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Hubert Klein Ikkink08/07/14
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Grails Goodness: Use Spring Java Configuration

A Grails application uses Spring under the hood, which means we can also use all of Spring's features in a Grails application.

Shay Shmeltzer08/07/14
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Accessing Remote Databases from Oracle MAF with the TopLink/EclipseLink REST CRUD Services

I showed you how simple it is to expose CRUD REST operations on your database with TopLink/EclipseLink. The next logical step is to then consume those with Oracle MAF to build a mobile application.

Abhishek Gupta08/07/14
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Book Review: Java EE 7 Performance Tuning and Optimization

As the title clearly suggests, this book deals with Performance Tuning. It focuses on tuning, monitoring and optimizing the performance of Java EE applications in particular.

David Flynn08/06/14
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Optional: Java 8's Way to Deal With null

For those who have been programming Java or C/C++ for any period of time will know one of the most annoying things is trying to debug a crash due accessing a null object

Ricky Yim08/06/14
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Dropwizard and Guice Integration

Dropwizard, as described on their website is a "Java framework for developing ops-friendly, high-performance, RESTful web services."

Andrew Gilmartin08/06/14
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Logging and the utility of message patterns

We use a logging layer over log4j to encourage our developers to log at any point in the code where they thought some extra context would help resolve runtime errors. The layer had to have a familiar API, be effortless to code, and cheap to call. This posting is mostly about the cost to call the logger and a little about enhancing the presentation of logged values.

Anh Tuan Nguyen08/06/14
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From Framework to Platform

When I started my career as a Java developer close to 10 years ago, the industry is going through a revolutionary change. Spring framework, which was released in 2003, was quickly gaining ground and became a serious challenger to the bulky J2EE platform.

Mark O'neill08/06/14
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Configuring OAuth for initial LDAP Authentication

Although OAuth is not for authentication (the "auth" is for authorization), it usually presupposes that an authentication event has taken place. In the case of the Axway API Gateway, you can use the internal use store for this authentication, or you can use a third-party repository like LDAP.

Lukas Eder08/05/14
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The 10 Most Annoying Things Coming Back to Java After Some Days of Scala

After a few days of getting really really used to the awesomeness of Scala syntax, here are the top 10 things I’m missing the most when going back to writing Java

David Flynn08/05/14
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Optional: Java 8’s Way to Deal with Null

Null is the default value for an uninitialised class member field or static object, we reassign back to null to free memory. It’s also used for sentinel values such as indicating no data. The problem is when we try to access a null value we get an exception.

Biju Kunjummen08/05/14
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Deploying a Spring Boot Application to Cloud Foundry with Spring-Cloud

I have a small Spring boot based application that uses a Postgres database as a datastore. I wanted to document the steps involved in deploying this sample application to Cloud Foundry.

Ross Mason08/05/14
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Analytics – The New Currency of the API Economy

It’s a game of consumption. Keeping APIs relevant, performing well, and still preventing negative impact of change allows for true transcendent implementation. Services come and go all of the time. Technology is constantly evolving, and this creates a strain on the API economy for those who are not agile.

Mike Cottmeyer08/05/14
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Business Capabilities and Microservices

I don’t often use this forum to link out to other websites and authors, but I read a post last night by Martin Fowler and James Lewis that really gets to the heart of this issue around encapsulation, decoupling, and value streams I’ve been talking about lately.

Eric D. Schabell08/05/14
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Introducing the JBoss BPM Suite installer

This week we want to introduce you to the rather unknown installer component that is delivered with the JBoss BRMS and JBoss BPM Suite products.

Nicolas Frankel08/04/14
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Session Fixation and How to Fix It

These last few weeks, I’ve been tasked to fix a number of security holes in our software. Since I’m not a security expert, I’ve been extremely interested in this, and have learned quite a few things. Among them is the Session Fixation attack.

Simon Brown08/04/14
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Distributed Big Balls of Mud

For some people microservices is "the next big thing", whereas for others it's simply a lightweight evolution of the big SOAP service-oriented architectures that we saw 10 years ago "done right". I do like a lot of what the current microservice architectures are doing, but it's by no means a silver bullet.

Justin Saliba08/04/14
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Mule ClassNotFoundException When Running Tests

Running tests with Mule sometimes throws a ClassNotFoundException when it tries to lookup org.apache.commons.cli.ParseException.

Steven Willmott08/04/14
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The Five Axioms of the API Economy: Micro Effects of APIs – API Drivers for Individual Organizations

There are strong business and technology trends that are driving universal adoption of the API Economy and the trend of 83% of organizations being engaged in creating an API program is no accident. The benefits of an API program are proving to be valuable and measurable.

Lukas Eder08/03/14
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Using Oracle AQ in Java Won’t Get Any Easier Than This

jOOQ 3.5 will include an awesome new feature for those of you using the Oracle database: Native support for Oracle AQ!

Madhuka Udantha08/03/14
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Fundamental Building Blocks of Event Processing

Agent technology handles extreme scalability issues. Agents are characterized by being autonomous, having interactions, and being adaptive. CEP engines can be autonomous and interactive to the extent that they simply respond to multiple (complex and continuous) events.

Abhishek Gupta08/02/14
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Java EE: Asynchronous Constructs and Capabilities

Java EE has a number of APIs and constructs to support Asynchronous execution. This is vital from a scalability and performance stand point.

Rahul Rajat Singh08/01/14
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A Beginner’s Tutorial on Dependency Inversion, Inversion Control and Dependency Injection

In this article we have discussed about Dependency inversion principle(Which is the D part of SOLID object oriented principle). We have also discussed how inversion of control is used to implement dependency inversion and finally we have seen how dependency injection help in creating decoupled classes.

Ross Mason08/01/14
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Bringing Modern Connectivity to Microsoft Environments

Using our new .NET Connector and MSMQ Connector, developers no longer have to to be siloed by coding language or development framework. With MuleSoft’s solutions for Microsoft, developers can customize Mule application logic using any .NET language and familiar .NET development tools.

Christian Posta07/31/14
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HawtIO on JBoss EAP (Part II)

Unfortunately, HawtIO isn’t "officially" supported in EAP as of today, but that will be fixed in next releases. It’s not a limitation of the technology.

Ajitesh Kumar07/31/14
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AngularJS – Single Page App with RESTful APIs & Spring MVC

After having found the recipe for creating single page app that could consume RESTful APIs, I am not sure if I would be using any other way to create single page app other than the way described in this article. Please feel free to share your ideas/suggestions/thoughts.