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Mitch Pronschinske07/25/13
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rmqid - Minimalistic, Blocking Pure-Python RabbitMQ Library: New Release

rmqid got its 0.4.2 release this week as it draws closer to a 1.0 version. The library was inspired by Kenneth Reitz’s work on requests. Should be useful for anyone writing a python app that's going to use RabbitMQ.

Madhuka Udantha07/25/13
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WSO2 User Engagement Server (UES)

WSO2 UES helps to rapidly create visually appealing and engaging web components such as dashboards, microsites and gadgets. Users can build dashboards, microsites and gadgets with 3rd party data sources, and even share them among authenticated or anonymous users across the enterprise. Learn more about it...

John D'Emic07/24/13
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Getting started with JPA and Mule

Working with JPA managed entities in Mule ESB applications can be difficult. The JPA module aims to simplify working with JPA managed entities with Mule. Here's a tutorial on how it works.

Mitch Pronschinske07/24/13
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Clojure's core.async Library Can Make Using Async APIs in Java Suck Less

Callback hell isn't just a problem for JavaScript developers. Java devs have to deal with it too when they're using asynchronous APIs. Malcom Sparks has a tool that can help though... the Clojure core.async library.

Arnon Rotem-gal-oz07/24/13
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"SOA Patterns" Added to Intel’s Recommended Reading List

One of DZone's MVBs had their SOA patterns book added to Intel's list of recommended reading that they curate. Congratulations, Arnon!

Mitch Pronschinske07/24/13
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Bunny 9.2, A Ruby Client for RabbitMQ 2.0, Released

Bunny 9.2 was recently released to rubygems.org as a stability release. Bunny now ensures a new connection transport (socket) is initialized before any recovery is attempted.

Mitch Pronschinske07/24/13
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PHP AMQP Library at Version 2.1

In the last month, the php-amqplib project hit version 2.1. The library has been heavily tested on RabbitMQ and is used in production environments that send or consume over 600K messages per day.

Lorna Mitchell07/23/13
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Using 'Charles Proxy' To Debug PHP SOAP

This article can hep those of you working with a remote SOAP service, which are not always easy to debug. A tool called "Charles" can help...

Mitch Pronschinske07/23/13
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Java, OSGi and Simplicity Requirements

Peter Kriens thinks that Java is too complicated for developers looking to learn Java and create a web app. This has been pretty obvious for a while now...

Mitch Pronschinske07/23/13
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Scaling SoundCloud With RabbitMQ

At SoundCloud RabbitMQ is used to process transcoder workloads in parallel and also to gather updates for user browsers. Get the low down through a video or article here...

Kin Lane07/23/13
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API Evangelist: "The Next Decade is Going to Be A Wild Ride"

API Evangelist Kin Lane reflects on the past few years of his position as a major voice in the API technology field.

Mitch Pronschinske07/22/13
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Messaging at Scale at Instagram

As activity accelerated from just a few thousand activities per day to hundreds of millions, Instagram needed a reliable, scalable messaging infrastructure to distribute work and messages.

Faheem Sohail07/22/13
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Converting Java Objects to Byte Array, JSON and XML

Converting a Java object (a process known as serialization) to various forms such as XML, JSON, or a byte array and back into java objects is a very common requirement. This post is intended to be a quick reference for you to easily make these conversions.

Mitch Pronschinske07/22/13
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Camel 2.11's New ZeroMQ Component

Camel users now have a much easier method for taking advantage of this tool with the release of Camel 2.11. The new Camel/ZeroMQ component lets you consume and produce messages using ZeroMQ. It uses Akka for the driver.

Sander Mak07/22/13
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The Java Modularity Story

So you've got a growing Java application with a nice feature set. Unfortunately adding new features gets harder over time and things start breaking in unexpected places. Chances are that your applications is not as modular as it could be. This article has some tips for dealing with plain Java's lack of modularity.

Mitch Pronschinske07/21/13
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New Spring AMQP Release For Java

Spring AMQP 1.2.0 for Java was just launched this week. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, it's basically a project that applies Spring Framework concepts to building AMQP messaging applications. It uses the RabbitMQ queue as its default client, which is also under the umbrella of SpringSource.

Mitch Pronschinske07/20/13
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GitHub Releases Code Search API

GitHub's advanced code search is really comprehensive in providing so many filters with which to search GitHub's repositories. Now that amazing utility can be integrated into your site or app because GitHub just released an API for it!

Pieter Humphrey07/19/13
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JavaConfig Support in the Spring Tool Suite

This tutorial will show you the new features in the latest Spring Tool Suite 3.3.0 release that make it easier for you to program Spring applications using annotations and JavaConfig instead of XML.

Mike Driscoll07/19/13
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Connecting to Dropbox with Python

This article has a simple class for accessing my Dropbox. Once you’re connected, the client is instantiated and you can extract all kinds of information about your Dropbox.

Mitch Pronschinske07/19/13
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No Tears 2-Factor Auth in Rails

Google Apps, Apple IDs, Yahoo… All of these large scale online services have two-factor authentication. It makes your account exponentially more secure. A new tutorial shows you how to build two-factor auth 'effortlessly' with the help of the new ActiveModel::Otp gem.

Shelan Perera07/19/13
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How to Get a User Profile for OAuth Token Using JWT Headers

This article shows how you can retrieve user profile and view attributes of a user using only the OAuth token in WSO2 Identity server. It's a simple 3 step process.

Ross Mason07/18/13
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Using Continuous Deployment with CloudHub

After creating a basic Mule App, you might be wondering how to automate the process of deploying a Mule App to CloudHub. In this post, we are introducing a Maven plugin that enables that use case.

Christian Posta07/18/13
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Deploying A-MQ for High Availability Scenarios

JBoss A-MQ is based on Apache ActiveMQ. It’s lightweight, has excellent performance, and can be configured to fit a variety of use cases.

Ross Mason07/18/13
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Installing Mule Studio 3.4 via Update Site or Eclipse Marketplace

Eclipse users have always felt at home in Mule Studio, but users have often asked for Studio to “play well with others” — specifically, that it support plugin-style installation into existing Eclipse environments they already use every day. This article will show you the easiest ways to install plugins through Mule Studio.

Jim O' Neil07/18/13
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APIMASH: Porting to Windows Phone 8

The MS evangelists launched a series of workshops around a bevy of API Starter Kits designed to kickstart HTML5/JS and C# developers into building unique Windows 8 applications. This post is the next installment of the workshop series. It will cover the services layer that handles the API calls and the front-end UX.