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Mitch Pronschinske04/05/13
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Erlang: Noob to Production in 2 Months

James learned Erlang because he wanted to make some minor customizations to ejabberd. Before he knew it, he was putting thousands of lines of his own code in to production. In this talk, James will discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of writing and running his first Erlang service.

Raymond Camden04/05/13
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ColdFusion and OAuth Part 2 - LinkedIn

Earlier this week I discussed how to integrate ColdFusion and Facebook using OAuth2. I mentioned that this was part of a set of examples I had done involving Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google. In today's entry, I'm going to discuss the LinkedIn API.

Mariano Gonzalez04/05/13
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Upload your Salesforce.com Attachments to Box w/ Mule Studio

SOAP, JMS, Restful, SFTP… Sometimes your integration just comes to the point in which you need to be able to download a file from your browser. The number of file storage services on the cloud just keeps climbing. One that is particularly gaining a lot of momentum and putting a lot of effort on cloud to cloud integration is Box.

Dan Haywood04/05/13
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Go Play with the DHTMLX Viewer for Apache Isis

Mylaensys (Madytyoo and chums) have just blogged about their viewer for Apache Isis based on the DHTMLX Javascript widget library. The post provides a bunch of tech details along points to a simple example you can play with running on Google App Engine.

Mitch Pronschinske04/04/13
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Building an Asynchronous Communication Layer w/ XMPP, Ruby, Javascript

Get an introduction to Strophe.js, XMPP4R, and ejabberd, which are the XMPP components that we use to integrate our device automation framework and living room devices under test.

Bozhidar Bozhanov04/04/13
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Augmenting 3rd-Party Libraries

For every project I’ve participated in, there has been a need for augmenting some third-party library. There are a few of reasons for this.

Mariano Gonzalez04/04/13
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Mule and JAXB: turning an XSD file into an XML Fiesta!

Has the following ever happened to you? You show up to work one morning and your boss tells you, “I need you to take this data and turn it into XML.” Well, this has happened to me, and in this blog post I’m going to show you how to do this quickly.

Mitch Pronschinske04/04/13
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ZeroMQ & Services at Chartboost

A coder presents some useful info about how his company uses ZeroMQ, the technology underlying their service-oriented architecture transition.

Hippoom Zhou04/03/13
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How to use Mock/Stub in Spring Integration Tests

Generally, you pick up a subset of components in some integration tests to check if they are glued as expected. To achieve this, they are usually really invoked, but sometimes . . .

Todd Merritt04/03/13
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What is the Value of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System?

ERPs are a collection business application that coordinates the resources, information, and activities required for core business processes.

Jens Schauder04/03/13
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Java Application Architecture

As a responsible developer or an architect you must take care of modules and their dependencies.

Christopher Taylor04/03/13
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The Technology Conversation We’re Not Having

This isn’t a long article for a very good reason…it isn’t a complicated topic. Integration of systems that include humans and electrons is the real challenge. The rest can be overcome with relatively smaller investment and at lower risk. What holds people back?

Raymond Camden04/02/13
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ColdFusion and OAuth Part 1 - Facebook

Last week, for some reason, I had multiple requests for an example of ColdFusion and OAuth integration. I ended up creating quick demos for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google. Today: Facebook.

Jamie Craane04/02/13
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How to: Web Service Mock with SoapUI

A lot of organizations use web services (WSDL) for system integration. Instead of waiting for those services to be developed, the application which consumes the web service can develop a mock implementation of the service to test against.

Lukas Eder04/02/13
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How to Design a Good, Regular API

People have strong opinions on how to design a good API. Consequently, there are lots of pages and books in the web, explaining how to do it. This article will focus on a particular aspect of good APIs: Regularity.

Christian Posta04/02/13
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ActiveMQ Message Priorities: How it Works

There’s usually a steady drip of questions on the mailing list surrounding ActiveMQ’s message-priority support as well as good questions about observed behaviors and “what’s really supported”? I hope to help you understand what happens under the covers and what levels of priority can be supported.

Mitch Pronschinske04/02/13
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Introducing fedmsg (Fedora Messaging) Middleware

Can we use a WSGI middleware layer to connect all of Fedora Infrastructure's webapps back to the fedmsg bus for notifications? Check out this demo and see.

Paul Wells04/01/13
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8 Ways UML is Holding Back Java Code Structure Visualization

Here are some reasons UML diagrams make a poor job of Java code visualization along with some suggestions as to how code visualization could made to better serve the Java programming community.

Mitch Pronschinske04/01/13
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ZeroMQ: Supercharged Sockets

Rick is a developer at GitHub, a self-diagnosed REST nerd, bleeding edge DB enthusiast, with an active OSS profile. Here he will show you how to get the most out of the lightweight ZeroMQ message broker.

Mariano Gonzalez04/01/13
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Using PGP Security: explained from the top

As you probably know, Mule provides pretty good support for PGPencryption (check the related links for further info on Mule’s PGP support). What we’re going to do in this blog post is provide a step-by-step, real life use case for PGP encryption.

Todd Merritt04/01/13
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Basic Application Architecture Breakdown of a Very Simple System

Over the past 10 years I have been developing software as a one man IT department, software engineering team member, and/or acting as an independent software consultant. This mixed past has allowed me the opportunity to participate in various levels of the architectural process.

Achala Chathura...03/31/13
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How to Invoke a Web Service with Jaggery

Here's a snippet for invoking Jaggery, a framework to write webapps and HTTP-focused web services for all aspects of the application: front-end, communication, Server-side logic and persistence in pure Javascript.

Mitch Pronschinske03/31/13
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Zuora REST Store for E-Commerce

This is a demonstration of the REST store for e-commerce by MuleSoft. The solution consist of sample code for a storefront, 5 composite services and a REST wrapper for Zuora's SOAP API. The pre-built composite services consist of the following:

Mitch Pronschinske03/30/13
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Cloudbursing with Amazon EC2 and SQS

Learn how this can actually work with Amazon EC2 and SQS. The implementation is based on Ruby on Rails and Resque/Redis, but the concepts are broadly applicable.

Achala Chathura...03/30/13
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How to Validate WSDLs with Eclipse

A simple trick that will save a lot of time and detect errors. Add the necessary resources which you need to validate first.