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Blaise Doughan08/07/13
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EclipseLink MOXy and the Java API for JSON Processing - Object Model APIs

In this post, Blaise Doughan will demonstrate the initial JSR-353 support we have added to MOXy's JSON binding in EclipseLink 2.6.

G. Andrew Duthie08/07/13
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Bringing my Meetup APIMASH Starter Kit to Windows Phone

The next step in APIMASH is bringing our starter kits to Windows Phone. In the author's case, my original starter kit was written using HTML and JavaScript, and built on top of the Grid App Visual Studio template, which uses the WinJS ListView control to display the data on the home page.

Mitch Pronschinske08/07/13
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Kafka and Hadoop YARN Used in New Apache Stream Processing Incubator

There's a new proposal in the Apache Incubator for a project called Samza. The description says it's a streaming data processor that can continually compute more streams than you could possibly need.

Rahman Usta08/07/13
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Integration of Spring MVC and Mustache

Spring MVC uses the InternalResourceViewResolver class as default resolver, and this resolver class works with JSP view objects. But in Spring MVC, there are also resolvers that can resolve the different view technology. Here you will be introduced to theMustacheViewResolver class which resolves the Mustache template architecture.

Ioannis Canellos08/06/13
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Hawtio & Apache jClouds

This is only a first draft of the jclouds plugin and there are more cool things to be added, like executing scripts, downloading blobs and also have a better way of creating new services (the last is already supported but could be really improved).

Mitch Pronschinske08/06/13
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The HornetQ-REST Web App

HornetQ-REST was just published a few days ago on GitHub. It's a WAR file to put everything into JBoss 7 and expose HornetQ Topics and Queues via REST.

Mitch Pronschinske08/06/13
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QDB: An Awesome Tool for RabbitMQ

A relatively new tool called QDB provides well-designed monitoring and management features for RabbitMQ. It can replay messages by timestamp or id reference and can back up messages from a queue.

Daniel Doubrovkine08/06/13
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Evolving APIs using Grape API Versioning

Starting with the next release of Grape (likely 0.6.0) you will be able to build a new API version incrementally on top of a previous one. There’re no hacks involved. Consider the following trivial API.

Mitch Pronschinske08/06/13
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An Interesting Way to Describe ZeroMQ

Here's a tweet that provides a humorous, yet insightful way to look at ZeroMQ. Don't think of ZeroMQ as an alternative to RabbitMQ...

Adrian Milne08/05/13
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502 Proxy Error Using CometD, Apache and Camel

While testing with Apache returning, this blogger ran into "502 Proxy Errors" to clients who were connecting via CometD. Here were two of their solutions...

Mitch Pronschinske08/05/13
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RabbitMQ and Other Great Tools for a Notifications Setup

RabbitMQ is a versatile message broker. Andrei Marcu just started using it to provide notifications to multiple devices using a solid setup. Andrei also has a ton of good tool recommendations for this setup, and probably for other setups, including pika, StartSSL, aamnotifs, dunst, pync, and pushover.

Mitch Pronschinske08/05/13
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Python's Twisted Integration with ZeroMQ

I found this gist for integrating the python-based Twisted project with ZeroMQ. Twisted is an event-driven network engine. It's about 75 lines of code.

Madhuka Udantha08/05/13
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WSO2 ESB with HL7 (sample)

This post will explain a simple HL7 message passing method through a WSO2 ESB proxy. Firstly you have to enable the HL7 Transport for WSO2 ESB. Here is steps...

Claus Ibsen08/04/13
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Apache ServiceMix How-to Book Published

The book is a practical how-to book with 19 recipes for using and working with Apache ServiceMix. Starting with how to install and start ServiceMix, and showing how the shell and web-console works as well how to access the logs, install applications and the more.

Andriy Redko08/03/13
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Easy Messaging with STOMP over WebSockets using Apollo

In my previous post I have covered couple of interesting use cases implementing STOMP messaging over Websockects using well-known message brokers, HornetQ and ActiveMQ. But the one I didn't cover is Apollo as in my own opinion its API is verbose and not expressive enough as for a Java developer.

Mitch Pronschinske08/02/13
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A Whole New Way to Think About Service Oriented Development

Caucho has written an intense 3 part (so far) article series on its new "ProjectX" technology. The company sees this project as a new and better way to quickly build fast, scalable services that are exposed through not only REST but also through Websocket services.

Mitch Pronschinske08/02/13
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Dynamically Setting WS-Security UT Token Usernames

The VP of the Apache Web Services project wrote a helpful blog this week that shows you two common patterns for dynamically setting WS-Security UT token usernames using WSO2 ESB.

Merrick Chaffer08/02/13
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Unit of Work Pattern in WCF

The following post has a great big piece of code for you to look at as an example of how to implement a unit of work pattern in WCF (using Unity).

Mitch Pronschinske08/02/13
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Generator-Driven Contract Manufacturing in SOA

The best article I found in this month's Service Technology Magazine was about SOA maturity and contract standardization. See why the author argues for a generator-driven contract manufacturing process rather than using developer specifications and governance for specifications monitoring.

Mitch Pronschinske08/01/13
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Spring Integration Vs. Apache Camel: A Statistical Comparison

This month, a very interesting comparison grid was released by Kai Waehner on JavaCodeBook.com which measures mainly activity and the amount of code committed to Apache Camel vs. Spring Integration.

Mitch Pronschinske08/01/13
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Masking URIs in the Next Apache Camel Release

In the JMX section of the Apache Camel docs, a new section has revealed an upcoming feature for Camel 2.12.

Mitch Pronschinske08/01/13
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New Camel + Camunda BPM Support Tool

In the last week, the open source BPM platform, Camunda, received a connecting tool for Apache Camel on GitHub. The Spring module for this tool already supports a few use cases, but the CDI module isn't quite stable yet.

Dino Fancellu08/01/13
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Introducing JMSscala

JMSscala is a Scala Library to invoke JMS, the Java Message System. It provides Scala interfaces, metaphors and conversions that lead to tighter code and less boilerplate.

Mitch Pronschinske07/31/13
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Hot off the Press: Clojure Bindings For ZeroMQ

Lots of Clojure users are pretty excited about the recently released bindings for ZeroMQ: cljzmq. They're a nice addition straight from the ZeroMQ development group.

Mitch Pronschinske07/31/13
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Linksheet: Job Queues, Message Queues and Other Queues

Are you searching for the right message queue but maybe you just haven't found the perfect fit yet? Well I just found an excellent resource - a GitHub page created by Łukasz Strzałkowski. If you don't find the queue you want over at queues.io, then you probably just need to build your own.