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Chris Haddad10/30/13
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Reducing Integration Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

If you run IBM WebSphere ESB or Oracle SOA Suite, you can reduce your Integration Total Cost of Ownership by choosing an alternative with a significantly better value proposition. Red Hat Fuse or WSO2 ESB will save your project sponsor millions of dollars over a three year period.

Mike Hadlow10/29/13
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EasyNetQ: Big, Breaking Changes in the Publish API

From version 0.15, the way that publish works in EasyNetQ has dramatically changed. Previously, the client application was responsible for creating and disposing of the AMQP channel for the publication. With version 0.15, though, you don't need to open a publish channel.

Gabriel Dimech10/29/13
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How to Include a Mule Call from Within a Camunda Process

Camunda is an open source BPM tool which has been forked from Activiti. In this article, you will learn how to include a Mule call from within a Camunda process, which is useful when designing processes that require information from external components, so as to be able to leverage Mule's connectivity.

Christian Posta10/28/13
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JMS-style selectors on Amazon SQS with Apache Camel

This blog post demonstrates how easy it is to use Apache Camel and its new json-path component along with the camel-sqs component to produce and consume messages on Amazon SQS.

Sander Mak10/25/13
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A failed experiment: improving the Builder pattern

Sometimes, you want to try something new. Like last week, when I wanted to implement a builder for a domain object.

Arun Manivannan10/24/13
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Building Camel-CXF REST Service in OSGi for Karaf - Multicasting and Aggregation

This is a basic tutorial on how to create a CXF REST service, multicast (and parallelize) the incoming request using Camel, source data from two different services, aggregate the response and finally return the consolidated result as JSON to the the end user.

James Strachan10/24/13
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A Sneak Peek at What's Coming in JBoss Fuse 6.1

There's a ton of awesome new features that James Strachan has really wanted for some time, and now they're finally coming to Fuse 6.1. This is a quick sneak peek, focusing mostly on the new version of the Fuse Management Console, which is based on hawtio.

Mitch Pronschinske10/23/13
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Large-Scale, RESTful Enterprise Integration

Large-scale legacy replacement might be the hardest job in the entire IT industry. Let Brandon Byars share his experiences with nonpublic APIs, and lessons learned from doing large scale RESTful integration across multiple teams.

Claus Ibsen10/23/13
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Apache ActiveMQ 5.9: One of the Strongest ActiveMQ Releases

This is one release of ActiveMQ that you'll really want to grab and update your software for. It allows you to do runtime config changes to the broker without a restart, and it comes with Hawt.io as the new default web console.

Ross Mason10/22/13
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Code is Data, Data is Code

I was at the StrangeLoop conference last week and was surprised by the level of interest in dynamic and functional languages, in particular Clojure.

Reza Rahman10/21/13
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Securing WebSocket Endpoints

As you know, WebSocket is a key capability standardized into Java EE 7. When I talk to developers, many wonder how WebSockets are to be secured

Alan Hohn10/21/13
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Including Custom XML in Spring Configuration

One of the nice recent features of Spring (2.x era) is support for custom XML. This is the way that Spring itself has added all kinds of new tags such as and .

Mitch Pronschinske10/19/13
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Build Your Super Fast, Distributed, Infinitely Scalable Python App Using ZeroMQ

Learn how to build a high performance distributed systems using ZeroMQ and Python, then make it work with other languages too.

Mitch Pronschinske10/18/13
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Coder Reactions Part 2: Building Your First App

When I first started programming, I was kicking ass – every little practice exercise worked… And then I was hit with a sudden increase in difficulty… These were my reactions...

Gabriel Dimech10/18/13
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Mule Spring AOP Example

This article explores Spring Aspect Oriented Programming and its benefits in the context of Mule Flows.

Scott Lewis10/18/13
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ECF 3.7 Adds New OSGi Features and Zookeeper Discovery Server

Big news! The Eclipse Communication just unveiled a major new version. ECF 3.7 was just released.

Mitch Pronschinske10/17/13
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ZeroMQ Reaches 4.x - New Security, Socket Type and ZMTP

This week, ZeroMQ had a major release: version 4.0.1. Pieter Hintjens, a founder of the project, has been blogging about the new security features specifically.

Mitch Pronschinske10/16/13
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Pub/Sub Server, Faye, Hits 1.0

The simple publish / subscribe message server, Faye, has been a popular tool, especially as a Ruby gem, for several years, and this month it reached a major new milestone.

Mitch Pronschinske10/16/13
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Spring Integration 2.2.6 - Bug Fixes and Long Test Skipping

An incremental release of Spring Integration fixes several bugs and adds one improvement: It will skip long running tests that occur during normal builds.

S M Sohan10/15/13
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How Much Should I Validate When Using an API?

I think it’s a trade-off between paranoid programming and pragmatic design. As long as I’m providing expected behavior in the app without opening up a security hole, some validations may be skipped on purpose.

Alan Cassar10/15/13
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Monitoring Consistently Failing Flows From MMC

Here are some tricks using Spring to make the Mule Management Console better. We'll implement a system that helps to diagnose consistently failing flows and send error messages in batches.

Mitch Pronschinske10/14/13
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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (October 14)

Groupon moves to Node.js, StackEdit becomes the best new markdown editor, John Resig creates a Twitter list of women who code, and Randall Munroe writes a comic on functional programming. Those stories, plus a tool that makes you into an elite hacker like you see in the movies.

Kristina Chodorow10/14/13
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Using Visual “APIs”

There's a very important visual side to your APIs. A few key things like a nice font, a color palette, and an overall theme can really make your API sing.

Kai Wähner10/12/13
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Apache Camel Messaging Systems: 2nd New Camel Book from Packt

“Apache Camel Messaging System” is a new book to “tackle integration problems and learn practical ways to make data flow between your application and other systems using Apache Camel”.

Lorna Mitchell10/10/13
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OAuth Middleware for Slim

OAuth can be anything you want it to be, the standards are lax and give you plenty of room for getting the right implementation for your system. However you proceed, though, you'll need to check an access token on every request...