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Claus Ibsen06/05/14
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Apache Camel, Groovy and hawtio at gr8conf

In my talk I also demonstrated hawtio which is a great web console, and a project that is fun to work on. So to prepare for gr8conf I developed a plugin example for hatwtio that is a Groovy Shell, so you can execute groovy scripts from the web console.

Ross Mason06/05/14
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Intro to Data Integration Patterns – Aggregation

In this post I want to close the loop on introducing you to the last of the five initial patterns that we are basing our Anypoint Templates on. I am sure are we continue creating templates we are going to continue discovering new data integration patterns.

Alec Noller06/04/14
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Dev of the Week: Jakub Holý

Every week here and in our newsletter, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Jakub Holý, solution engineer at Iterate AS in Oslo, Norway.

Steven Willmott06/04/14
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Copyright and APIs, Reflecting on Oracle vs Google

The Court Judgement in favor of Oracle in the Oracle v’s Google Java Lawsuit has caused a lot of debate online (CNET, Wired, Vox, GigaOm). Part of the coverage focused on the potential implications for Google. However, the deeper point is that there are collateral effects way beyond a single company.

Eric D. Schabell06/04/14
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Building The JBoss BRMS Cool Store Demo (Lab 10 - Running the Cool Store)

The second half of the workshop will be taking you through the same type of exercise, but with the JBoss BPM Suite, where you will put together an application that leverages a process, integrates rules, leverages human tasks, allows you to design your own forms, and much more.

Christian Posta06/04/14
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DevOps with Apache Tomcat/TomEE and Fabric8

DevOps is all about automating your build and release environment, reducing human error/tasks, and building up a pipeline to support continuous delivery so you can get quick feedback about your IT solutions.

Peter Zaitsev06/03/14
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Exploring Message Brokers: RabbitMQ, Kafka, ActiveMQ, and Kestrel

Message brokers are not regularly covered here but are, nonetheless, important web-related technologies. Some time ago, I was asked by one of our customer to review a selection of OSS message brokers and propose a couple of good candidates. The requirements were fairly simple.

Biju Kunjummen06/03/14
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Spring Integration Java DSL sample

A new Java based DSL has now been introduced for Spring Integration which makes it possible to define the Spring Integration message flows using pure java based configuration instead of using the Spring XML based configuration.

Ross Mason06/03/14
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Intro to Data Integration Patterns – Broadcast

In summary, broadcast is another critical integration pattern and is defined as the act of moving data from one to one or more systems in as near real-time fashion as you want. It is valuable when you have data in one system and would like to have that data in other systems as soon as possible.

Benjamin Ball06/03/14
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The Best of the Week (May 23): Enterprise Integration

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Enterprise Zone (May 23 to May 29). This week's topics include an introduction to Fabric 8, a quick tip about SSL with SOAP, organizational core competency through APIs, implementing correlation IDs in Spring Boot, and JAX-RS.

Prabath Ariyarathna06/03/14
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Sample REST Web Service Application

This is a quick tip article demonstrating how to set up a sample REST web service application, currently using the Cuubez web framework. This tutorial will set you up with the repository download, the libraries you'll need, how to define the listeners and classes, and everything else to complete the demo.

Andriy Redko06/02/14
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Apache CXF 3.0: CDI 1.1 Support as Alternative to Spring

With Apache CXF 3.0 just being released a couple of weeks ago, the project makes yet another important step to fulfill the JAX-RS 2.0 specification requirements: integration with CDI 1.1.

Nikita Salnikov...06/02/14
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Most Popular Application Servers in 2014

To verify whether the landscape has changed during the 14 months we went through the 783 different configurations launching On Demand Plumbr between February and May 2014.

Ashwini Kuntam...06/02/14
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Active MQ - Network of Brokers Explained (Part Five)

In the previous part 4 we have seen how to load balance remote consumers on a queue using network connectors. In this part 5, we will see how the same configuration would work if we had concurrent remote durable subscribers on a topic.

Ryan Carter06/02/14
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Getting Started with Mule Cloud Connect v1.2 is Published

The O'Reilly book "Getting Started with Mule Cloud Connect" has been out for just over a year now and has received some great feedback. But there's always room for improvement and with Mule 3.5 ready, I have updated the book to include some new 3.5 functionality and added some extra content.

Peter Pilgrim06/01/14
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Staying Alive with Stash Follow Up

In my last blog, I had some issues with Atlassian Stash. In the last week and half, I would like amend my attitude to the product.

Tomasz Nurkiewicz06/01/14
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InterruptedException and Interrupting Threads Explained

If InterruptedException wasn't a checked exception, probably no one would even notice it - which would actually prevent couple of bugs throughout these years.

Reza Rahman05/30/14
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Adding SSE Support in Java EE 8

SSE is a standard used to push server notifications to clients. SSE is often compared to WebSocket as they are both supported in HTML 5 and they both provide the server a way to push information to their clients but they are different too! See here for some of the pros and cons of using one or the other.

Reza Rahman05/30/14
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Java EE/GlassFish Adoption Story by Kerry Wilson/Vanderbilt University

Kerry outlined some of the details of the implementation and emphasized the fact that Java EE can be a great solution for applications that are considered small/lightweight.

Eric D. Schabell05/30/14
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Building The JBoss BRMS Cool Store Demo (Lab 7 - Create Test Scenarios)

This workshop will introduce you to the possibilities for your business when leveraging these two new and exciting products. Each week we will push out the next installment of this workshop that will lead you through building an online retail web shopping cart application, leveraging rules, events, and a rule-flow.

Christian Posta05/29/14
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Meet Fabric8: An Open-Source Integration Platform Based on Camel and ActiveMQ

Fabric8 is a upstream community for the JBoss Fuse product from Red Hat. It’s is an integration platform based on Apache ActiveMQ, Camel, CXF,Karaf, HawtIO and others. It provides automated configuration and deployment management to help make deployments easy, reproducible, and less human-error prone.

Daniel Bryant05/29/14
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Implementing Correlation ids in Spring Boot (for Distributed Tracing in SOA/Microservices)

I’ve not yet found the perfect way to implement correlation ids within a Java/Spring-based application, but after chatting to Sam via email he made several suggestions which I have now turned into a simple project using Spring Boot to demonstrate how this could be implemented.

Saurabh Chhajed05/29/14
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SOAP Webservices Using Apache CXF: Adding Custom Object as Header in Outgoing Requests

Every endpoint created by the Apache CXF runtime has potential interceptor chains for processing messages. The interceptors in the these chains are responsible for transforming messages between the raw data transported across the wire and the Java objects handled by the endpoint’s implementation code.

Tim Spann05/29/14
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Quick Tip: Spring REST Utility for Current HTTP Request

This article contains a quick tip on creating a Spring REST utility for current HTTP requests. Sometimes it's easier to get the underlying Servlet request to get some headers or variables. This is used in the simple REST service using HTTP.

Daniel Bryant05/28/14
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Implementing Correlation IDs in Spring Boot (for Distributed Tracing in SOA/Microservices)

After attending Sam Newman’s microservice talks at Geecon last week, I started to think about what are the essential features of service-oriented/microservice platforms for monitoring, reporting and diagnostics: correlation ids. Correlation ids allow distributed tracing within complex service oriented platforms.