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Roger Hughes08/22/13
2 replies

Long Polling Tomcat with Spring

So, what is a longpoll? Well, it isn't a tall guy from Warsaw, the idea is to mimic the Publish and Subscribe pattern

Kees Pieters08/22/13
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JXSE and Equinox Tutorial, Part 1

This tutorial gives you a start to developing JXSE 2.7x applications with Equinox (and Eclipse). This series will cover the various ways that the JAVA P2P framework JXSE (formerly popularly known as JXTA, and currently the most up-to-date JAVA implementation of the JXTA specifications) can be made to work with Equinox.

Mohamed Sanaulla08/22/13
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Getting Started with JSON-P

In this post I will quote from different sources about JSONP and then go ahead and implement examples that invokes the Stackoverflow API to retrieve the unanswered questions tagged ‘jsonp’

Mitch Pronschinske08/21/13
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Nanomsg, the Next Gen ZeroMQ, is Here

Martin Sustrik, one of the co-creators of ZeroMQ, has been working on a new messaging library called Nanomsg to surpass the lightweight power of ZeroMQ. You could almost think about Nanomsg as ZeroMQ–the sequel.

Mitch Pronschinske08/21/13
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OSGi Contracts: For Devs Who Think the Package Version Model is Too Much Work

An experimental release of bnd(tools) 2.2 has a new feature called contracts. A recent blog post on OSGi.org explains who these contracts are for...

Ross Mason08/21/13
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How to Build a Processing Grid (An Example)

Mule’s reach extends way beyond pure integration. We’ve seen in this post that Mule provides a wide range of primitives that can be used to build processing grids.

Mitch Pronschinske08/21/13
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The Bulleted Intro to ESBs and Mule ESB

Naresh Chintalcheru has a nice presentation that gives you the bare essentials for understanding Mule ESB (and other MuleSoft tools) along with the ESB ecosystem. Check it out below.

Christian Posta08/20/13
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From Inside the Code: Camel Routing Engine, Part I

So I’ve recently re-kindled my interest in how Apache Camel works. Camel is such a powerful integration tool and is very widely used, but anytime I put it to work, I can’t help but think “well, how the hell does it do all that!!”

Mitch Pronschinske08/20/13
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Drastically Improving Your Code With Messaging as a Programming Model

There's a really good series of posts that were just written by Steve Bate on the core concepts of messaging that have helped him write "some of the cleanest, most extendable, testable, modular code I’ve ever written."

Mitch Pronschinske08/20/13
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Advanced Celery

From a VMware developer who works on the RabbitMQ team, comes a presentation on the popular distributed task queue, Celery. This will give you some good information beyond the 'getting started' tutorials.

Mitch Pronschinske08/20/13
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Mule ESB and Spring Resources

I found some of the first places you'll want to go in the Mule ESB documentation once you register and download Mule ESB for usage on a Spring-based project. If you're wondering why you might want to use Mule ESB with Spring in the first place, Mulesoft has an article arguing why Mule is the best choice for Spring.

Ricci Gian Maria08/19/13
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Domain-Driven Security

I found this interesting video of Dan Bergh Johnsson on DDD Security and I must admit that I agree with Dan on many points. One of the real advantages of DDD is making business explicit, and this can help in so many places in your software, even in security.

Mitch Pronschinske08/19/13
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Kuyruk: An Alternative to Celery Task Running

If the distributed message processor, Celery, isn't working out for your project, you might want to try a new tool called Kuyruk. It also distributes tasks to run on servers and it uses RabbitMQ as the message broker.

Mitch Pronschinske08/19/13
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EAI Patterns w/Actor Model Blog Series

Blogger Vaughn Vernon has a really nice series of Enterprise Application Integration Patterns blog posts focused on using the Actor model.

Mitch Pronschinske08/19/13
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Celery 3.0 Highlights

Popular distributed message processor, Celery, has reached version 3.0 this month and includes some great new features like a better API, an umbrella CLI command and a new "canvas" feature for complex workflows.

Steven Willmott08/19/13
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Reaching 250 APIs

The 3scale platform is now being used by over 250 APIs, amongst the most in the entire industry. As the API industry continues to experience growth and the “App Economy” is booming.

Christian Posta08/18/13
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Designing and Implementing our Camel-based mgm Cosmo Router

There are lots of great articles about Apache Camel. In this article, an architecture group explains an interesting problem they are trying to solve, how Apache Camel fits in, the pros and cons of the different approaches, the lessons learned, and how they finally crafted a successful solution with Camel.

Mitch Pronschinske08/17/13
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The Secrets of Awesome JavaScript API Design

It doesn't take long for most developers to sniff out a poorly-designed JavaScript API. As developers, we know what good and bad JavaScript APIs "feel" like, and yet we struggle with designing the kind of APIs that we enjoy using. But principles of good JavaScript API design do exist.

Mitch Pronschinske08/16/13
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Centrifuge: Real-Time Web App Message Broadcasting

The main goal of Centrifuge is the same as in Pusher or Pubnub services. The main difference is that Centrifuge is open-source and requires installation. The installation is very simple.

Mitch Pronschinske08/16/13
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Retrieving Large Datasets in Mule ESB

Clare Cini recently wrote a useful example for performing a batch select and batch insert transfer of data between two databases with Mule ESB. The documentation for Mule covers large dataset retrieval, but only briefly.

Claus Ibsen08/16/13
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Apache Camel 2.12 - Even Easier Cron Scheduled Routes

In the upcoming release of Apache Camel 2.12, developers have introduced an SPI that allows users to plugin different schedulers for schedule-based consumers.

Mitch Pronschinske08/16/13
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Beanstalkd in Production With Laravel 4

The combination of Beanstalkd, Laravel 4, and Supervisor forms an excellent, production-ready messaging queue solution. By the end of that article you'll have a full end-to-end queue ready to run.

Mitch Pronschinske08/15/13
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Using a Message Queue to Simulate Production Requests

There's a pretty innovative solution on the Gilt Tech blog explaining how they used RabbitMQ to simulate production requests on their Riak cluster. It's yet another great idea for how you can use a message queue. And if you're curious (although the title gives it away), the Gilt developers really liked Riak's performance.

Christian Posta08/15/13
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HawtIO + ActiveMQ

Have you had a chance to take a look at HawtIO yet? If you haven’t, it’s a new web-based dashboard for managing and monitoring JVM-based services like Apache ActiveMQ, Apache Camel, JBoss, Infinispan, Apache Tomcat and many others!

Mitch Pronschinske08/15/13
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Simplifying Amazon SQS

I know that AWS's Simple Queue Service already has "Simple" in the title, but one developer found an even simpler way to interface with this cloud-based message queue.