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Vijay Narayanan06/26/13
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Systematic Reuse Success Factor #13 – Constantly Revisit Assumptions

It is natural to get comfortable, perhaps too comfortable, with the state of your codebase. After all, it works and is probably meeting tangible business needs.

Johnathan Mark Smith06/26/13
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How To Setup BASIC Authentication with Spring Web Services

The first part of this is to create a configuration class for the web app.

Janet Revell06/26/13
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10 Little Mule Studio Gems

These gems (not the Ruby kind) don’t get a lot of fanfare, nor do they often warrant much attention on their own, but put together, they make for a smoother, intuitive user experience. Nearly invisible, they have become nearly indispensable to me.

Chris Haddad06/26/13
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Crafting a SaaS API

A SaaS API must (by definition) serve multiple consumers – tenant organizations that desire programmatic access to SaaS provider business capabilities. Building a SaaS API goes beyond simply adding a tenant key to your API message parser.

Sandeep Patel06/25/13
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Integrating Chart JS Library With Java

We will draw a Radar Chart .The Student input data is JSON in nature.The Servlet returns the JSON data when called by Jquery Ajax method.The Student Java class object is converted to JSON representation using GSON Library.

Faheem Sohail06/25/13
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Implementing Memcached a Servlet Filter for Spring MVC-Based RESTful Services

I have a number of Spring MVC based RESTful services that return JSON. In 90% of the cases, the state of objects these services return will not change within a 24 hour period. This makes them (the JSON objects) perfect candidates for simple caching enabled by memcached.

Matt Raible06/25/13
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Video Comparing JVM Web Frameworks from Devoxx France

In March of this year, I traveled to Devoxx France and had a great time. One of the talks I delivered was Comparing JVM Web Frameworks, with a bit of a twist from prior versions.

Christopher Taylor06/25/13
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Integration is Everything in a Mobile, Social, Cloud and Big Data World

You hear about them by the names of social, cloud, big data and mobility, but what those terms all represent at their core is a problem with the integration of it all.

Bozhidar Bozhanov06/24/13
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You're Not an Expert in All Levels of Abstraction

Not being an expert in all these levels is fine. Be an expert in a couple. And be sure to know how the others below and above work in principle, so that you can become an expert when there’s a need for that.

Nial Darbey06/24/13
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SOA School: Architecting Watertight Security for the New Enterprise

I'm going to address the primary concerns that drive the need for security in a SOA, how the industry as a whole has addressed those concerns, the consequent emergence of popular technologies based on this Industrial best practice and finally, the implementation of these technologies in Mule.

Steven Willmott06/24/13
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API Crafting Secrets: Into Truecaller API

Re-use is the main principle for us. We already have a tested and working infrastructure built for all the Truecaller customers. So we are using that in order to serve API requests as well.

Singaram Subramanian06/24/13
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Resolving SOAPFaultException caused by com.ctc.wstx.exc. WstxUnexpectedCharException

The problem is that the wstx tokenizer/parser encountered unexpected (but not necessarily invalid per se) character.

Lorna Mitchell06/23/13
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Are Subqueries RESTful?

REST is all about representations of resources. They might come in different formats, and they might appear at their own URI as well as in one or more collections, but essentially you just get a representation of a thing. This is great, apart from when it isn't.

Christian Posta06/23/13
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Successful CamelOne 2013!

I believe the organizers of Camel One will be publishing all of the presentations at some point, but if you’re interested in the slides from my talk ActiveMQ Internals, check them out below..

James Roper06/22/13
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How to Write a REST API in Play Framework

A very common question that we get on the Play mailing list is how do you write a REST API using Play Framework?

Mark O'neill06/22/13
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API Server deployment at Blackhawk Network for Digital Card Services

Using an API server as a control point gives us the flexibility to allow our business teams to say how they want to use digital card services, charge for them and create interesting models.

Faheem Sohail06/21/13
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Adding Http Basic Auth to RESTful Services in Java and Spring

This tutorial teaches how to quickly setup authentication by keeping a set of usernames, passwords and roles in a spring configuration file and associating URL patterns with these for the framework to determine if a user is authorized or not.

Swizec Teller06/21/13
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Force Users to Add a Facebook Login with Devise & Omniauth

You’ve set up rails with devise and omniauth. Users are signing up with facebook or twitter or email&password or something completely different. Everything is going great. Now you want to force some users to add a facebook login to their account.

Steven Willmott06/21/13
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Primal API: 3 Steps to a Smart Personalized Web for Your Application

Recently, the idea of a portal is getting a reboot. But as much as the Web has advanced for human consumption, it remains a very inhospitable place for a large contingent of users, namely machines.

Jim O' Neil06/21/13
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APIMASH Starter Kits: Adding Sharing Capabilities

I’ve been putting the finishing touches on an app that I’m writing based off of the Bing Maps/TomTom Starter Kit I published a few weeks ago. In that app you can view the current image from any of 13,000 traffic cams across the US and Canada, but the Starter Kit itself displays just about any type of data.

Singaram Subramanian06/20/13
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Resolving CertPathValidatorException: Path does not chain with any of the trust anchors Error in Axis2

Axis2 uses commons-httpclient library (now, a part of Apache HttpComponents™ project) for making http/https connections. I’m doing a little tweak for it accept any server certificate like this...

Mitch Pronschinske06/20/13
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The Callback Hell

I've spent last month re-writing the code of nanomsg to use state machines internally, passing asynchronous events around instead of using random callbacks between the components. The change is complex, requires a lot of work and it is not visible to the end user, so the question is: Why do it at all?

Faheem Sohail06/20/13
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Getting Started with RabbitMQ in Java

While message brokers such as RabbitMQ can be used to model a variety of schemes such as one to one message delivery or publisher/subscriber, our application will be simple enough and have two basic components, a single producer, that will produce a message and a single consumer that will consume that message.

Blaise Doughan06/20/13
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MOXy's @XmlVariableNode - Using a Map's Key as the Node Name

People often ask me how they can map a java.util.Map such that the keys become the node names. In this post I will demonstrate how this can be done using the new Variable Node mapping that we have added in EclipseLink MOXy.

G. Andrew Duthie06/19/13
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APIMASH Webcast Recording: Exploring Social Networking APIs

If you missed last week's APIMASH Webcast on the Social Networking APIs, don't fret…below, you'll find the recording of the webcast featuring yours truly, and my peers Lindsay Lindstrom and Tara Walker.