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Miroslav Kopecky10/10/14
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Design Patterns with Scala: GoF Creational Pattern - Factory Operation (GoF: Factory)

As the word is coming more and more to its nature, distributed ones, the ability to implement most common design patter is more then expected and needed. Design patterns are trying to fulfill such motivation and enable understanding of the application behavior design.

Kuntal Ganguly10/10/14
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Overview of Identity Management System (Part 1)

This is the first part of the series giveng an overview of what is an Identity and Access manager and what are its features. Any application or tools claiming to be a identity provider has to fullfil these bases functionalities.

Matt Raible10/09/14
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Developing Services with Apache Camel - Part III: Integrating Spring 4 and Spring Boot

This article is the third in a series on Apache Camel and how I used it to replace IBM Message Broker for a client.

Nati Shalom10/09/14
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The Seven Most Popular APIs in Big Data – Part 2

One of the main reasons behind this is that each API represents a specific optimization that requires a fairly different data structure. Common to all of the various techniques however is that they were written under the assumption that disk is a bottleneck

Upender Chinthala10/09/14
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Spring Integration with JMS and Map Transformers

In this article I explained how spring built-in transformers works for while transforming object message to Map Message. Sometimes the messages need to be transformed before they can be consumed to achieve a business purpose.

Benjamin Ball10/09/14
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There's Finally an Official Hacker News API

They've released the API as part of a longer plan to modernize the markup and frontend of Hacker News to create a more reliable source of real-time data for readers that scrape the site for content and information. They plan to convert to a new Arc-powered engine in the next three weeks.

Jayanga Dissanayake10/09/14
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Mounting a Remote Repository (WSO2 GREG) to WSO2 ESB

WSO2 Governance Registry is basically a metadata repository which basically helps to store and manage metadata. In this article I am trying to explain, how to mount a remote repository to WSO2 ESB via JDBC-based configuration.

Prabath Siriwardena10/08/14
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Single Sign-On with the Delegated Access Control Pattern

Company employees are allowed to access these APIs via web apps while they’re behind the company firewall. All data is stored in a Microsoft Active Directory, and all the web applications are connected to a Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 identity provider to authenticate users.

Phil Whelan10/08/14
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Microservices and PaaS - Part IV

This is Part IV of the "Microservices and PaaS" blog series covering the rapidly evolving use of microservices in modern cloud software projects. Parts I and II introduced microservices concepts and discussed patterns and practices being spearheaded by microservices pioneers.

Aruna Karunarathna10/08/14
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How to Install and Configure Subversion Server with HTTP Access

Hi all, Recently I came across with the $subject and I was unable to find a comprehensive tutorial. So In this post I've decided to show how to install and configure apache subversion server and configure the server to access via http in ubuntu.

Prabath Ariyarathna10/08/14
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Jersey REST Web Service API Documentation

In this tutorial, we show you how to develop a simple REST web application with Jersey framework and visualize API's using Cuubez API Visualizer.

Markus Eisele10/07/14
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The Future is Micro Service Architectures on Apache Karaf

There are many descriptions of what constitutes a micro service, and many specifications that could be described as following the pattern.

Nati Shalom10/07/14
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The Seven Most Popular APIs in Big Data – Part 1

Only a few years everyone relied on SQL exclusively to tackle Big Data needs, but as the demand for speed and space increases, so have our options. Now there are a number of data systems that are mostly based around NoSQL, with each of them having been developed to best serve specific areas.

Prabath Siriwardena10/07/14
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WSO2 Identity Server 5.0.0 Authentication Framework

The WSO2 Identity Server 5.0.0 takes the identity management into a new direction. No more there will be federation silos or spaghetti identity anti-patterns. The authentication framework we introduced in IS 5.0.0 powers this all.

Chris Haddad10/06/14
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A Connected Retail World Requires Digital Transformation, APIs, and Platforms

WSO2 technology is solving the biggest challenges retail companies face in scaling their transaction volumes (billions per day), lowering security risk, enhancing customer experience, and enabling new digital commerce channels.

Sayem Ahmed10/06/14
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JPA Tutorial: Mapping Entities – Part 2

How should we override the default table names to match the existing data model?

Denis Goodwin10/06/14
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Hypermedia and State Machines: RESTFest 2014

At RESTFest, in addition to voluntary extended talks, each attendee has a #FiveInFive slot (5 slides in 5 minutes). That means you get to hear from all the voices in the room, not just the most familiar voices in the API world.

Benjamin Ball10/05/14
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The Best of the Week (Sept 26): Enterprise Integration

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Enterprise Integration Zone (Sept 26 to Oct 2). This week's topics include RabbitMQ and Spring Framework, REST services with Spring Security, developing Apache Camel services, and Spring services.

Lukas Eder10/04/14
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Don’t Miss out on Writing Java 8 SQL One-Liners with jOOλ or jOOQ

At Data Geekery, we’re using Java 8 for our jOOQ integration tests, as using the new Streams API with lambda expressions makes generating ad-hoc test data so much easier.

Prabath Siriwardena10/03/14
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Consumerization of Identity

In my view, any identity management system to qualify to support BYOID - should simply go beyond standard support for Identity Federation protocols.That era is over. Time to think - time to rethink - how would you mediate, transform identity tokens between different standards or protocols.

Lieven Doclo10/03/14
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Using Animal Sniffer With Gradle

When compiling code in Gradle that targets older JVM’s, you need to be very careful your code doesn’t use any of the classes in the newer JDK.

Michael Scharhag10/03/14
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Checking for Null Values in Java with Objects.requiresNonNull()

Checking method/constructor parameters for null values is a common problem in Java.

Andre Schembri10/03/14
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String Encoding with Mule

Sometimes one would want to handle strings which contain characters not included in UTF-8 or the default encoding (set in mule-deploy.properties). In these scenarios a different encoding which is capable of handling these characters (such as UTF-16 or UTF-32) can be used.

Steve Millidge10/03/14
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GlassFish is here to stay. We heard it from the Oracle.

The reason I go to JavaOne is to hear the definitive view on GlassFish and JavaEE futures from the people that make the decisions. There's no other conference you can say that about.

Matt Raible10/02/14
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Developing Services with Apache Camel - Part II: Creating and Testing Routes

This article is the second in a series on Apache Camel and how I used it to replace IBM Message Broker for a client.