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Claus Ibsen06/18/13
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Introducing the new Apache Camel based iPaaS

At the 2013 CamelOne conference, James Strachan introduced the new open source Apache Camel-based iPaaS at the ending keynote on the first day.

Ross Mason06/18/13
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From Zero to Integration in 15 Minutes with CloudHub

How fast can you deploy an enterprise-grade integration from scratch? We’re setting out to break preconceived notions of time to market with the 15-minute integration.

Singaram Subramanian06/18/13
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How to Configure Timeout Duration on the Client Side for Axis2 Web Services

Axis2 uses CommonsHTTPTransportSender by default, which is based on commons-httpclient-3.1. At transport level, there’re two types of timeouts that can be set:

Vijay Narayanan06/17/13
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Consistent API - A Reuse Success Factor

Have you noticed how some application interfaces are consistently named and exhibit consistent behavior across components and services? This can be a critical success factor for systematic reuse. Reusable components are not isolated islands of functionality.

Vijay Narayanan06/17/13
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Strategies for Varying Service Behavior

Services are meant to be building blocks for business processes and could provide functionality that is potentially relevant to multiple applications. In order to fully realize these benefits, it is critical that variations in service behavior are supported.

Vijay Narayanan06/17/13
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5 Reasons for Building Tactical Services

Tactical services introduce higher than necessary coupling between service providers and consumers and have brittle contracts that forcing service implementation changes on consumers.

Pushpalanka Jay...06/17/13
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Writing Axis2 Custom Deployers - hot deployment - WSO2 Carbon Products

Custom deployers is a concept introduced to Axis2 to increase it's flexibility and enhance the dynamic nature.

Eric Genesky06/16/13
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Mule ESB / Amazon SNS Integration

Here's an 8-minute demonstration of how Amazon SNS connects with Mule's Enterprise Service Bus.

Eric Genesky06/16/13
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Navigating the High Seas of Integration

Barry "The Integrator" Sponsler goes to Baltimore to help quell the high seas that crash upon your EDI or XML integrations into a mere puddle.

Ross Mason06/15/13
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7 Things You Didn't Know About Mule's DataMapper

Think you know DataMapper? Think again! Let me share seven little tricks and tools that will help develop faster with DataMapper.

Greg Duncan06/15/13
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Microsoft Business Intelligence - Surfing Restaurant Inspections with Microsoft Data Explorer

You know you want to play with this... Just admit it. Makes me want to install Office 2013 just so I can... :)

Eric Genesky06/14/13
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WSO2 ESB Cloning and Aggregating With Train Sample

In Europe there are some many places to visit and trains will be best way to move rather than flying if you wish to enjoy surroundings . . .

Eric Genesky06/14/13
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Useful Tags in WSO2 ESB

Manipulating SOAP headers, calling sequence, and sequence chaining are all covered.

Jim Bird06/14/13
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Automated Tests as Documentation

One of the arguments for writing automated tests is that tests can act as useful documentation for a system. But what do tests document? And who will find this documentation useful?

Mike Hadlow06/14/13
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NuGet Install Is Broken With F#

There’s a very nasty bug when you try and use NuGet to add a package reference to an F# project. It manifests itself when either the assembly that is being installed also has a version . . .

Timothy Bish06/13/13
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Apache.NMS.ActiveMQ v1.6.0 Released

After almost a year since the last release the Apache.NMS.ActiveMQ 1.6.0 Release bundle is now available. You'll find many features added that were previously only available in the Java client such as optimized acknowledge and priority backups for the Failover Transport.

Adam Warski06/13/13
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ElasticMQ 0.7.0: Long Polling, Non-Blocking Implementation Using Akka and Spray

ElasticMQ 0.7.0, a message queueing system with an actor-based Scala and Amazon SQS-compatible interfaces, was just released. Let's see how it works in practice.

Ross Mason06/13/13
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Don’t Let Your DataMapper Streaming be Out of Control

It’s not a trivial task to map a big file to some other data structure without eating up a lot of memory. If the input is large enough, you might run out of memory: either while mapping or while processing the data in your flow-ref

Vijay Narayanan06/13/13
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Leverage the Service Refactoring Pattern

The Service Refactoring pattern facilitates changes in service logic and/or underlying service implementation while preserving existing consumer contracts.

Wille Faler06/12/13
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Software is the Central Nervous System of Modern Business

Software is the Central Nervous System of modern business, this is something that Bill Gates asserted way back in 1999 in his book “Business @ the Speed of Thought”, and it is even more true in 2013 than it was in 1999.

Yaron Naveh06/12/13
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Important WCF Performance Issue + Workaround

I have written about Wcf performance issues before, but this one seems to be the biggest. Valery had published in the Wcf forum an interesting performance issue. In short, a WCF client tries to consume a non-WCF service where the contract looks something like this:

Vijay Narayanan06/12/13
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Track Service Reuse Metrics

Service driven systematic reuse takes conscious design decisions, governance, and disciplined execution – project after project. In order to sustain long running efforts such as service orientation, it is critical to track, report, and get buy-in from senior management in the organization. So what metrics are useful?

Singaram Subramanian06/12/13
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WSDLToJava Error: Rpc/Encoded WSDLs Are Not Supported with CXF

RPC/encoded is a vestige from before SOAP objects were defined with XML Schema. It’s not widely supported anymore. You will need to generate the stubs using Apache Axis 1.0, which is from the same era.

Ross Mason06/11/13
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Lightweight publish/subscribe with Mule and MQTT

In this blog we will look at an example where Mule is used to integrate conference booth QR Code scanners with an MQTT broker.

Mitch Pronschinske06/11/13
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AJUG's Introduction to Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka (kafka.apache.org) is a "distributed publish-subscribe messaging system" with some very interesting features for handling massive volumes of data without the traditional management and scale issues of JMS implementations. Written in Scala, it runs on the JVM and is easily integrated into Java apps.