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Steven Lott05/29/13
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HamCalc -- Preserving the Legacy

The response to modernizing HamCalc was overwhelming. Apparently there are a fair number of people who also think that HamCalc is a treasure to be preserved, improved and added-to.

Mohamed Sanaulla05/28/13
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Parsing XML using DOM, SAX and StAX Parser in Java

In this post I parse the same XML in different parsers to perform the same operation of populating the XML content into objects and then adding the objects to a list.

Ross Mason05/28/13
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Data encryption with Mule Enterprise Security

In this post we are going to look at how to use the data encryption capabilities in Mule Studio. We’re going to be using Mule Enterprise. Consider the following flow

Steven Willmott05/28/13
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Welcome to Distributed

This year’s Gluecon as always was a mix ideas and memes (a great event as always!). Reflecting on the talks and conversations on the flight back, there seemed to be one to us which stood our more than any other, which was nicely captured by Michael Rose‘s Tweet...

Jagadeesh Motamarri05/28/13
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J2EE Design Patterns: Quick Introduction

Every author defined Design Patterns in slight variations but the essence is the same. The best in my opinion is by Christopher Alexander – “Each pattern is a three-part rule, which expresses a relation between a certain context, a problem, and a solution”

Ross Mason05/27/13
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Mule ESB with the Oracle Database and IBM WebSphere MQ – Use Case 1 of 3

I’ll start by creating a simple message flow to expose an HTTP REST service that retrieves a specific employee record from an Oracle HR database and returns it in JSON format.

Steven Willmott05/27/13
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Truecaller API: Searching 600M Phone #'s

Users of Truecaller can share their contacts and in return get access to the collaborative database of names and numbers. It is this unique data that Truecaller now has made available via their API. The API makes it possible to search among over 600 million phone numbers worldwide.

Ankur Sharma05/26/13
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Did My Plug-in Load?

One of the most frequent question I get asked is 'How to check if my plug-in is getting picked up properly?' The easiest way to verify is by using Host OSGi Console.

Manik Surtani05/26/13
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Interoperability between Embedded and Server Endpoints is here!

As mentioned by Mircea in the Infinispan 5.3.0.Beta2 release blog post, interoperability between embedded Infinispan and remote Infinispan modes, including Hot Rod, Memcached and REST is now here!

Brian Hitney05/25/13
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APIMASH and Intro to Game Dev Raleigh

I’m really excited to be hosting a few events in the Microsoft Raleigh office focused on Windows 8 development. The first on revolves around our APIMASH starter kits – a great way to get started building mashup style applications in Windows 8, with templates and examples in both C# and HTML/JS.

Manu Pk05/25/13
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GOF Design Patterns Notes on Trello!

Recently I was reviewing the Gang of Four Design Patterns and created a Trello board for them. Well, Here is how it looks! Hope it will be useful for others as well.

Christopher Taylor05/24/13
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Cloudy with a Chance of Integration: The Great iPaaS Gold Rush is On

The iPaaS rush is on and every cloud has a golden lining, but without clearly including a Cloud-based ESB in that strategy you might just be panning for iron pyrites.

Ross Mason05/24/13
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7 Things You Didn’t Know About DataMapper

Let’s say you need to map and transform a message payload from one structure and format to another. Of course, DataMapper is the perfect tool for that job. However, what if you also need to add to the payload as it is transformed and mapped?

Eric D. Schabell05/24/13
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More JBoss BRMS Demo Updates

This week the final GA of JBoss EAP 6.1.0 was released. Previously I had updated the Customer Evaluation Demo and the Rewards Demo to run on JBoss EAP 6.1.0.Beta, so this is a small step forward.

Steven Willmott05/24/13
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Panoptix APIs: Helping to Create Better Building Efficiency Applications

The Panoptix software is all about increasing options for delivering better building efficiency. The Panoptix platform is open and offers APIs so their partners can offer their efficiency applications that take advantage of Panoptix data.

Steven Willmott05/23/13
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API Economics: Create More Value than you Capture

When building an API, you want to create a lot of value for your users obviously, but you should also not try to capture all of that value. You should create more than enough.

Max Katz05/23/13
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Exposing Enterprise Services via REST APIs

With RESTXpress enterprises can easily expose databases and business applications securely via REST. Once exposed as REST services, they can easily be integrated into Appery.io apps.

Madhuka Udantha05/23/13
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XSLT Mediator Tutorial

When we have to deal with a dynamic request for an ESB proxy. (If the proxy request is dynamic (not static/not predefined) we will have to use the XSLT mediator to mediate the message).

J.d. Baker05/23/13
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UML Model Organization with Packages and the Package Diagram

It is no coincidence that the package element in UML is represented by a folder icon, similar to directories in a file system Graphical User Interface (GUI). Packages are used to organize the elements of a model just as folders are used to organize files.

Steven Lott05/22/13
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Legacy Code Preservation: Some Patterns

With modern languages and tools, legacy code conversion is quite simple. The impediments are simply managerial in nature. No one wants to have a carefully maintained piece of software declared a liability and discarded. Everyone wants to think of it as an asset that will be carefully preserved.

Pascal Alma05/22/13
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Creating Mock service in WSO2 ESB

I posted before about how to create a mock service when you have a JDK 1.6 or higher available. Of course there are a lot more options to mock web services (one I used often is the option supplied by SoapUI). This post shows a way to mock a web service by using a WSO2 Proxy Service.

Ben Wilcock05/22/13
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SOA Certified Architect: Module 1

I understand that certification is not for everyone, but in my case I felt that because SOA is surrounded by so many myths, legends and falsehoods, it probably makes sense for me to add a quality mark to my work for my clients.

Madhuka Udantha05/22/13
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XPath 2.0

I learned about Xpath 5 years ago, but I've really only seen enterprise usage in just the past few weeks. Therefore, I wanted to write about Xpath 2.0 and the enterprise experience.

Ross Mason05/21/13
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Change the Studio Category of your DevKit Component

Anyone that has used DevKit to write a Mule extension and then wanted to add it to Studio, may have notice that the extension will appear under the Cloud Connectors category in the palette. This is not a problem when the extension is actually a Cloud...

Simon Brown05/21/13
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Review of the SATURN 2013 Architecture Conference

I attended the SATURN 2013 conference in Minneapolis a couple of weeks ago, which is an annual practitioner conference about software architecture, organised by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) of Carnegie Mellon University.