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Jens Schauder03/27/13
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Dependency Antipatterns – The Bypass

This is the second part in my little series about dependency anti-patterns. As long as the affected nodes are collapsed the Bypass looks just like any circular dependency.

Mitch Pronschinske03/27/13
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Intro to Amazon SQS

Get a quick over view and hands-on practice using Amazon SQS to create a message queue that quickly and reliably sends messages from decoupled components in a distributed application.

Mitch Pronschinske03/27/13
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Amazon SQS Cloud Connector

The Amazon SQS cloud connector provides an easy way to interface with the Amazon SQS API from within the CloudHub™ environment. This cloud connector allows users to manage SQS queueing services without having to deal directly with the Amazon SQS API.

Pascal Alma03/27/13
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One Way Messaging with WSO2 ESB

As I posted before I am currently working with the WSO2 ESB. To get a good understanding of this ESB I have been walking through the samples (haven’t finished all of them yet ;-) ). Example 12 is about one-way messaging with the ESB and makes use the TCP Monitor to make it visible.

Mariano Gonzalez03/27/13
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MS Office is so last year, Connect to Google Apps (2/3)

Of course Google Apps have APIS and of course we have the connectors to make it easy to connect Google Apps and your applications together. Lets get the connectors and then take a look at what you can do.

Matt Lacey03/26/13
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10 Tips for Designing Your Mobile APIs

It's common for a mobile application to need to communicate with a web/cloud based service. At its simplest this will be just to retrieve data but it could also include sending data and user authorization and management.

Mitch Pronschinske03/26/13
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Software Lifecycle Integration (SLI)

Today Tasktop is a kicking off an effort to bootstrap the SLI discipline, with a series of whitepapers discussing the technical architecture, common data model, and technical tools. We are proposing the Eclipse Mylyn m4 open source project as a home for collaborating on a de facto implementation of SLI.

Mariano Gonzalez03/26/13
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Introducing the Google Cloud Connectors Suite (Part 1/3)

“How can you connect the cloud if you leave out Google”. I know I don’t have his net worth, but I have a point nevertheless. Reality is that Google has done a great job building a Gazillion of different and very cool APIs and you’d be right to feel that it’s hard to keep their pace.

Jakub Holý03/26/13
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Escaping the Zabbix UI Pain: How to Create a Combined Graph for Hosts Using the Zabbix API

The problem we want to solve is to create a graph that plots the same item for a number of hosts that all are from the same Host group but not all hosts in the group should be included.

Paul Hammant03/25/13
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A Singleton Escape Plan

If you've finally decided you want to remove Singletons in your enterprise software, without doing a rewrite or dropping your ability to continually go live as normal, then this is your guide.

Ross Mason03/25/13
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Sports Fans Cheer for the Newly Opened ESPN API - Sports Data Galore!

Recently ESPN opened up their treasure trove of data to the developer community by releasing an API. Definitely worth playing with if you're a sports fan.

Bilgin Ibryam03/25/13
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Connect Apache OFBiz with the Real World

The Apache Open For Business Project is an open source, enterprise automation software. The goal of my project is, instead of reinventing the wheel and trying to integrate OFBiz with each system separately, I want to integrate it with Camel and let Camel do what it does best

Todd Merritt03/25/13
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Software Architecture Versus Traditional Architecture

When my father built his current house a few years ago, he had the pleasure of having to deal with the entire process of building a new custom house based on a simple list of requirements. Once he and my mother defined their list of requirements they started to look at floor plans.

Mitch Pronschinske03/24/13
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Scalable Architectures: Taming the Twitter Firehose

Handling lots of real-time streams of information, when Twitter alone is producing 250+ million tweets a day and 27 million links to news and media, can be a daunting task.

Achala Chathura...03/24/13
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Proxy Services with WSO2 ESB - ( From Registry )

The following sample which demonstrates a nested iterator in the WSO2 ESB. From the second iterate mediator, messages retrieved from the first iterator are again iterated into smaller messages.

Mitch Pronschinske03/23/13
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Writing RESTful Web Services Using Node.js

Learn the challenges, pitfalls, shortcuts, tips and tricks for building RESTful web services using Node.js. this tutorial will deal with authentication, declarative ways to describe your data structures, and validation.

Madhuka Udantha03/23/13
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Running a Jaggery Javascript App Inside Proxy

In this post I'm going to illustrate how to run a jaggery (javascript) App inside a proxy. Jaggery is a framework to write webapps and HTTP-focused web services for all aspects of the application: front-end, communication, Server-side logic and persistence in pure Javascript.

Paul Wells03/22/13
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5 Ways Objects Can Communicate With Each Other Heading Towards Decoupling

Decoupling can be achieved and yield flexibility, but this does not mean it is appropriate for every call from one object to another. The best thing to do is start with straight method calls, but keep cohesion in mind.

Jose Asuncion03/22/13
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For the Nth Time, the Factory Method: A Simpler Introduction

I don’t know what it is, but it took me a long time to finally wrap my head around the Factory Method. My number one source of information wikipedia featured a very simple example that didn’t seem to drive home the point. Here it is for reference.

Chris Haddad03/22/13
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API and SOA Convergence

As the technology discussion pivots to focus on APIs, teams are wondering how API and SOA converge. Are services simply being re-branded? Are APIs only good for mobile or external use cases? If we publish APIs, do we need SOA? Many architects believe that APIs do not apply to their projects or business use cases.

Mitch Pronschinske03/22/13
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Objective and Subjective Conjoining of Software Components

The presentation, called "SOAP: Service-Oriented Architecture and Programming", Don Box waxes poetic on the objective and subjective conjoining of software components and services.

Bilgin Ibryam03/21/13
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How to keep your content repository and Solr in synch using Camel

With recent contributions to Camel, now camel-jcr component has a consumer which allows monitoring a Java Content Repository for changes. If your jcr supports OPTION_OBSERVATION_SUPPORTED then the consumer will register an EventListener and get notified for all kind of events.

Jose Asuncion03/21/13
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5 Improvements To Be Considered If You’re Writing Your Next Custom Web Service Client

Of course the first thing most people would tell you is to look for existing solutions. But even then, there are those times when you need to write your own. Here are just of my reflections on it.

Dan Diephouse03/21/13
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Introducing Dataloader.io – Simple, Free, No Download Data Loader for Salesforce

One of the first integration problems that companies encounter when using a new application is data loading. Whether it’s a migrating data from an old product to a new one, managing and cleaning data, warehousing data, or replicating it from one place to another, it’s a painful task.

Vijay Narayanan03/21/13
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Role of Systematic Reuse in Enterprise Integration

Are your teams taking advantage of integration points? Or is each integration point implementing identical or similar functionality in an inconsistent fashion?