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Reza Rahman10/16/14
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Calling All JMS Enthusiasts: Join JMS 2.1!

As you might be aware, the initial wave of Java EE 8 JSRs are now launched, including the platform JSR itself, CDI 2, JSON-B, JMS 2.1, Servlet 4, JAX-RS 2.1, MVC and JSF 2.3.

Armel Nene10/16/14
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Web Services Architecture – When to Use SOAP vs REST

Software architects will design the application from various perspectives and also decides, based on various reasons, which approach to take to expose new API to third party applications. As a software architect, it is good practice to involve your development team lead.

Sayem Ahmed10/15/14
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JPA Tutorial: Mapping Entities – Part 3

When field access mode is used, JPA directly reads the state values from the fields of an entity using reflection.

Troy Hunt10/15/14
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Raygun.io and Ignoring Specific Web API Exception Types

In the spirit of “here’s something I couldn’t find an easy answer for so I’m writing it myself”, let me very briefly run you through how to have Raygun.io ignore specific exception types raised by Web API.

Markus Eisele10/15/14
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Virtual JBUG at JavaOne - Infinispan, Java EE 7, Hibernate, CDI, Ceylon and Arquillian

Just a short week ago the vJBUG was live-streaming the Red Hat mini-booth sessions from JavaOne and we made all of them available for your to watch if you haven't been able to catch up

Michael Scharhag10/15/14
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Injecting Domain Objects Instead of Infrastructure Components

Dependency Injection is a widely used software design pattern in Java (and many other programming languages) that is used to achieve Inversion of Control.

Mike Bushong10/15/14
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Dependency Management and Organic IT Integrations

If the future of IT is about integrated infrastructure, where will this integration take place? Most people will naturally tend to integrate systems and tools that occupy adjacent spaces in common workflows.

Veeresham Kardas10/15/14
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JSR 199 - Compiler API

JSR 199 provides the compiler API to compile the Java code inside another Java program. The following are the important classes and interfaces provided for facilitating the compilation from a Java program.

Biju Kunjummen10/14/14
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Spring @Configuration - RabbitMQ Connectivity

I have been playing around with converting an application that I have to use Spring @Configuration mechanism to configure connectivity to RabbitMQ - originally I had the configuration described using an xml bean definition file.

Biju Kunjummen10/14/14
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Spring @Configuration and Injecting Bean Dependencies as Method Parameters

One of the ways Spring recommends injecting inter-dependencies between beans is shown in the following sample copied from the Spring's reference guide.

Sami Ekblad10/14/14
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Getting started with Vaadin in Liferay portal

Vaadin has became a popular choice of web applications in many platform and Liferay portal is no exception. There are several business applications built with it and this year's Marketplace app contest Vaadin-based applications took a double-win.

Max Katz10/14/14
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Using Cloud Tools to Build Enterprise Mobile Apps With APIs Fast

Two weeks ago I attended and presented at the awesome API Strategy and Practice conference in Chicago. Many sessions were recorded so you can watch them when you have time. My session: Using cloud tools to build enterprise mobile apps with APIs fast was part of the Enterprise track.

Vinod Kumaar Ra...10/13/14
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Using Log4J2 with SLF4J in a Spring 4 MVC

In one of the spring web applications we decided to use Log4J2 with SLF4J; when we deployed the web app in tomcat server along with the required jars we stumbled on the issue multiple binding for SLF4J and spring dependencies not getting satisfied.

Jayanga Dissanayake10/13/14
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Address Book (Jaggery Application)

This is a very simple application written in Jaggery. It is basically a address book which supports adding new record to the book and deleting records from the book. This application is purposely restricted to those functionalities to keep the code simple to make it easier for the newbies.

Prabath Siriwardena10/13/14
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OAuth 2.0 Chain Grant Type Profile

Once the audience restriction is enforced on OAuth tokens, they can only be used against the intended audience. You can access an API with an access token that has an audience restriction corresponding to that API.

Miroslav Kopecky10/12/14
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Scala 4 Spring MVC without Web.XML: WebConfig Class Configuration with Localization

In my previous article I was writing about Scala 4 Spring MVC without Web.XML and how to handle static resources accessed by AngularJS front-end client. In this article I will show how to connect the application with Apache Tiles 3.0.

Benjamin Ball10/12/14
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The Best of the Week (Oct 3): Enterprise Integration

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Enterprise Integration Zone (Oct 3 to Oct 9). This week's topics include microservices and PaaS, hypermedia and state machines, the future of microservices architecture, APIs in Big Data, and the Hacker News API.

Markus Eisele10/10/14
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Come and Learn About OpenShift, JBoss Fuse, Fabric8 and HawtIO

Attend Red Hat's hands-on workshop and experience Red Hat JBoss Fuse and OpenShift. Learn how middleware and cloud solutions bridge theory with reality. Come and learn about OpenShift, JBoss Fuse, Fabric8 and HawtIO, and how to implement a successful DevOps strategy.

Kuntal Ganguly10/10/14
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Developing Identity Management System with Shibboleth (Part 2)

This tutorial, the second of the three-part series, explains how to develop a single sign on based identity management system with Shibboleth IDP and SP. This will also show how you can traverse the resources of multiple applications with single login mechanism.

Benjamin Ball10/10/14
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Find Out How Developers are Integrating!

As with previous DZone research guides, we currently have an audience survey making the rounds for our 2014 Guide to Enterprise Integration. DZone has been focusing on enterprise architecture with our content for many years now, and we want to hear your feedback on various integration topics.

Miroslav Kopecky10/10/14
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Design Patterns with Scala: GoF Creational Pattern - Factory Operation (GoF: Factory)

As the word is coming more and more to its nature, distributed ones, the ability to implement most common design patter is more then expected and needed. Design patterns are trying to fulfill such motivation and enable understanding of the application behavior design.

Kuntal Ganguly10/09/14
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Overview of Identity Management System (Part 1)

This is the first part of the series giveng an overview of what is an Identity and Access manager and what are its features. Any application or tools claiming to be a identity provider has to fullfil these bases functionalities.

Matt Raible10/09/14
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Developing Services with Apache Camel - Part III: Integrating Spring 4 and Spring Boot

This article is the third in a series on Apache Camel and how I used it to replace IBM Message Broker for a client.

Nati Shalom10/09/14
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The Seven Most Popular APIs in Big Data – Part 2

One of the main reasons behind this is that each API represents a specific optimization that requires a fairly different data structure. Common to all of the various techniques however is that they were written under the assumption that disk is a bottleneck

Benjamin Ball10/09/14
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There's Finally an Official Hacker News API

They've released the API as part of a longer plan to modernize the markup and frontend of Hacker News to create a more reliable source of real-time data for readers that scrape the site for content and information. They plan to convert to a new Arc-powered engine in the next three weeks.