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Sreejith Sreekumar07/02/13
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Connecting a Spring Web App to a Standalone HornetQ JMS

Problem at hand: Setting up a HornetQ as a standalone instance and running a JMS queue on it. Then getting a Spring webapplication connect to the queue to send and receive messages.

Steven Willmott07/02/13
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API Crafting Secrets: Into Flightstats APIs

Flightstats' API has key components in PostgresSQL, MongoDB, Java, Apache Tomcat, JAX-RS.

Kristina Chodorow07/02/13
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The Basics of Signal Handling

Signals are one of the most basic ways programs can receive messages from the outside world. I’ve found limited tutorial-type documentation on them, so this post covers how to set them up and some debugging techniques.

Andriy Redko07/02/13
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Easy Messaging with STOMP over WebSockets using ActiveMQ and HornetQ

With Websockets gaining more and more adoption, and wide support of the text-oriented protocols like STOMP (used to communicate with message broker or exchange) are going to make a difference.

Lukas Eder07/02/13
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LINQ and Java

LINQ has been quite a successful, but also controversial addition to the .NET ecosystem.

Attila-mihaly Balazs07/02/13
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Tips for running SonarQube on large / legacy codebases

SonarQube (previously Sonar) is a quality management platform aimed mainly at Java (although other programming languages are supported to a varying degree.

Jason Whaley07/01/13
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The Five Most Influential Books to Me as a Developer

I remain one of the few people in irc://chat.freenode.net/##java who will consistently recommend a Head First book. But there’s only a single book from that series that I’ll recommend - Head First Design Patterns.

Vijay Narayanan06/30/13
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Tools and Software Infrastructure for Systematic Reuse

A lot of readers have asked me to provide details on what tools and software infrastructure is needed to enable systematic reuse. That is a very good question and it is a critical enabler for building on early wins with reuse. At a minimum you need to setup the following as your asset base grows...

Simon Brown06/30/13
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Architectural Constructs

If software architecture is about the structure of a software system, it's worth understanding what the major building blocks are and how they fit together at differing levels of abstraction.

Steven Willmott06/30/13
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The Value of APIs for Valuable Data

It was interesting to see the discussion on today’s API panel at the IIS 2012 Summit. The panelists covered a range of areas of value but there was also some confusion as to what impacts openness and distribution would have.

Simon Brown06/29/13
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Software Architecture Introduces Control

For me, software architecture is about reducing the number of assumptions that are typically made on software projects, thereby reducing the number of ugly surprises that bite you further down the line.

Steven Willmott06/29/13
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The API Economy – Tapping into Identity and the Inside-Out Enterprise

Many of today’s identity management solutions focus on the internal systems of the enterprise – which employees, divisions and systems are permitted to access which systems. This is an extremely challenging problem.

Ross Mason06/28/13
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PGP Encryption and SalesForce Integration using Anypoint

Using MuleSoft’s AnyPoint Enterprise Security, we are able to easily utilize encryption and decryption modules using industry standard approaches such as PGP to ensure that messages are protected as it gets transmitted across systems.

Steven Willmott06/28/13
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API Management Solution: “As a Service” vs. “Perpetual” Licensing Model

Just as for any other critical connectivity or integration brick, you will want to control and monitor your API to ensure QoS and SLAs. And as for any new business line you would launch, you will want to and need to define, implement and operate a business model.

Arun Gupta06/28/13
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Java EE 7's JSF 2.2, Interceptors 1.2, and JPA 2.1 Intro Videos

We are releasing the next set of Technical Breakout sessions on GlassFishVideos YouTube channel as well. In this series, we are releasing JSF 2.2, Interceptors 1.2, and JPA 2.1.

Florian Adler06/27/13
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Productivity by Example: Liferay with JOOQ

This article shows how to use jOOQ for the Liferay data model. Minuteproject generates jOOQ artifacts for Liferay.

Pavithra Gunasekara06/27/13
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Setting up Apache Axis2 on Windows

Ready to get started with Apache Axis2? Check out these simple instructions so you can get set up on a Windows machine.

Mark O'neill06/27/13
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How to Enable the OAuth Samples on the Axway API Server

Here's a quick tip: If you download the Axway API Server and want to take a look at the OAuth samples, you can enable them simply by clicking on "Enable Interface" in Policy Studio, as shown below, then hitting "Deploy" (on the toolbar, in the top right).

Mark O'neill06/27/13
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Enterprise APIs and the "Iceberg Slide"

The ubiquity of the "iceberg slide" shows that the API industry is agreed there are more Enterprise APIs than Open APIs. But, how *how much more*? To answer that question, we recently ran a survey...

Steven Willmott06/26/13
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Software is Eating the World, APIs are Eating Software

As with everyone else in the industry, it’s natural that we’re often absorbed in the day to day if drilling down to individual technical challenges or choices. Sometimes however, it’s interesting to take a step back and when we do we’re continually surprised at how broad and deep the impact of APIs is likely to be.

David Isbitski06/26/13
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World of Warcraft API Starter Kit for Windows Phone

In case you missed the previous post my reasons for choosing Blizzard’s World of WarCraft APIs was to create an understandable sample app to display Realm Status (these are the game servers for World of Warcraft).

Mitch Pronschinske06/26/13
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Dataloader.io is Ridiculously Popular on Salesforce [Infographic]

Dataloader.io, MuleSoft’s data loading app for Salesforce, has now topped 1 billion records processed in under 9 months. There's also an interesting infographic below that was just released.

Vijay Narayanan06/25/13
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Systematic Reuse Success Factor #13 – Constantly Revisit Assumptions

It is natural to get comfortable, perhaps too comfortable, with the state of your codebase. After all, it works and is probably meeting tangible business needs.

Johnathan Mark Smith06/25/13
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How To Setup BASIC Authentication with Spring Web Services

The first part of this is to create a configuration class for the web app.

Janet Revell06/25/13
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10 Little Mule Studio Gems

These gems (not the Ruby kind) don’t get a lot of fanfare, nor do they often warrant much attention on their own, but put together, they make for a smoother, intuitive user experience. Nearly invisible, they have become nearly indispensable to me.