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Benjamin Ball09/28/14
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The Best of the Week (Sept 19): Enterprise Integration

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Enterprise Integration Zone (Sept 19 to Sept 25). This week's topics include RESTful web services, Nashorn and Java 8 APIs, getting started with RabbitMQ and Spring, JSON problems, and a spotlight on Glassfish 4.1.

Bhakti Mehta09/27/14
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My New Book "RESTful Java Patterns and Best Practices"

RESTful Java Patterns and Best Practices is the second book which I have worked on and is recently published.

Ross Mason09/27/14
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Gradle Builds Reach Anypoint Studio

This is the fourth post on the Gradle series. At this time, I’m pleased to introduce two improvements we’ve made towards enabling our users to build apps with Gradle: we’ve created a new plugin for Anypoint Studio, and added support for Gradle 2.0.

Dan Haywood09/26/14
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Configuring Apache Isis Command Profiling and Auditing Module Add-ons

When v1.6 of Apache Isis was released a back we also announced the creation of a new“add-ons” website as a place to hold reusable module of code for any Apache Isis app.

Bilgin Ibryam09/26/14
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Apache Camel for Micro­service Architectures

There is nothing new in microservices. Many applications have already been designed and implemented as such for a long time. Microservices is just a new term that describes a style of software systems that have certain characteristics and follow certain principles.

John Jacob09/26/14
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Next Generation API Management

Current API management enables throttling an API call request based on user or system throttling rates. It is ignorant to the performance characteristics of the API provider system. The next generation of API management tools needs to do much more...

Dan Haywood09/25/14
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Configuring Apache Isis' Security Module Add-on

When v1.6 of Apache Isis was released a back we also announced the creation of a new“add-ons” website as a place to hold reusable module of code for any Apache Isis app.

Markus Eisele09/25/14
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Developer Interview: Jeff Genender about Apache, Karaf, Data and Integration

In my evening hours I had the chance to talk to Jeff Genender (@jgenender) which resulted in a new episode of my developer interviews.

Reza Rahman09/25/14
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Meet the Java EE 8 Experts at JavaOne

This year, we have also arranged a Meet the Experts area. It is a designated space in the JavaHub where most of the Specification Leads will be present at a dedicated time (see schedule below). Oracle's Java EE Evangelists and Heather VanCura from the JCP will also be present.

Robert Diana09/25/14
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Geek Reading September 23, 2014

These items are a combination of tech business news, development news and programming tools and techniques. This week's topics include Gradle dependencies, memory corruption, Redis developer takeaways, Akka actor messaging, microservices and jars, Nashorn API management, and more.

Matt Raible09/24/14
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Developing Services with Apache Camel - Part I: The Inspiration

When I first started migrating from IBM Message Broker to an open source solution, I was a bit overwhelmed with the seemingly daunting task. I quickly discovered that Apache Camel was a good replacement and started developing my first route.

Reza Rahman09/24/14
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Spotlight on GlassFish 4.1: #4 JAXP accessExternalSchema

GlassFish 4.1 supports recent JDK versions. Sometime, those newer JDKs might have some side effect as they bring new features too. This configuration obviously assumes that your external XML content is trusted or at least sanitised by an XML firewall. This is applicable to JAXP 1.5 (and above).

Ross Mason09/24/14
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Enabling Salesforce Integration for Financial Institutions

Financial services firms value Salesforce solutions for their ability to drive business transformation. These solutions provide customers, employees, and partners with robust anywhere, anytime functionality for sales, service, marketing and customer engagement.

Mohamed Sanaulla09/23/14
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Book Review: Murach’s Java Servlets And JSP 3rd Edition

Murach’s Java Servlets and JSP is the only book you need to learn Web App Development in Java using JSP and Servlets

S M Sohan09/23/14
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Monolith vs Microservices

Recently, we deployed a microservice for two-step verification feature on one of our projects. This was a strict business requirement, because having a separate server to store your 2nd-factor authorization provides additional security in case the servers hosting your primary factor are compromised.

Lukas Eder09/22/14
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How Nashorn Impacts API Evolution on a New Level

Following our previous article about how to use jOOQ with Java 8 and Nashorn, one of our users discovered a flaw in using the jOOQ API as discussed here on the user group. In essence, the flaw can be summarised like so.

Giorgio Sironi09/22/14
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Microservices are not Jars

I've been building microservices for two years and my main complaint is that they're still not micro- enough. Here's a rebuke of Uncle Bob's recent post Microservices and Jars, which he apparently has written after forming an opinion based on an article in Martin Fowler's bliki.

Eric D. Schabell09/22/14
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3 Essential Ways To Start Your JBoss BPM Process

This episode of tips and tricks will help you to understand the best way to initiate your process instances for your needs.

Hubert Klein Ikkink09/21/14
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Gradle Goodness: Adding Dependencies Only for Packaging to War

My colleague, Tom Wetjens, wrote a blog post Package-only dependencies in Maven. He showed a Maven solution when we want to include dependencies in the WAR file, which are not used in any other scopes. In this blog post we will see how we solve this in Gradle.

Benjamin Ball09/21/14
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The Best of the Week (Sept 12): Enterprise Integration

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Enterprise Integration Zone (Sept 12 to Sept 18). How to write a custom SAML SSO assigner signer, Java EE book uncensored, Java APIs, RESTful web services, and scaling RESTful microservice architecture.

Claus Ibsen09/20/14
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66th Apache Camel Release is Out - It's the 2.14 Release

Today Apache Camel 2.14.0 hit the streets. Its our 66th release (include all patch releases) since the project was created over 7 years ago. There is a bunch of great stuff in this release, so let me try to distill a list of 10 highlights (in no particular order).

Trevor Parsons09/19/14
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3 Common Problems Solved With JSON

This is just our first step on a much longer road exposing new functionality around Keys and JSON which we hope will make it easier and quicker for you to navigate and gain the insight you need from your log data.

Lucas Saldanha09/19/14
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REST: It's All About Semantics

In this post I would like to put my two cents in and talk about RESTful web services. First of all I don't intend to discuss the history of RESTful services. Neither this is a tutorial about implementing RESTful web services.

Anh Tuan Nguyen09/18/14
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Stateless Session for Multi-Tenant Application Using Spring Security

The solution works well for us but we do not have the confident that this is the best practices possible. However, it is simple and does not cost us much effort to implement (around 3 days include testing).

Reza Rahman09/18/14
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Java EE Configuration JSR Deferred

While the exact features that would be included in a configuration JSR for Java EE remains relatively vague, we were all looking forward to a possible JSR