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Madhuka Udantha05/17/13
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WSO2 ESB Payload Mediator Tutorial

This simple tutorial will lead you to write proxy with WSO2 ESB Payload Mediator. Here is the client sending request payload for proxy...

Robert Diana05/16/13
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The Big List of 256 Programming Languages

I am not recommending a specific language over others at this time, but providing a long list of languages based on GitHub and TIOBE.

Tim Murphy05/16/13
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Learn A New Programming Language Every Year?

As I thought about it I realized that it isn’t important for it to be a language that you learn, it is just important that you learn something new. Experiment with a new platform, study data theory, join the enemy’s camp and understand their point of view.

Paul Hammant05/16/13
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The Sorry State of the Anti-Software Patents Movment

Paul Hammant takes a broad look at the anti-software patent organizations, old and new, and where we are right now in the process of affecting real change in US software patent laws.

Todd Merritt05/16/13
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What is ODBC?

According to Microsoft, ODBC is a specification for a database API. This API is database and operating system agnostic due to the fact that the primary goal of the ODBC API is to be language-independent.

Chase Seibert05/15/13
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Introducing Advocoders

Good companies realize they need to involve their engineering team to help recruit. That could mean hosting drink ups, sending the team to conferences and old fashioned professional networking. But what about your engineering blog?

Mohamed Sanaulla05/15/13
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Train Wreck Pattern – A much improved implementation in Java 8

Venkat Subramaniam at a talk today mentioned about Cascade Method pattern or Train Wreck pattern which looks something like:someObject.method1().method2().method3().finalResult()

Greg Duncan05/15/13
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More on Mission Control (Coding4Fun Style) "A Flexible API for Remote Device Control"

In a race to optimize everything, developers often go to extremes to build software that performs routine tasks. MissionControl is a system that allows users to program a control center that stores interfaces with attached hardware sensors, allowing the users to control any other devices that can be activated via the underlying protocol.

Madhuka Udantha05/15/13
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WSO2 ESB Filter Mediator Tutorial

This post will be for WSO2 ESB Filter Mediator and it will be cover simple usecase with basic Filter Mediator functions. It can be used for XPath filtering of messages.

Comsysto Gmbh05/14/13
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Integrating Google Calendar into a Wicket Application

I recently integrated Google Calendar into a Wicket application I use at home. As some requirements are atypical I want to describe them before going into too much detail...

Sander Mak05/14/13
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Launching Scalabitz

This week marks the launch of my lingering weekend-project: scalabitz.com. It tries to surface interesting Scala content through the API of link-shortener Bit.ly. The site was built using Scala and Play (and a bit of Akka) with a MongoDB storage layer and can be found on GitHub.

Mitch Pronschinske05/14/13
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Things Made Easy: One Click CMS Integration with Solr & Drupal

If you have a new web project or and existing Drupal site, the combination of Drupal and Apache Solr is both powerful and easy to set up thanks to the existing integration code. The module allows for substantial customization with the administrative UI.

Todd Merritt05/14/13
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Advantages of Client/Server Architecture over Mainframe Architecture

Originally mainframe architectures relied on a centralized host server that processed data and returned it to be displayed on a dummy terminal. These dummy terminals did not have my processing power and could only display data that was sent from the mainframe.

Mitch Pronschinske05/13/13
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A Completely Thread-Safe ZeroMQ Socket Interface for Scala

scala-zeromq facilitates communication using the ZeroMQ messaging library. ZeroMQ is a message-oriented socket communication library that support several high-level messaging patterns, including request-reply, publish-subscribe and push-pull. This is good since the current Akka extension for ZMQ has issues.

Mitch Pronschinske05/13/13
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OpenStack Integration Case Study on a Hybrid Cloud

How do you design and deploy a hybrid cloud application service using Openstack, VMware Vcenter and HP Public Cloud Service? How do you automatically scale your multi-tier application to respond to peak demand?

Mitch Pronschinske05/13/13
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Building an Enterprise CRM with Grails and Spring Integration

This session will present a case study focusing on the development of a robust, horizontally scalable, enterprise CRM system at Dealer.com built primarily upon a Spring technology stack.

Steven Willmott05/13/13
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Looking at the CabForce API

There’s a lot of hype around door-to-door travel search. To be fully capable of providing user awesome travel search results, not just from airport to airport, these companies will need to plug in content from different sources including flights, trains, ferries and ground transportation.

Achala Chathura...05/12/13
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Respond to the Client After Sending the SOAP Request to the JMS Queue

Have a look at my configuration that will respond to the client after a SOAP request is sent to a JMS queue.

Mark O'neill05/12/13
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How to Read in a SAML Assertion from a REST STS and Insert it Into a HTTP Header

It is a common scenario that an API Server must call out to a Security Token Service (STS) "off to the side" in order to get a SAML assertion issued for a user. This SAML Assertion then then usually inserted into the request, often as a HTTP header. Let's see how this is done with the Axway/Vordel API Server...

Mark O'neill05/11/13
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How to Change the Listening Port for the Axway/Vordel API Server

A common question about the Axway/Vordel API Server is "How do you change its listening port?". The key to answering this question is to understand what are the "Services" groups under Policy Studio for the API Server:

Achala Chathura...05/11/13
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How to Write a Custom Mediator in WSO2 ESB

I will use WSO2 Developer Studio to write the custom mediator in this tutorial. You'll see a snippet of my sample proxy service below.

Geraint Jones05/10/13
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Spring MVC and the HATEOAS constraint

HATEOAS is a REST architecture principle where hypermedia is used to change application state.

Steven Lott05/10/13
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Legacy Code Preservation: Why Preserve An Abomination?

Having worked with COBOL and Fortran legacy programs, it's easy to describe this legacy VB code as an abomination. Several customers. Several applications. Not a simple size of one. Abomination.

Phillip Haydon05/10/13
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NancyFX - Revisiting Content Negotiation & APIs (Part 2)

Going back to my previous post I said we should be able to use the same API to build our website as we expose. But what about when we want to have additional information on the website that isn’t pushed out to the client.

Achala Chathura...05/10/13
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Manipulating SOAP Headers with WSO2 ESB

Prerequisites: Start the Synapse configuration numbered 6: wso2esb-samples -sn 6. Then start the Axis2 server and deploy the SimpleStockQuoteService if not already done