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Achala Chathura...03/15/13
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Route messages based on HTTP Headers with WSO2 ESB

The following code can be used to route messages based on HTTP Headers in the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus.

Nitin Kumar03/15/13
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Enterprise Benefits on Service Oriented Architecture - SOA

Service-oriented architecture i.e. SOA enables many benefits such as increased business agility, business aligning with IT, salable , highly availability , parallel programming. We will be discussing these benefits in brief.

Pascal Alma03/14/13
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Combining Mule with a BPEL Engine

In this post I will show you how you can start a BPEL process in Apache ODE with Mule. As you will see, it is merely a combination of posts I made earlier, but I think it is nice to have the complete thing in one post.

Nial Darbey03/14/13
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Extending Mule with DevKit – the LDAPConnector

We’ll show you the main ingredients needed in the development of a new Connector by walking you through the code of our LDAP Connector. This will allow you to connect to any LDAP server and perform every LDAP operation.

Jagadeesh Motamarri03/14/13
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Spring Integration Feed Adapter: How to receive RSS feeds using Spring?

Spring Integration provides a feed adapter for Web Syndication to subscribe to an RSS or an ATOM feed. The following Maven dependency is required for the feed adapter.

Steven Willmott03/14/13
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The Value of APIs for Valuable Data

As the interfaces to data change increasingly quickly on the web and mobile applications, having an API strategy in place provides a stable platform for new products both from within the company and from outside.

Jagadeesh Motamarri03/13/13
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Spring Integration with Twitter: How to Receive Tweets From Your Twitter Account

In my previous post on Spring Integration with Twitter, we have seen “How to post tweets to your Twitter Account using Spring Integration“. In this post, I will show you how to receive the tweets from your Twitter Account.

Mitch Pronschinske03/13/13
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Data Models and Consumer Idioms Using Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is a powerful publish subscribe messaging service that delivers high-volume messages across ad hoc topics to subscribers with message durability for offline consumers.

Mitch Pronschinske03/13/13
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ZeroMQ Example w/ PHP

Check out this short example using the lightweight ZeroMQ message broker for PHP by Gonzalo Ayuso, a DZone MVB.

Pieter De Rycke03/13/13
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Google OAuth 2.0 on Windows Phone

In this article, I will explain how we can implement support for Google OAuth in a Windows Phone application.

Andriy Redko03/12/13
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Expressive JAX-RS Integration Testing With Specs2 and Client API 2.0

No doubts, JAX-RS is an outstanding piece of technology. And upcoming specification JAX-RS 2.0 brings even more great features, especially concerning client API.

Eric D. Schabell03/12/13
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JBoss A-MQ Getting Started

This introduction has been setup to get you started as quickly as possible with the newest member of the JBoss Integration portfolio, JBoss A-MQ, which will be available very soon. This is the fruit of the efforts from FuseSource developers and JBoss developers that recently joined forces after the FuseSource acquisition.

Pascal Alma03/12/13
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Getting Started with WSO2 ESB by Running the Samples

This shows that the sample is running correctly and all expected actions take place. Next step will be going through all other examples to get a better understanding of the possibilities of the WSO2 ESB.

Mitch Pronschinske03/12/13
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Going Async - Practical Patterns for Push-Enabled Applications

One of the most mind-bending shifts that is occurring is in transitioning from a world of purely request-response, to the world of client-server full duplex communication that is enabled by the latest smart client platforms.

Madhuka Udantha03/12/13
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What is SOA (service-oriented architecture)?

SOA (service-oriented architecture) is a style of software architecture that can be used in designing and developing software as form of interoperable services. There are 3 things that are coming in to my mind as I head into describing SOA.

Marco Fränkel03/11/13
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Developing a SOA-Based Integration Layer Framework

In order to keep this blog from reaching the size of one of the books of the ‘Lords of the Rings’ trilogy, I’ll keep it limited to the five below, which together form a pretty good picture of what we had to deal with.

Nial Darbey03/11/13
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Deploying your Mule Application to CloudHub using Apache Ant

I’d like to show you how we have extended his work so that you can also deploy to CloudHub. Why would you want to do that from Ant? Why Continuous Integration of course! Wouldn’t it be nice for it go from development to CI to CloudHub automatically just as you do in-house? Of course it would!

Steven Willmott03/11/13
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The 10-Minute API: Getting an API Up and Running in 10 Minutes with 3scale, Grape and Heroku

APIs can be complex and challenging to operate – but it doesn’t have to be hard to get started. To prove it and also inaugurate our video tutorial series we figured we show how to get a very simple API up, running and hosted easily and in less time than it takes to cook a hot dinner.

Mitch Pronschinske03/11/13
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Enterprise Application Integration Patterns for Java EE Cloud Applications

In today's heterogeneous system/application environments, enterprise developers and architects are often faced with complex integration challenges that often result in Moloch-like code.

Francois Lascelles03/10/13
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Compromised Twitter OAuth Keys

So twitter’s oauth keys have leaked. What does that mean? Don’t panic. The consequences of a client application’s key being compromised is as serious as user credentials being compromised.

Mitch Pronschinske03/10/13
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Be My API - How to Implement an API Strategy Everyone will Love

Building great APIs is about more than just design; it requires detailed, thoughtful execution. Your API strategy needs to meet the business requirements of your organization but it must also be flexible enough to meet your developer community's diverse needs.

Jagadeesh Motamarri03/09/13
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Spring Integration with Twitter: How to Post Tweets to Your Twitter Account?

This article provides code snippets and guidelines to post “tweets” to your Twitter account using a Spring Integration module.

Madhuka Udantha03/09/13
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WSO2 CEP with ActiveMQ JMS Broker

This post explains how use WSO2 CEP and ActiveMQ JMS Broker to publish and subscribe events.

Jagadeesh Motamarri03/08/13
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Compare RESTful vs SOAP Web Services

There are currently two schools of thought in developing Web Services – one being the standards-based traditional approach [ SOAP ] and the other, simpler school of thought [ REST ]. A simple comparison grid is below.

Jason Sherman03/08/13
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Android: MQTT with ActiveMQ

This demo is just the basics of using the ActiveMQ MQTT client and it provides the starting point to building something such as a mobile chat application.