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Eric D. Schabell05/01/14
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Building The JBoss BRMS Cool Store Demo (Lab 4 - Creating a Domain Specific Language)

We are back with this weeks episode in the JBoss Business Rules Management System (BRMS) & Business Process Management (BPM) Suite online workshop series. In this workshop we will be introducing you to the possibilities that abound for your business...

Madhuka Udantha05/01/14
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User Account Lock/Unlock in WSO2 IS

Identity Server can be configured to lock a user when a configurable number of login attempts are exceeded or via unlockUserAccount service. This tutorial sets you up to configure these features.

Ross Mason04/30/14
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Enabling Transactions in Node.js Using Domains

Our core product source code is on github. We have hundreds of public projects there as well, and we have contributed to many open source projects including Node.js itself. We’re excited about Node.js and have several large, sophisticated Node.js projects in development.

Steven Willmott04/30/14
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Building APIbunny – Using Fortune.js and JSONAPI

When you launch this kind of challenge and ask hackers to hack it, you can expect them to try everything. Really. Everything. To prevent the most obvious tries, I “blocked” some of the routes. Fortune.js embed express so it was easy to prevent people from trying calls on /cells, or /users.

Biju Kunjummen04/29/14
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Using Http Session With Spring Based Web Applications

There are multiple ways to get hold of and use an Http session with a Spring based web application. This is a summarization based on an experience with a recent project.

Abhishek Gupta04/29/14
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Java EE: The Basics

Some of the basic tenets, the technical terminology related to Java EE. For many people, Java EE/J2EE still mean Servlets, JSPs or maybe Struts at best. No offense or pun intended!

Faheem Sohail04/29/14
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Understanding the Tomcat NIO Connector and How to Configure It

In tomcat, the default HTTP connector is blocking and follows a one thread per connection model. This means that in order to serve 100 concurrent users, it requires 100 active threads. We end up wasting resources (the thread) because connections may not be used heavily, but just enough to avoid a timeout.

Eric D. Schabell04/29/14
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Building The JBoss BRMS Cool Store Demo (Lab 3 - Creating the Domain Model)

This workshop introduces you to the possibilities for your business when leveraging these two new and exciting products. Each week we will push out the next installment of this workshop that will lead you through building an online retail web shopping cart application, leveraging rules, events, and a rule-flow.

Nishant Chandra04/29/14
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The Sweetness of Developing REST Services Using Dropwizard

Before externalizing a web service, it must be operationally ready to take real world traffic and provide HA. So many engineers end up writing health checks, enabling the required logs and metrics metrics etc. All of these features are available out of the box in Dropwizard.

Steven Willmott04/28/14
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API Consumer Tools Keep Accelerating

The number of APIs keeps growing, and providers have rich new resources for API development, but tooling to support the developers that consume those APIs for their applications hasn’t kept pace. One thing is for sure – there are exciting times ahead in the API space and better tooling all around!

Ross Mason04/28/14
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Mule Meets Zuul: A Centralized Properties Management – Part II, Client-Side

Connecting Mule application to Zuul server requires two additional jars in the application class path. One of them is jasypt library which can be downloaded here. The second one is zuul-spring-client. You can download the source and build the jar using Maven.

Benjamin Ball04/27/14
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The Best of the Week (Apr. 18): Enterprise Integration

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Enterprise Integration (Apr. 18 to Apr. 24). This week's topics include heartbleed mitigation, top 5 SaaS CRM systems, dev of the week, simplifying Apache Camel integrations, and getting started with JBoss Maven repositories.

Abhishek Gupta04/26/14
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JAX-RS 2.0: Custom Content Handling

The JAX-RS 2.0 specification allows us to seamlessly marshal/unmarshal JAXB objects to/from HTTP request/response bodies. Simply put, we can just work with the domain objects without being worried about the low level XML serialization within JAX-RS based solutions.

Shelan Perera04/25/14
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Error Recovery Mechanisms in WSO2 ESB with Store and Forward

You may be in a situation where you need to send messages reliably to an endpoint. There are couple of ways you can achieve that. WSO2 ESB provides store/forward pattern with a higher level of reliability and error recovery mechanisms. This post aggregate some of the comprehensive articles into a single piece.

Madhuka Udantha04/25/14
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How to Use Mutual SSL with WSO2 Identity Server

This tutorial walks you through how to build a mutual SSL authenticator for WSO2 Identity Servers. It includes a link to the build code, the build jar, and directions on how to open the server and extract the public certificate.

Eric D. Schabell04/25/14
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Building The JBoss BRMS Cool Store Demo (Introduction & Labs 1 - 2)

Each week we will push out the next installment of this workshop that will lead you through building an online retail web shopping cart application, leveraging rules, events, and a rule-flow.

Ross Mason04/24/14
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Optimize Resource Utilization with Mule Shared Resources

You can now set up a domain and associate your Mule applications with a domain. Within a domain project you can define a set of resources (and the libraries required by those resources) to share between the applications that belong to the domain.

Claus Ibsen04/24/14
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xPaaS in Action - Video from Red Hat JBoss Middleware keynote

At Red Hat Summit and Devnation the middleware keynote was presented, where Burr Suttor and his team accepted the following mission. They really did it on stage building a data center on stage using bare metal commodity hardware, and installing OpenStack and OpenShift as the cloud platform.

Alec Noller04/23/14
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Dev of the Week: Eric Schabell

Every week here and in our newsletter, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Eric Schabell, JBoss Technology Evangelist for Red Hat and guest lecturer.

Eric D. Schabell04/23/14
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Test Driving the JBoss BPM Cloud-Enabled Process Designer

With the release of the JBoss BPM Suite we have something fun to preview some of the components found in the product itself. Together with the project team, Maciej and Tihomir that work on this fantastic component, we have set up a repeatable standalone demo installation of the BPMN2 process designer.

Madhuka Udantha04/23/14
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Application Specific Permissions in WOS2 IS

This a new future coming in wso2 IS 4.7.0 where we can define application specific permissions. The included tutorial should walk you through the creation process and later implementation.

Christian Posta04/22/14
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Video: Simplify your integrations with Apache Camel and Fabric8

The demo is really cool and shows how to go from scratch (nothing) to a fully deployed project on Fuse with fault-tolerant/highly-available messaging, scalability, flexibility, and logging/debugging/tracing. It’s really pretty fantastic technology and I highly recommend you take a look at the video.

Joe Stein04/22/14
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Reporting Metrics to Apache Kafka and Monitoring with Consumer

Apache Kafka has been used for some time now by organizations to consume not only all of the data within its infrastructure from an application perspective but also the server statistics of the running applications and infrastructure. Apache Kafka is great for this.

Eric D. Schabell04/21/14
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Getting Started With a JBoss Maven Repository POM Configuration

The new JBoss BRMS & JBoss BPM Suite was released yesterday bringing a lot of new improvements, fixes, and features. One of the most exciting is the availability of a public facing maven repository based on these two products.

Ross Mason04/21/14
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MuleSoft Powers Box’s Cloud Connect

With over 200,000 business clients and enterprise grade security and architecture, Box is a great example of how rising Silicon Valley stars use MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform for internal and external integration needs.