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Pushpalanka Jay...09/13/14
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How to Write a Custom SAML SSO Assertion Signer for WSO2 Identity Server

This is the 3rd post I am writing to explain the use of extension points in WSO2 Identity Server. WSO2 Identity Server has so many such extension points which are easily configurable and arm the server with lot of flexibility.

Trevor Parsons09/12/14
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Scaling with RESTful Microservice Architecture

As a developer, I’m enjoying working on new microservice instances which are effectively greenfield projects with well defined constraints on their interface, but with a flexible internal implementation and therefore a flexible set of tools and frameworks with which we can achieve our goal.

Markus Eisele09/12/14
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API Management in WildFly 8.1 with Overlord

I gave a brief introduction about the Overlord project family yesterday. Today it's time to test-drive a bit. The API Management sub-project released a 1.0.0.Alpha1 two days ago and introduces the first set of features according to the 18-Month roadmap.

Jalpesh Vadgama09/12/14
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Dependency Injection with ASP.NET MVC and Simple Injector

I have been learning SimpleInjector for few days and it’s just awesome. I have already written two post about it(see below link) and this post will be third post about it. In this post we are going to learn how we can do Dependency Injection with ASP.NET MVC.

Lukas Eder09/11/14
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When the Java 8 Streams API is not Enough

Java 8 was – as always – a release of compromises and backwards-compatibility. A release where the JSR-335 expert group might not have agreed upon scope or feasibility of certain features with much of the audience. See some concrete explanations by Brian Goetz about why.

Romiko Derbynew09/11/14
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Install NServiceBus as a Service with Powershell

I have just completed a script that can be used to install a service bus host as a windows service. It is nice to use, when delegating the installs to the support team, this is always done via NServiceBus.Host.exe.

Matt Raible09/10/14
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Getting Started with JHipster on OS X

Last week I was tasked with developing a quick prototype that used AngularJS for its client and Spring MVC for its server. My colleague mentioned he was going to use RESThub as his starting point, so I figured I'd use JHipster as mine.

Denis Goodwin09/10/14
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Avoid a DDoS Attack with API Testing

To ensure that your API is ready for success, part of your testing practices should ensure that your API will handle this successful load. You should also be fully ready for surprising growth and popularity of your API!

Mohamed Sanaulla09/10/14
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Book Review: RabbitMQ Essentials by David Dossot

I have been working on integrating with RabbitMQ to implement the messaging architecture.

Adrian Matei09/09/14
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Spring Batch Tutorial with Spring Boot and Java Configuration

I’ve been working on migrating some batch jobs for Podcastpedia.org to Spring Batch. Before, these jobs were developed in my own kind of way, and I thought it was high time to use a more “standardized” approach

Ross Mason09/09/14
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Designing Your RESTful API for Longevity

Building an API for longevity requires careful thought, careful design, and extensive prototyping to get developer feedback. Without a solid foundation your API is doomed to be short lived, becoming nothing more than a costly experiment to justify building a better API.

Abhishek Gupta09/09/14
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JVM PermGen – where art thou?

This post covers some basics of JVM memory structure and quickly peeks into PermGen to find out where it has disappeared since advent of Java SE 8

Ravi Kiran09/09/14
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Serializing and De-serializing JSON data Using ServiceStack

ServiceStack is a light-weight, complete and independent open source web framework for .NET. I recently started playing with it and I must say that it is an awesome framework. It has several nice features including .NET’s fastest JSON serializer.

Martin Fowler09/08/14
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Bliki: MicroservicePrerequisites

As I talk to people about using a microservices architectural style I hear a lot of optimism. Developers enjoy working with smaller units and have expectations of better modularity than with monoliths. But as with any architectural decision there are trade-offs.

Markus Eisele09/08/14
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Inside JBoss Data Virtualization - iPaaS Demystified (Part 1)

This is another blog the ongoing series about the Red Hat xPaaS solutions, where I am trying to demystify the acronyms a bit and give you more information about the projects and products composed around it. After the initial overview this post focuses on the first aspect of the iPaaS solution: JBoss Data Virtualization.

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AngularJS: Introducing Modules, Controllers, Services

In this part-2 tutorial, we will take a look at what are Angular modules, controllers and services and how to configure and use them. Also we will look into how to use ngRoute to build multi-screen application.

Lieven Doclo09/06/14
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Hystrix and Spring Boot's Health Endpoint

I’m going to show you a neat trick which combines the health indicator endpoint in Spring Boot and the metrics provided by Hystrix.

Mark O'neill09/06/14
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Top 10 Security Issues for REST APIs (Webinar, Sept 18)

REST API Security has come a long way from being a case of "Just use SSL"... or has it? On September 18th at 11am US Eastern Time / 4pm UK, we're running a webinar with Gunnar Peterson on the Top 10 Security Issues for REST APIs.

Nial Darbey09/05/14
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SOA School: Put your SOAP to REST

The benefits of applying the principles of SOA when catering to the IT needs of your organization are clear in a business-driven, vendor-neutral architecture. It considers all requirements from the perspective of the business process and delivers implementations in order to automate the same.

Mrabti Idriss09/05/14
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Secure REST Services Using Spring Security

Recently, I was working on a project which uses a REST services layer to communicate with the client application (GWT application).

Antonio Goncalves09/05/14
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I Would Like Better AppServer Support in Intellij IDEA

I usually pay a visit to the JetBrains booth and chat with the guys at every concert I go to. So last time I was at Devoxx UK I talked with Hadi Hariri about how to get better application server support within the IDE (let’s say WildFly). He asked me to send him an email… so I wrote this blog.

Reza Rahman09/05/14
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Spotlight on GlassFish 4.0.1: #2 Simplifying GF Distributions

For any particular GlassFish release, we used to have different distributions. We had an English and a multilingual (ML) version of GlassFish. We had a Zip based distribution. We also had versions with a native installer... on different platforms (Windows and Unix's).

Trevor Parsons09/04/14
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The ABCs of REST

In spite of its title, this blog is not about how to enter a relaxed or restful state, but instead, presents some of the concepts behind REST (REpresentational State Transfer) and links to more information. It will show that simply returning JSON over HTTP is not a REST API.

Peter Verhas09/03/14
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Named Parameters in Java

Creating a method that has many parameters is a major sin. Whenever there is need to create such a method, sniff in the air: it is code smell

Eric D. Schabell09/03/14
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The Most Popular Way to Get Started Integrating BPM with Apache Camel

There are plans to expand this demo project with various integration scenarios or use cases, but for now we start with just a single story around using a JBoss Fuse camel route to interact with a rules and process project deployed onto JBoss BPM Suite.