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Chris Haddad06/10/13
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Swagger with WSO2 API Manager

APIs are often described in JSON, and XML Schema or XML-based client tooling doesn’t work. Swagger enables developers to describe the API message, produce API schema documentations, and simplify connecting clients to APIs.

Jim O' Neil06/10/13
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Build Your Own Bing Maps API Mash-Up: Architecture

In my last post, I mentioned the “starter-kit” applications my colleagues and I have built around the many open APIs available across the web. My contribution to this effort is a sample that leverages both the Bing Maps control and API and the TomTom Traffic Cams API to show the location of and display the images captured by over 13,000 traffic cameras in the US and Canada.

Pushpalanka Jay...06/10/13
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Try out XACML policies with WSO2 Identity Server

WSO2 Identity Server(IS) is rich with entitlement management based functionalities which are implemented adhering to the standards. It provides fine-grained policy based access control via XACML supporting both XACML 2.0 and XACML 3.0 specifications.

Timothy Bish06/09/13
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New ActiveMQ Book Published

Recently finished work on a new book for the beginning ActiveMQ user, "Instant Apache ActiveMQ Messaging Application Development How-to" published by Packt Publishing. The book is a fast paced walk through as the basic skills needed to work with Apache ActiveMQ. You can also win one...

Madhuka Udantha06/09/13
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WSO2 ESB Cache Mediator Tutorial

This tutorial is about Caching Responses Over Requests. It means when WSO2 ESB gets the same request then Cache Mediator will send out Caching Responses. In this example I am using my last service that I created from WSO2 DSS.

Madhuka Udantha06/08/13
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Managing Endpoints and WSDL from WSO2 Register

Here I am going to use code from my previous post about the WSO2 proxy in which it was written without getting End Points and wsdl from URL.

Yaron Naveh06/08/13
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WCF with 256 bit SSL

Recently I had to call a Java web service from Wcf. The service was secured with a 256-bit ssl certificate. Every request I made was rejected with a 401 Unauthorized response.

Singaram Subramanian06/08/13
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Apache CXF: Implementing Failover and Load Balancing

“Feature that allows clients to failover from the initial target endpoint to another, compatible endpoint for the target service”.

Faheem Sohail06/07/13
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Asynchronous logging using Log4j, ActiveMQ and Spring

My team and I are creating a services platform based on a set of RESTful JSON services where each service contributes to the platform by providing distinct feature(s) and/or data. With logs being generated all over the place, we thought it was a good idea to centralize logging...

Simon Brown06/07/13
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Features vs Behavior

I've recently had a bug I raised with a third party software supplier downgraded from high to low importance. No one likes having their bugs downgraded (it probably shows you what a nerd I am by taking this personally) but what surprised me was the reason.

Timothy Bish06/07/13
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Win ApacheMQ "Instant" eBook

Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results. Learn how to use the JMS API. Explore advanced messaging features in ActiveMQ. And useful information on common pitfalls new developers often encounter

Singaram Subramanian06/07/13
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Multiple WSDLs for Generating JAX-WS artifacts w/ CXF’s Maven Plugin

Each element corresponds to a WSDL for which we need to generate artifacts. Check out my XML snippet below...

Steven Willmott06/06/13
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API Business Models

Guillaume Balas, our CMO, talked about API Business Models, about how to define your API business strategy based on your core business assets, and about how to enable new business models for your company by exposing and API. Here are some of the highlights of his talk...

Mitch Pronschinske06/06/13
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DDD and SOA Pitfalls

Developers building a Service Oriented Architecture commonly run into pitfalls such as using too many web services or using the wrong ESB. These are just some of the tips from this short video.

David Shepherd06/06/13
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Testing for the API Economy

Creating integrations is hard, but testing them is even harder. Here are the hard-won best practices that we’ve developed which you can apply to your integrations.

Isaac Taylor06/06/13
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Quick Design Pattern Review - Abstract Factory

There are a few drawbacks with this design. If you find yourself having to add new types (via new methods) to the Abstract Factory class, you will have to add this same method to all concrete Factory classes as well.

Mitch Pronschinske06/05/13
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UML: Once More with Meaning

This talk will review the state of this work and the implications for software and system engineering practice of bringing real meaning to UML.

Tim Spann06/05/13
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Using Square Retrofit REST Client with POJO

Here is another helpful resource when using Retrofit, JSON to POJO. The library is really simple to use especially if you create your POJO class with the JSONGen.

Mitch Pronschinske06/05/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (June 5)

See why you should write ugly code and how you can build your own Google TV with Raspberry Pi. Plus the new plan to curb frivolous software patent lawsuits.

Mark O'neill06/05/13
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How to Setup Load Balancing on the Axway/Vordel API Server

Setting up load-balancing on the Vordel/Axway API Server is as simple as creating a "Remote Host" entry, then whenever you route to that host in a configuration, the load-balancing will apply.

Eric D. Schabell06/04/13
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JBoss BPM Sneak Preview - BPMN2 Process Designer in the Cloud

There is an upcoming released at Red Hat of the new JBoss BPM product, something expected to hit the market later this year, but we have something kinda fun for you setup to preview some of the components to be offered.

Jaikiran Pai06/04/13
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WildFly 8.0.0.Alpha1 Release and a Bit of History

It's been around 2 weeks now since we released WildFly 8.0.0.Alpha1 version. The download is available on the WildFly downloads page. I'm sure many of you might be wondering what WildFly is and some of you who are aware of what it is, might not be aware that there has been a release.

Geraint Jones06/04/13
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Exposing and Managing Links with Spring HATEOAS

As a follow up to the previous Spring HATEOAS post, this post will cover how to use the @ExposesResourceFor annotation as an alternative to using the resource's Controller to obtain links.

Nicolas Frankel06/04/13
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Modularity in Spring Configuration

In legacy Spring applications I have to develop new features in, I regularly stumble upon a big hindrance that slows down my integration-testing effort. This hindrance, and I’ll go as far as naming it an anti-pattern, is to put every bean in the same configuration file (either in XML or in Java).

Ross Mason06/03/13
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Open for Big Data: When Mule Meets the Elephant

Picture an architecture where production data gets painstakingly replicated to a very expensive secondary database, where, eventually, yesterday’s information gets analyzed. What’s the name for this “pattern”?