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Francois Zaninotto03/06/13
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Visual Patterns in Source Code Arrangement

Source code arrangement is a matter of debate. What would you consider a good practice for the number of lines of code per file, the number of files per directory, the total number of files in a project? To help answer these questions, one must see the big picture: how does a project code look from a bird's eye view?

Tomas Blohm03/06/13
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Mule and Quartz – Scheduled Jobs and Long Running Tasks

Recently I had a situation where I needed to get confirmations from an external system (webservice) at frequent intervals and add them to a database. Of course, Quartz came to mind.

Pascal Alma03/06/13
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Using Saddle When Riding The Mule ESB

Saddle is an extension of the Mule enterprise service bus (ESB). It allows the graphical configuration, administration and monitoring of the mule system. Furthermore, it eases the message handling and extends the connectivity of the Mule ESB.

Dan Diephouse03/05/13
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Exploring the CloudHub Service for Application Data Storage

This CloudHub platform service arrived in the CloudHub R20 release, harnessing Mule’s Object Store capabilities. Each CloudHub integration application is given it’s own storage, with zero configuration required. This makes it a extremely easy to implement two very important integration scenarios...

Rob Golding03/05/13
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Announcing Celery-S3

Celery has good support for a variety of different message brokers – RabbitMQ, Redis, SQS, etc. – but support for result storage is somewhat more limited. Celery-S3 lets you store Celery results in an S3 bucket, which means you can run a fully-functioning Celery installation on AWS with nothing but a Python install.

Kin Lane03/05/13
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Evernote, OAuth and Zapier

I really like seeing OAuth in action. It makes me really evaluate how my network of cloud services can work together. OAuth and reciprocity services like Zapier help me integrate, automate and make my world go around in a secure way I can depend on.

Todd Merritt03/05/13
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Software Architecture Verses Software Design

Recently, I was asked what the differences between software architecture and software design are. At a very superficial level both architecture and design seem to mean relatively the same thing. However, if we examine both of these terms further we will find that they are in fact very different due to the level of details they encompass.

Steven Willmott03/04/13
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Surveying 1000 APIs – Think APIs are for Startups Only? Think Again!

A common perception of APIs is that the majority of APIs are run by web technology startups. However, in the sample, only 17% of the companies providing APIs were web technology startups by our definition of less than 3 years old with a primarily digital / web based product).

Jason Sherman03/04/13
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SerivceMix: Configuring Sift Appender with a Rolling Log File

I have come across several issues where people were having trouble configuring the Sift file appender in ServiceMix to enable per bundle logging. Specifically, issues arose when trying to configure a rolling log file appender for sift.

Pascal Alma03/04/13
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Use Mule to Sync WordPress Sites

I recently thought about to create a process with which I could keep two instances of WordPress in sync. I wanted to see if I could do this with Mule. I came up with the following solution:

Col Wilson03/04/13
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Apache Camel - Connection Beans Without Spring

While writing some tests for an Apache Camel project, I just spent rather longer than I'd have liked trying to work out how to configure a connection bean for Mongo without using Spring. Since I hide my embarrassments in public I thought I'd best share with anyone else with brain freeze.

Mitch Pronschinske03/03/13
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Nagios And Mod Gearman In A Large Scale Environment

See how Nagios and Gearman, an (a)synchronous job queue that can help your website scale, work together in simple and large scale architectures.

Achala Chathura...03/03/13
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Route Traffic Using WSO2 ESB - Route to a JSP

You can route traffic to a JSP using axis2.xml in WSO2 ESB. Here's the configuration in the main sequence.

Achala Chathura...03/02/13
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Access the WSDL for a customURI - WSO2 ESB

I've shown how to customize the URL of a proxy service, now lets try to access the WSDL.

Madhuka Udantha03/02/13
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Browse LDAP in WSO2 Identity Server (IS)

Here I am using WSO2-IS-4.0.0 and withApache Directory Studio to browse it. Check out this easy, six-step process with screenshots to guide you.

Lorna Mitchell03/01/13
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PHP and Gearman: Unable to Connect after Upgrade

I upgraded PHP and related pecl modules on my development machine today, and ran into a problem with Gearman. Actually I ran into more than one! Firstly the challenge of getting the newest pecl version working with a gearman version.

Chris Travers03/01/13
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The LedgerSMB Service Locator for UDF's: How it Works

We use currently a stored procedure API divided into an upper and lower half, The upper half generates an API call for the lower half, which can be called independently when finer control is needed.

Nadav Azaria03/01/13
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The Wizard Design Pattern

We all love wizards.... (Software wizards I mean). We are always happy to jump on those ''Next" buttons like we were dancing the funky chicken on our… well you get the point.

Dan Haywood03/01/13
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Marrying DHTMLX with Apache Isis

Mylaensys have just publicised on their blog the fact that they are working on an integration between DHTMLX and Apache Isis.

Geraint Jones02/28/13
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Spring, JMS, Listener Adapters and Containers

In order to receive JMS messages, Spring provides the concept of message listener containers. These are beans that can be tied to receive messages that arrive at certain destinations. This post will examine the different ways in which containers can be configured.

Nial Darbey02/28/13
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A Full Introduction to Mule Enterprise

You may be familiar with the free Mule ESB community edition, but I’d like to take a minute to introduce you to MuleSoft and our Enterprise version of Mule, I think its important to understand everything that mule can offer developers. Why do companies rely so heavily on Mule?

Steven Willmott02/28/13
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Top 10 API Blog Posts Last Year

APIs came more and more to the forefront of tech-thinking in 2012 and there was some great thinking about API trends and the Web more generally.

Robert Annett02/28/13
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More on Legacy Systems

A comment on my previous blog post said that they refer to 'legacy' systems as 'mature' as this has more positive connotations. I think it also accurately reflects legacy as being a stage of a lifecycle rather than any particular indication of quality.

Markus Eisele02/27/13
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Test driving Java API for Processing JSON with GlassFish 4.0

Writing and contributing to a specification is one thing. Working with it and looking into real examples is a pre-condition if you want to give valuable feedback. I thought it might be a good time to give the Java API for Processing JSON (JSON-P) a test drive.

Reza Shafii02/27/13
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How to Protect Your APIs with OAuth

It turns out that over the last couple of years, as the prominence of remote APIs, specially REST based ones, has increased the need for protected methods to access your API.