-use and secure app integration wizard for our customers and partners to add both Secure Web Authentication (SWA) and SAML integrations to the OAN.

Dariusz Suchojad02/19/14
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Secure, Scalable and Dynamic Invocation of SOAP in Python with Zato and Suds

Zato ESB and app server in Python has grown additional means through which it is now even easier to invoke SOAP services without a need for generating stub classes or clients. Given an existing WSDL, just fill out a couple of forms, and a pool of SOAP clients is automatically generated and available in a cluster.

Troy Hunt02/18/14
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Your API Versioning is Wrong

Every way you turn there are different takes on REST, what is RESTful, what is not, and if it even matters. This article talks about API changes, the impact on versioning, why there are so many diverging ideas on how it should be done, and why none of the banter is as important as actually getting stuff done.

Christian Posta02/18/14
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Cooking with Camel: New Cookbook with Recipes for Apache Camel!

Word on the street is that Camel tastes good. Well, I can’t vouch for that (as I haven’t tried it…), but what I can vouch for is that working with Apache Camel for integration projects is awesome! If you haven’t bridled this beast of burden for some integration work, then I bet you’ve been wasting a lot of time.

Madhuka Udantha02/17/14
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How to Create an LDAP Server From Apache Directory Studio

This article presents a tutorial that will guide you through all the steps for creating an LDAP server from Apache Directory Studio. The author uses the most recent edition of Apache Directory Studio 1.5.3 version.

Eric D. Schabell02/17/14
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Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite - How to Change Runtime Session Strategy

In another installment of the JBoss BPM Suite Tips & Tricks series we will be helping understand how you can modify the default session strategy for a deployment of your BPM project. The installation you will set up yourself, but you can use our installation project we have to save you some trouble.

Benjamin Ball02/16/14
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The Best of the Week (Feb. 7): Enterprise Integration

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Enterprise Integration Zone (Feb. 7 to Feb. 13). This week's topics include configurations in Apache Commons, Apache Karaf versioning, Marvel's REST API, Mule ESB unit testing, and API predictions for 2014.

Ricky Yim02/14/14
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Marvel's Superheroic REST API

Recently Marvel comics released a REST api that allows developers to access comic book characters and their associated comics and stories. I know how cool is this! This post will take you through some sample code and show you how to get information back from their API.

Eric Berg02/14/14
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The "Stickiness" of the Network Effect in the Enterprise

The top eight enterprise companies to IPO in last eight years are now trading for $48 billion total. There’s a massive opportunity for companies to connect people, applications, devices and even other companies to create more efficient, secure ways of working in the enterprise.

Chris Haddad02/13/14
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Defining an SOA Governance Approach

Service Oriented Architecture initiative success requires creating loosely coupled consumer-provider connections, enforcing a separation of concerns between consumer and provider, exposing a set of re-usable, shared services, and gaining service consumer adoption.

Faheem Sohail02/13/14
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Managing Configurations with Apache Commons Configuration

When building long running applications you are likely to run into a number of requirements related to configurations. Instead of writing your own code it is a much better idea to use Apache Commons Configuration which provides this capability.