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Zemian Deng09/09/13
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Exploring Apache Camel Core - File Component

A file poller is a very useful mechanism to solve common IT problems. Camel’s built-in file component is extremely flexible, and there are many options available for configuration. Let’s cover a few common usages here.

Mitch Pronschinske09/09/13
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Sphinx as a Mult-Language API Documenting Tool

This post from Jeremy Bowman and the Safari Flow blog is from earlier in the year, but I thought it was a creative and highly useful tutorial for building API docs with Sphinx that was worth highlighting.

Zemian Deng09/08/13
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Exploring Apache Camel Core - DataSet Component

A good sample data generator can help you test your program more thoroughly and help measure the processing throughput.

Zemian Deng09/06/13
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Exploring Apache Camel Core - Log Component

There are many ways to log and inspect the messages as it pass through your Camel Route.

Ross Mason09/05/13
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Releasing Faster Using Pipelines: Lessons Learned From the Trenches

Being able to release faster, is not just about pushing code to production. I will cover how we got to the point where we could release Mule faster.

Christopher Taylor09/05/13
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What’s Your Strategy for the API Economy?

The success of API’s is connected to the need for developers to quickly create not just functionality, but whole business models based on pulling together services from around the Web.

Ilija Injac09/05/13
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Self Updating WCF Routing Services on Windows Azure Using CloudFx

Several months ago, I started to develop a special project and I needed the ability to add multiple WCF services and make them available to through one single endpoint. Looking for a solution, I stumbled over WCF-Routing services.

Arun Manivannan09/05/13
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Building CXF REST Service in OSGi for Karaf

We chose Apache Felix (an OSGi framework specification implementation) and Apache Karaf (ummm, how do I put this - something like an app server for OSGi applications).

Mitch Pronschinske09/05/13
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agent_zmq – An Agent Framework for Testing ZeroMQ Apps

A cool new ZeroMQ-related project popped up last week on GitHub. It's an agent framework that tests ZeroMQ applications. It can also use Cucumber scenarios. The agent types correspond to underlying ZMQ Socket types under test. Check it out if you're using ZeroMQ.

Mitch Pronschinske09/04/13
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ZeroMQ Deployment to Heroku With Rails

I found a helpful tutorial for anyone building a Ruby on Rails app for Heroku. If you are using ZeroMQ with that app or you might plan on it later, you'll want to take a look at this. It's a super-simple six-step tutorial (I wouldn't expect any less from the simplicity of Heroku deployment) and the blog looks gorgeous.

Bilgin Ibryam09/04/13
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Instant Apache Camel and Enterprise Integration Patterns Book

Instant Apache Camel Message Routing is an easy to read and focused book that contains only the essence of Apache Camel and Enterprise Integration Patterns. It is ideal for developers who want to get started with Camel and message routing quickly.

Zemian Deng09/04/13
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Exploring Apache Camel Core - Timer Component

Camel Timer is a simple and yet useful component. It brings the JDK’s timer functionality into your camel Route with very simple config.

Mitch Pronschinske09/03/13
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No ZeroMQ Required in Ansible's New Accelerated Mode

The latest feature added to Ansible, an open source (DevOps-y) orchestration engine, is called Accelerated Mode. Some of the improvements to that feature, which you can learn more about here, include no more required bootstrapping or ZeroMQ.

Mitch Pronschinske09/02/13
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ZeroMQ Fundamentals

This talk goes through some of the fundamental concepts of the messaging library ZeroMQ. This talk teaches you how to use it to architect distributed applications.

Mitch Pronschinske09/02/13
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API Gateway and API Portal - The pillars of API Management and the evolution of SOA

Gartner defines the combination of SOA Governance and API Management as "Application Services Governance". An API portal is also the "central store of truth", but now it includes REST APIs definitions (usually expressed using a Swagger-type format) as well as SOAP services.

Ryan Carter09/02/13
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Running Mule on Openshift - Part 2

A little while back I wrote a post on "Running Mule Natively on OpenShift". This post showed some workarounds for a few conflicting "features" of both products and showed how to run a simple Hello World app. This article has a quick recap of getting the app up and running and then show how to work with these new features.

Eric D. Schabell09/01/13
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JBoss BRMS Primer - getting started with JBoss Business Rules Management System

These JBoss BRMS primer projects attempt to tackle a simple aspect and not become complicated vertical solutions. They are self contained, requiring only that you can clone a repository using git and that you download the products required for the demos from the Customer Portal.

Mitch Pronschinske09/01/13
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Celery Monitoring Task Processes

This tutorial shows how to monitor tasks that are being processed in the rabbitmq/celery systems. It's a Django-specific tutorial, but the concepts are the same for various scenarios.

Mitch Pronschinske08/31/13
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Using Celery and RabbitMQ to Schedule and Run Long Processes in Django

This tutorial takes you through the basics of setting up and using Celery and RabbitMQ to schedule and run long processes from your Django website.

Mitch Pronschinske08/30/13
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Quick Hacking Node.js Modules From CoffeeScript - Making a Binding for Nanomsg

This article by Nick Desaulniers provides a great template for creating modules in git. His example shows how he made an early Node.js binding for the recently-unveiled Nanomsg message broker.

Mitch Pronschinske08/30/13
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Using ZeroMQ to Bring MSMQ and Mule ESB Together

After lots of work trying to bridge Microsoft's MSMQ and Mule ESB, Claude Mamo and John D'Emic figured out a way to do it with the help of ZeroMQ. The bridge itself was easy, and took about 15 minutes to code in C#.

Mitch Pronschinske08/29/13
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API Pitfalls

This article by John Mueller provides tips to help you select the right kinds of APIs that fit into your larger usage strategy.

S M Sohan08/29/13
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Solution Architecting Using Queues?

When building a bunch of applications that need to interact with each other, Queues or Message Oriented Middleware services offer some very useful features. To name a few, you get features like a) Guaranteed message delivery, b) routing, c) throttling, etc., for free...

Asankha Perera08/29/13
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UltraESB 2.0 is Released!

Yeah, its been quite sometime since we did a major release of the UltraESB! Although the last GA release was extremely stable and widely used, we've made significant improvements for the long awaited 2.0.0 release.

Torsten Mielke08/29/13
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Creating ActiveMQ Broker Cluster Topologies Using Fuse Fabric

Introducing Fabric in this post would mean to simply repeat the documentation of the Fabric web site, so I'll spare that. Instead, this blog post will attempt to deep dive a bit into the fabric:mq-create command.