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Mark Needham04/18/13
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Regular Expressions: Non Greedy Matching

I find that when I’m playing around with regular expressions it really makes sense to have a bunch of test cases that I can run after each change to make sure I haven’t inadvertently broken everything.

Pascal Alma04/18/13
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Implementing WireTap EIP in WSO2 ESB Proxy Service

One of the EIP patterns is the WireTap. In this pattern you can extract a copy of the message from the flow without interfering the process. The way to do this in the WSO2 ESB is by simply using the Clone mediator in the proxy service.

Ross Mason04/18/13
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Metanga: The Tech Behind Their Billing SaaS

By having our connector set up in a CloudHub integration app, we can have multiple integrations running simultaneously off of the same SaaS instance. For example, we have five different financial systems integrations (NetSuite, Intacct, MS Dynamics, QuickBooks Online and Desktop).

Mitch Pronschinske04/18/13
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Another Look at Application Integration with SwitchYard

If you haven't seen some of the previous introductions to SwitchYard, now's your chance to hear about Red Hat's replacement for JBoss ESB.There's something for everyone in this talk. Especially for Java EE developers.

Mainak Goswami04/17/13
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Understanding Transport Layer Security / Secure Socket Layer

There are subtle differences between TLS and SSL. TLS is the successor to the SSL but TLS 1.2 cannot be interchangeable with SSL 3.0. TLS uses Hashing for Message Authentication Code (HMAC) algorithm over the SSL Message Authentication Code (MAC) algorithm.

Steven Willmott04/17/13
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OneMusicAPI to Rule Them All. Music Metadata Collection Simplified

What API(s) does Elsten Software offer today? A music metadata and cover art lookup API. It’s ‘release based’, meaning only information about releases (albums, singles, compilations) and actual discs (CDs) can be looked up.

Dinuka Arseculeratne04/17/13
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Let's Write a Document Style Web Service

Today we will see how to write a Document/Literal wrapper kind of a web service. The agenda of this post is as follows; Write a simple web service based on Document/Literal wrapped, see how to host the simple web service on a tomcat web container, make a simple test client to test our service.

René Pickhardt04/17/13
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Teaching Web Science (Web Architecture and Web Ethics)

Overall we can say that the concept of the course worked really well. Especially putting such a high focus on the Web Architecture and actually letting students implement protocols helped to gain a deeper understanding.

John Sonmez04/16/13
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So You Think You Can Polymorph?

In the true spirit of this blog I am going to take the complex idea of polymorphism and make it as simple as possible. Now you may already think you understand polymorphism—and perhaps you do—but I’ve found that most software developers don’t actually understand exactly what polymorphism is.

Mitch Pronschinske04/16/13
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Apache Kafka + Apache Zookeeper: A Truly Distributed & Scalable System

In this lightningtalk I will talk about how Kafka is different from other publish-subscribe messaging systems, how it achieves such good performance and how it uses Apache Zookeeper to be a truly distributed- and scalable system.

Mitch Pronschinske04/16/13
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Send and Receive JMS w/ FME

You can add spatial capabilities to your enterprise application by plugging FME Server into it. In this demo you'll see how FME Server can send and receive Java Messaging Service (JMS) messages. We'll use the notification service to send information into an Apache ActiveMQ JMS.

Ross Mason04/16/13
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Mule Has Landed on GitHub

We are happy to announce that we moved the Mule project to GitHub. Since 2009 we have been using GitHub to host all our new projects, and Mule was the last standing project we had on SVN. We wanted to do it right, without losing any history, commits, etc, and it took us a while.

Mitch Pronschinske04/15/13
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Apache Kafka Bypasses The Scaling Issues of JMS

This introduction to Apache Kafka presents a few use cases for using it as an integration point between different systems including standalone Java applications and a Hadoop cluster.

Łukasz Budnik04/15/13
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ActiveMQ and .NET combined!

Today I will show you how to use ActiveMQ in .NET-based solutions. Using VS 2010's Extension Manger I installed NuGet Package Manager. After installation and VS 2010 restart, I created a project called ActiveMQNMS.

Mitch Pronschinske04/15/13
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What is User-Driven API Design?

One of the first lessons from Sendicate, an email marketing app vendor, is not to let to let the UI influence your API.

Todd Merritt04/15/13
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Who Benefits From the Use of Design Patterns?

Who benefits from the use of design patterns is like asking who benefits from clean air or a good education. All of the stakeholders of a project benefit from the use of design patterns.

Ross Mason04/14/13
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SaaS Integration Interview Series: Mario DeSousa, MetraTech

From the UI to the API, Mario is a key evaluator for technology and architecture decisions related to Metanga, MetraTech’s SaaS billing engine.

Chris Haddad04/14/13
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Application Services Governance Requires More Than an SOA Registry

All SOA infrastructure products should participate in managing, storing, deciding, or enforcing policy. More than a SOA Governance registry is required.

Todd Merritt04/13/13
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What are the challenges of implementing an ERP system?

When a company decides to rollout an ERP system as part of its core business processes they must consider and provide solutions for the following general challenges.

Chris Haddad04/13/13
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Application Services Governance Components

Application Services Governance is a necessary step towards building a responsive IT organization and achieving business agility.

Reza Rahman04/12/13
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An Overview of JAX-RS 2

JAX-RS 2 is one of the most significant parts of the upcoming Java EE 7 release.

Tim Spann04/12/13
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The UML Linksheet

Check out this extensive list of about 50 categorized UML links. Great resources for the UML beginner or someone looking for new info.

Daniel Doubrovkine04/12/13
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Grape vs. Poncho

There’re a number of excellent micro-frameworks to author RESTful APIs in Ruby. Let’s take a look at the newcomer, Poncho, from the Stripe team, brought up on the Grape mailing list. For those that don’t know me, I’m the maintainer of Grape and use it very heavily at Artsy. I’ll do my best not to be biased.

Steven Willmott04/12/13
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API Crafting Secrets: Into API2Cart

Part 2 of the interview with API2Cart, a universal key for e-commerce. For example, if you deliver re­pricing services you can integrate with platforms you work with via API2Cart, retrieve product prices, and process it with your software.

Chris Haddad04/12/13
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Policy Management for APIs, Services, and Apps

This article goes through all the steps for the best-practice end-to-end service governance model.