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Simon Brown07/10/13
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Techtribes.je Architecture Review: Pt. 1

This is the first in a series of short posts that will look at the code behind the techtribes.je website, which I recently open sourced on GitHub. The posts will also show examples of some simple software architecture diagrams based upon the C4 approach. Check this article out to see what the C4 approach means.

Mitch Pronschinske07/09/13
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Charlie and the X-ray Factory: ZeroMQ at ESRF and CERN

The experiments at ESRF and CERN are entirely different but the two control systems follow a similar pattern. It's these two control systems that both ESRF and CERN are rewriting to take advantage of state-of-the-art technology in messaging, namely ZeroMQ.

Dejan Bosanac07/09/13
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MQTT Over WebSocket Transport Coming to ActiveMQ 5.9

For quite a while now ActiveMQ supported Stomp clients which are really easy to use from JavaScript. Now, as more mobile users are trying the same approach, the developers have added support for the very efficient binary MQTT protocol to ActiveMQ 5.9.0.

Mitch Pronschinske07/09/13
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SwitchYard Ep 1 : Getting Started

The first video in the SwitchYard Video Series provides background on the series itself and details on how to get started using the project.

Simon Brown07/09/13
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How do you Introduce Software Architecture?

If you're coding all of the time then that bigger picture stuff doesn't get done. On the flip-side, spending too much time on "architecture" means that you don't ever get any coding done, and we all know that pretty diagrams are no use to end-users!

Max Thayer07/08/13
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Hit the Flask and Get Some REST: Rewriting (some of) our API in Python

In this presentation, Joan Touzet explained the design decisions that led her to rewrite the supporting API layer to her company's back-end systems in Python using the Flask microframework to create a unified, RESTful API.

Simon Brown07/08/13
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Structure and Guidelines, Consistency and Clarity

One of my key points about software architecture is that it introduces structure and guidelines into a software system, which in turn leads to consistency and clarity of the overall design. Basically, I'm saying that there are some real benefits from thinking about your design upfront.

Ross Mason07/08/13
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The Real ROI of Marketing + Sales Alignment = Return on Integration

As more companies adopt SaaS sales and marketing applications, SaaS providers are under the gun to create and offer functionality that supports the business process and automation requirements of these individual and sometimes silo teams.

Steven Willmott07/08/13
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DomainsBot Launches Domain Suggestion API for Developers

Haven’t you ever wondered how GoDaddy, Tucows, eNom and 1&1 (just to name a few) are enabling you, me, us to find available or for sale domain names? The answer is DomainsBot, and they now have a Domain Suggestion API.

Mark O'neill07/07/13
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How to Validate a SAML Assertion and Then Insert the NameIdentifier Value into a HTTP Header

It is a common scenario that once you have validated a SAML Assertion at a Gateway layer, you then insert the name identifier from the SAML Assertion into a HTTP Header. Here is how you configure that...

Tharindu Mathew07/06/13
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Building Apache Axis2/C on Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.4

This build process for Apache Axis2 (the C version) should work on other versions of Mountain Lion as well. The easiest way (at least for me) was to install them through macports.

Simon Brown07/05/13
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Designing Enhancements

We're adding new functionality into some of the existing use cases. If you imagine that these use cases are implemented by the users working through a number of pages in a web application, we're basically modifying the final step across a number of them.

Ross Mason07/05/13
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Dataloader.io Data Loading Stats for Salesforce.com

For those of you that are loading data into Salesforce or other CRM systems such as SAP, Sugar CRM, Zoho, NetSuite and others, how do these stats compare? Get started with dataloader.io by visiting us on the AppExchange.

Prabath Siriwardena07/05/13
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WSO2 Identity Server SAML2 IdP with SimpleSAMLphp Service Provider

This blog post explains how to configure WSO2 Identity Server SAML2 IdP with SimpleSAMLphp Service Provider.

Florian Adler07/05/13
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Adding Spring-Security to Openxava

The purpose of this article is to see how to integrate Spring Security on top of an Openxava standalone application.

Scott Lewis07/04/13
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ECF Kepler/3.6.1 - Remote Services Takes Center Stage

As part of the Kepler simultaneous release, ECF has just released version 3.6.1. The complete new and noteworthy is here, but the highlights are described here.

Simon Brown07/04/13
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Aligning Software Architecture and Code

The basic premise of the session is that many software teams structure their code by layer. In other words, if you open up a codebase, you'll see a package for domain classes, one for UI stuff, one for "business services", one for data access, another for integration points and so on.

Mohamed Sanaulla07/03/13
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Strategy Pattern using Lambda Expressions in Java 8

In this post I would like to give an example or two on strategy pattern and then rewrite the same example using lambda expressions to be introduced in Java 8.

Sreejith Sreekumar07/03/13
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Connecting a Spring Web App to a Standalone HornetQ JMS

Problem at hand: Setting up a HornetQ as a standalone instance and running a JMS queue on it. Then getting a Spring webapplication connect to the queue to send and receive messages.

Steven Willmott07/03/13
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API Crafting Secrets: Into Flightstats APIs

Flightstats' API has key components in PostgresSQL, MongoDB, Java, Apache Tomcat, JAX-RS.

Kristina Chodorow07/02/13
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The Basics of Signal Handling

Signals are one of the most basic ways programs can receive messages from the outside world. I’ve found limited tutorial-type documentation on them, so this post covers how to set them up and some debugging techniques.

Andriy Redko07/02/13
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Easy Messaging with STOMP over WebSockets using ActiveMQ and HornetQ

With Websockets gaining more and more adoption, and wide support of the text-oriented protocols like STOMP (used to communicate with message broker or exchange) are going to make a difference.

Lukas Eder07/02/13
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LINQ and Java

LINQ has been quite a successful, but also controversial addition to the .NET ecosystem.

Attila-mihaly Balazs07/02/13
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Tips for running SonarQube on large / legacy codebases

SonarQube (previously Sonar) is a quality management platform aimed mainly at Java (although other programming languages are supported to a varying degree.

Jason Whaley07/01/13
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The Five Most Influential Books to Me as a Developer

I remain one of the few people in irc://chat.freenode.net/##java who will consistently recommend a Head First book. But there’s only a single book from that series that I’ll recommend - Head First Design Patterns.