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Eric D. Schabell09/03/14
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The Most Popular Way to Get Started Integrating BPM with Apache Camel

There are plans to expand this demo project with various integration scenarios or use cases, but for now we start with just a single story around using a JBoss Fuse camel route to interact with a rules and process project deployed onto JBoss BPM Suite.

Gaurav Gupta09/03/14
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Java EE Batch Applications in NetBeans IDE

Batch processing is execution of series of "jobs" that is suitable for non-interactive, bulk-oriented and long-running tasks.Typical examples are end-of-month bank statement generation, end-of-day jobs such as interest calculation, and ETL (extract-transform-load) in a data warehouse.

Dustin Marx09/02/14
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Big Java News in Late Summer 2014

As is typical when JavaOne is imminent, there has been much big news in the Java community recently.

John Ferguson Smart09/02/14
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Handling Work-in-progress with Thucydides and JBehave Using @pending and @wip Tags

In this article, we will look at some of the new ways the new version of Thucydides lets you handle work-in-progress or pending scenarios with Thucydides and JBehave.

Markus Eisele09/02/14
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Bootstrapping Apache Camel in Java EE7 with WildFly 8

Since Camel version 2.10 there is support for CDI (JSR-299) and DI (JSR-330). This offers new opportunities to develop and deploy Apache Camel projects in Java EE containers but also in standalone Java SE or CDI containers. Time to try it out and get familiar with it.

Reza Rahman09/02/14
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Using the Java SE 8 Date Time API with JPA 2.1

Most of you are hopefully aware of the new Date Time API included in Java SE 8. If you are not, you should check them out right now using the Java Tutorial Trail dedicated to the topic. It is a significantly leap forward in processing temporal data in Java.

Markus Eisele09/01/14
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Developer Interviews (#DI 2) Claus Ibsen (@davsclaus) About All Things Camel

In the second edition of my developer interview series I had a chance to talk to Claus Ibsen (@davsclaus). He works for Red Hat on open source integration software such as JBoss Fuse and is Apache Camel committer

Nicolas Frankel09/01/14
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Using Exceptions When Designing an API

Every time I’ve been facing this quandary, I’ve ruled in favor of the former, because “premature optimization is evil”. However, this week has proved me that exception handling in designing an API is a very serious decision.

Claus Ibsen09/01/14
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Apache Camel 2.14 on the way

The Apache Camel 2.14 release is expected out in September 2014. We will try to see if we are ready next week to start cutting the release. If you have anything you want included or fixed then its time now to speak up.

Lieven Doclo08/29/14
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Swagger Is Great, But...

Nobody likes to write documentation. However, in the REST age where REST-based webservices are ubiquitous, documentation for public webservices is a necessity.

Reza Rahman08/29/14
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Java EE 8 Takes Off!

A big day for Java EE - Java EE 8 is now officially launched as JSR 366 via the JCP process. As you might have expected the primary focus areas are HTTP 2/HTML 5 support, CDI/managed bean alignment, cloud support and Java SE alignment.

Reza Rahman08/29/14
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Spotlight on GlassFish 4.0.1: #1 JDBC Realm

There has been some refactoring between GF 3.x and GF 4.0. One unfortunate consequence of that refactoring is that the JDBC Auth Realm package has changed between those 2 GF versions. This can cause some obvious issues when moving, from GF 3.x to GF 4.0, an application using the JDBC Realm!

Jalpesh Vadgama08/29/14
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Dependency Injection with Simple Injector

Before some I have written a blog post about how to do dependency injection with StructureMap. In this post we are going to learn Simple Injector IOC library and how we can do dependency injection with Simple Injector.

Eric D. Schabell08/28/14
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The Ultimate Starter Kit For JBoss BPM Suite

There is nothing quite like getting your game on with a new BPM technology or product. The same is true of Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite in that you have enough resources at your disposal to kick-start your journey, but where to start?

Jeremy Likness08/27/14
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AngularJS Lifetime Management, Lazy-Loading, and other Advanced DI Techniques

In summary, Angular’s dependency injection provides many advanced features you would expect and often require for a line of business application. The shortcut methods for factories, services, and providers sometimes confuse Angular developers into believing these are the only options available.

Rado Buranský08/26/14
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Publish JAR Artifact using Gradle to Artifactory

So I have wasted (invested) a day or two just to find out how to publish a JAR using Gradle to a locally running Artifactory server.

Rado Buranský08/26/14
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Publish JAR Artifact using Gradle to Artifactory

So I have wasted (invested) a day or two just to find out how to publish a JAR using Gradle to a locally running Artifactory server.

Ivan Krizsan08/26/14
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Remote JMX Monitoring of a Mule Instance

In this post I will describe how to enable monitoring of a remote Mule instance using JMX. In addition I will also enable the MX4J web interface that will expose the JMX properties of the Mule instance in a web application and I will install the Jolokia Mule agent.

Christian Posta08/26/14
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Developer Interview #3, my interview about HawtIO and Fabric8

Recently, in between waking up to help my wife with our ten-day old baby at wee hours of the day, I had a chance to be part of Markus Eisele’s Developer Interview series. I chatted casually about my experiences, OpenSource, and showed a quick demo of HawtIO and Fabric8.

Saurabh Chhajed08/26/14
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How to configure Swagger to generate Restful API Doc for your Spring Boot Web Application

The goal of Swagger is to enable client and documentation systems to update at the same pace as the server. The documentation of methods, parameters, and models are tightly integrated into the server code, allowing APIs to always stay in sync.

Lieven Doclo08/25/14
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Another Spring Boot Integration: Axon

Creating Spring Boot integrations for frameworks is just so easy. One of my recent posts covered CQRS principles and Axon is a framework that currently is the reference when it comes to implementing CQRS and event-sourcing in Java. As it happens it also has great integration with Spring.

Steven Willmott08/25/14
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The Macro Effects of APIs – Rise of the API Economy

Having stated the Axioms in previous posts, a number of big picture questions arise: beyond how they are related to individual organizations, what effect do they have on the evolution of the web and the economy as a whole? What challenges are there in making the API Economy a reality?

Bilgin Ibryam08/25/14
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Clustered Idempotent Consumer Pattern with Infinispan

I've created a small project that shows how to use JBoss Infinispan with Apache Camel and the Idempotent Consumer Pattern to guarantee a message will not be processed twice in a clustered environment.

Benjamin Ball08/24/14
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The Best of the Week (Aug 14): Enterprise Integration Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Enterprise Integration Zone (August 14 to August 21). This weeks topics include microservices and enterprise architecture, REST API security, Spring Boot with Git and Gradle, jsonpickle and Python, and lambda architecture.

Ross Mason08/23/14
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Integrating Mule ESB with .NET Based Rules Engines

The recent release of the Anypoint Connector for .NET opens up many opportunities for plugging into .NET based rules engines. Since the .NET Connector allows developers to call out to native .NET code, these rules engines can be easily integrated as a result.