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David Flynn08/05/14
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Optional: Java 8’s Way to Deal with Null

Null is the default value for an uninitialised class member field or static object, we reassign back to null to free memory. It’s also used for sentinel values such as indicating no data. The problem is when we try to access a null value we get an exception.

Biju Kunjummen08/05/14
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Deploying a Spring Boot Application to Cloud Foundry with Spring-Cloud

I have a small Spring boot based application that uses a Postgres database as a datastore. I wanted to document the steps involved in deploying this sample application to Cloud Foundry.

Ross Mason08/05/14
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Analytics – The New Currency of the API Economy

It’s a game of consumption. Keeping APIs relevant, performing well, and still preventing negative impact of change allows for true transcendent implementation. Services come and go all of the time. Technology is constantly evolving, and this creates a strain on the API economy for those who are not agile.

Mike Cottmeyer08/05/14
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Business Capabilities and Microservices

I don’t often use this forum to link out to other websites and authors, but I read a post last night by Martin Fowler and James Lewis that really gets to the heart of this issue around encapsulation, decoupling, and value streams I’ve been talking about lately.

Eric D. Schabell08/05/14
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Introducing the JBoss BPM Suite installer

This week we want to introduce you to the rather unknown installer component that is delivered with the JBoss BRMS and JBoss BPM Suite products.

Nicolas Frankel08/04/14
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Session Fixation and How to Fix It

These last few weeks, I’ve been tasked to fix a number of security holes in our software. Since I’m not a security expert, I’ve been extremely interested in this, and have learned quite a few things. Among them is the Session Fixation attack.

Simon Brown08/04/14
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Distributed Big Balls of Mud

For some people microservices is "the next big thing", whereas for others it's simply a lightweight evolution of the big SOAP service-oriented architectures that we saw 10 years ago "done right". I do like a lot of what the current microservice architectures are doing, but it's by no means a silver bullet.

Justin Saliba08/04/14
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Mule ClassNotFoundException When Running Tests

Running tests with Mule sometimes throws a ClassNotFoundException when it tries to lookup org.apache.commons.cli.ParseException.

Steven Willmott08/04/14
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The Five Axioms of the API Economy: Micro Effects of APIs – API Drivers for Individual Organizations

There are strong business and technology trends that are driving universal adoption of the API Economy and the trend of 83% of organizations being engaged in creating an API program is no accident. The benefits of an API program are proving to be valuable and measurable.

Lukas Eder08/03/14
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Using Oracle AQ in Java Won’t Get Any Easier Than This

jOOQ 3.5 will include an awesome new feature for those of you using the Oracle database: Native support for Oracle AQ!

Madhuka Udantha08/03/14
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Fundamental Building Blocks of Event Processing

Agent technology handles extreme scalability issues. Agents are characterized by being autonomous, having interactions, and being adaptive. CEP engines can be autonomous and interactive to the extent that they simply respond to multiple (complex and continuous) events.

Abhishek Gupta08/02/14
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Java EE: Asynchronous Constructs and Capabilities

Java EE has a number of APIs and constructs to support Asynchronous execution. This is vital from a scalability and performance stand point.

Rahul Rajat Singh08/01/14
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A Beginner’s Tutorial on Dependency Inversion, Inversion Control and Dependency Injection

In this article we have discussed about Dependency inversion principle(Which is the D part of SOLID object oriented principle). We have also discussed how inversion of control is used to implement dependency inversion and finally we have seen how dependency injection help in creating decoupled classes.

Ross Mason08/01/14
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Bringing Modern Connectivity to Microsoft Environments

Using our new .NET Connector and MSMQ Connector, developers no longer have to to be siloed by coding language or development framework. With MuleSoft’s solutions for Microsoft, developers can customize Mule application logic using any .NET language and familiar .NET development tools.

Christian Posta07/31/14
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HawtIO on JBoss EAP (Part II)

Unfortunately, HawtIO isn’t "officially" supported in EAP as of today, but that will be fixed in next releases. It’s not a limitation of the technology.

Ajitesh Kumar07/31/14
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AngularJS – Single Page App with RESTful APIs & Spring MVC

After having found the recipe for creating single page app that could consume RESTful APIs, I am not sure if I would be using any other way to create single page app other than the way described in this article. Please feel free to share your ideas/suggestions/thoughts.

Ross Mason07/31/14
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Don’t Just Throw APIs at the Problem!

One thing I’ve witnessed over the last few months as I’ve worked with dozens of customers is that, despite the fact that companies already have hundreds and thousands of APIs (anything that is an “interface” is an API in my mind), companies are still adding more.

Reza Rahman07/31/14
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David Blevins' Java EE Sessions at JavaOne 2014

For the Java EE track at JavaOne 2014 we are highlighting some key sessions and speakers to better inform you of what you can expect, right up until the start of the conference.

Adrian Matei07/30/14
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SMTPSendFailedException "Invalid HELO name" - Spring Batch with Spring Boot

You might find yourself facing the following error when trying to send an email in Java.

Pascal Alma07/30/14
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Mule ESB, ActiveMQ and the DLQ

In this post I show a simple Mule ESB flow to see the DLQ feature of Active MQ in action.

Mo Sayed07/30/14
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Spring Integration - Building a Sample Application

Spring Integration enables a collection of applications to integrate to deliver a business enterprise system. The framework is essentially a lightweight messaging system that enables spring based applications to communicate with one another and supports integration with external systems via declarative adaptors.

Andy Overton07/30/14
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Glassfish 4 - Performance Tuning, Monitoring and Troubleshooting

In this blog I look at 3 areas: performance tuning, for setting up a system for production. Monitoring, where I will look at some of the tools we use for monitoring a system. 3. Troubleshooting, where I will look at some of the tools you can use to help diagnose and detect performance issues.

Christian Posta07/29/14
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HawtIO on JBoss Wildfly 8.1 — Step by Step

HawtIO gives awesome eye candy to your JVM based middleware. It’s a unifying console for applications that would otherwise have to build out their own crappy web console

Mrabti Idriss07/29/14
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JSR 303 Loading Messages from an I18N Property File

This article will illustrate how to adapt the JSR 303 validation API to load messages from an I18n property file, and this by conserving all benefits of internationalisation and support for multiple languages.

Dustin Marx07/29/14
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Book Review: WildFly Performance Tuning

Packt Publishing recently published Arnold Johansson's and Anders Welén's WildFly Performance Tuning with the subtitle, "Develop high-performing server applications using the widely successful WildFly platform."