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Trisha Gee10/23/14
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AngularJS, HTML5, Groovy, Java And MongoDB All Together - What Could Possibly Go Wrong??

This year I’ve been giving an evolving live demonstration of coding a Fully Buzz Word Compliant, mobile-friendly web application. The aim of the demo is to show, via a real-world application rather than snippets or a toy example, where these popular technologies sit in your archtecture, and how they interact with each other.

Cormac Reynolds 10/23/14
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Why a Responsive Sites Makes Sense in 2014!

Responsive design solves such problems, optimising the browsing experience for the particular screen size in question to ensure it offers the best possible experience.

Cormac Reynolds 10/23/14
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What Newbies Need to Know about Creating Great Landing Pages

Great landing pages can be the difference between a reasonably successful site and an incredibly successful site.

John Walter10/22/14
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Dev of the Week: Ajitesh Kumar

Every week here and in our newsletter, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Ajitesh Kumar, Principal Architect with Evoke Technologies.

Remy Sharp10/22/14
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Element focus utility

I've recently been looking at retrofitting keyboard navigation support to JS Bin, but I was immediately struck by the totally lack of visibility on what was in focus. So I built a mini utility to visualise what's happening.

Arian Celina10/22/14
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HTML5 Local Storage API

It has started to become a common requirement for Web applications to have some support for offline usage. HTML 5 local storage (hereafter local storage) is one of the options to consider when you need to support offline use of your web application. But what is local storage, and when should you consider it. Let’s go through what you need to know before you start using local storage.

Ajitesh Kumar10/21/14
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ReactJS & Bootstrap UI Template

This article represents take away code for working with ReactJS and Bootstrap CSS library.

Burke Holland10/20/14
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Improving Site Performance with the Navigation Timing API

The web is evolving at a crazy pace. Every day new frameworks, tools, and libraries are released with the ambition, if not the potential, to become the next jQuery.

Raymond Camden10/20/14
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Thoughts on Integrating Ionic Into an Existing Application

Earlier this week a user asked me a question about integrating Ionic into an existing application. I had some thoughts on this and spent some time talking to Holly Schinsky as well about the topic.

Lorna Mitchell10/19/14
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Running Multiple Versions of PHP

When I advise people about upgrading their PHP version, I say things like "just run your test suite with the new version" "just grab the new version and try your site with the built-in webserver". A couple of people recently have asked for more detail on how to actually achieve these things so here's a quick primer on getting new PHP without touching anything to do with your existing PHP installation.

Ajitesh Kumar10/17/14
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Why AngularJS is Known to Have a Steep Learning Curve?

The article presents my opinion on why AngularJS is popularly known as framework with a steep learning curve. After having spent so much time with AngularJS, where I wrote few Angular applications, I ended up building a set of opinion on why at all is Angular said to have deep learning curve.

Chris Odell10/16/14
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The Help Helper

If you write a lot of plugins, or plan to, then it might be a good idea to create a class which encapsulates some of this functionality. This is exactly what I have done and the Help helper class can be found on my downloads page.

Paul Underwood10/16/14
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Register New Post Statuses In WordPress

If you want to create your own post statuses to create your own workflow then WordPress allows you to register your own post statuses to use in your application.

Raymond Camden10/16/14
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Nunjucks Templating by Mozilla

Earlier this week I discovered Nunjucks, a client-side templating language by Mozilla. I've been pretty much sold on Handlebars as my template language, but Nunjucks has a lot going for to it.

Remy Sharp10/16/14
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What is a "Web App"?

A lot of people (including myself) will refer to many web sites as apps. But why? I don't know of a good definition. So here's my definition and distinction between web site and web app.

Paul Underwood10/16/14
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Change WordPress Email Content Types To HTML

All emails in WordPress are sent using the function wp_mail, the default content type for these email are in text/plain, which does not allow HTML to be placed in your emails. If you want to create custom HTML emails you need to change the content type of the emails to allow you to have HTML in them. To change the content type of WordPress email you can use the filter wp_mail_content_type.

Burke Holland10/15/14
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Building HTML5 Form Validation Bubble Replacements

I’ve written and spoken about HTML5 form validation over the last few years, and one of the most common questions I get is about bubbles. By bubbles I mean the UI controls browsers display validation errors in.

Ajitesh Kumar10/15/14
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AngularJS - Why & How to Create Custom Module

This article represents key concepts and code samples on why and how to create a custom module with AngularJS.

Ajitesh Kumar10/14/14
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AngularJS - How to Code Quickly with Sublime Text Editor

After working on AngularJS for sometime now, I was looking for an editor which helps to code efficiently and effectively with AngularJS. This is when I discovered Sublime Text Editor.

Senthil Kumar10/14/14
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Create HTML5 Apps Using C# and XAML

Few days back, Userware software company released a new free extension for Visual Studio that allowed the developers to create cross platform HTML5 applications using C# and XAML.

Paul Underwood10/10/14
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Output Contents Of A Doctrine Object

I've being doing a lot of development with Doctrine recently and one of the things that I found out is that the Objects it works with can be huge which makes debugging the objects quite difficult for you and the browser to process.

Remy Sharp10/09/14
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WordPress -> Ghost -> Harp (part 2)

I wrote about moving away from WordPress to Ghost and then to Harp in part 1, this post details some of the specifics of my blog's implementation.

Ajitesh Kumar10/09/14
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Learn PHP - How to Write A Class in PHP

This article represents some high-level concepts and a code example on how to write a PHP class and use it elsewhere.

Michael Palermo10/08/14
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IsPrime Function in JavaScript

The following code sample illustrates how to use JavaScript to determine if a number provided is a prime number or not. In this example, the number is hardcoded in the JavaScript. You can edit this and experiment with other values at the isPrime at CodePen

Victor Savkin10/08/14
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Add CSS Encapsulation to Your Favorite MV* Framework

CSS encapsulation is one of my favorite features coming to the Web platform. And though it is not supported by the majority of the browsers today, it is pretty easy to polyfil.