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Paul Underwood11/04/14
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REM Sass Mixin With Pixel Fallback

The REM CSS unit is similar to the EM CSS unit except it allows you to size elements relative to the root of the HTML tag, as it stands for Root EM. The EM unit is relative to the font-size of the parent, which can cause problems in working out the correct size to use in descendent elements.

Trevor Parsons11/04/14
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Which CSS Preprocessor Should You Choose?

With the growing number of CSS Preprocessors like LESS, Sass, Turbine, Stylus and Swith CSS to name a few, it’s hard to decide which to choose for your project, and which will provide the best CSS authoring.

Paul Hammant11/04/14
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Angular Commit Bubbles

I’m obsessed with the pseudo-declarative side of Angular. Making HTML turing-complete was a stroke of genius. To test the theory, and towards something that would be genuinely useful, I thought I’d blow the dust off something else that Miško had made in the past…

John Walter11/02/14
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The Best of the Week (Oct 24): HTML5 Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Mobile Zone (October 25 - October 31). This week tutorials with AngularJS, a walkthrough for adding SSL certificates, and information on W3C's recent HTML5 Recommendation.

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis10/31/14
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Toro 0.7 Released

I've just released version 0.7 of Toro. Toro provides semaphores, locks, events, conditions, and queues for Tornado coroutines.

John Walter10/30/14
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W3C Finalizes HTML5 Standard

W3C officially announced their Recommendation of HTML5. While this may not mean much for you right now, it means a whole lot for the future of web development.

Ajitesh Kumar10/30/14
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AngularJS - Hello World with Angular-Seed - Code Example

This article introduces Angular-Seed project for AngularJS beginners and, presents a code example along with instructions to get started with Angular-Seed project.

Troy Miles10/29/14
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CodePen, AngularJS, and Jasmine!

Online Web editors, like JSbin, plnkr, and CodePen, are awesome. They allow you to easily work on an idea without all of the muss and fuss of having to spin up a server. You can also share the idea with friends or the entire Internet easily.

Arian Celina10/29/14
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Offline Availability with AppCache

Offline availability of your web application will give a little extra comfort to your users. If using Local storage an appropriate choice to enable web applications to work offline with dynamic data (see my post on Local storage), Application cache (hereafter AppCache) is a good choice for making the static content of the web application available offline.

Gonzalo Ayuso10/28/14
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Yet Another Example of WebSockets, and AngularJs Working With a Silex Backend

Remember my last post about WebSockets and AngularJs? Today we’re going to play with something similar. I want to create a key-value interface to play with websockets. Let me explain it a little bit.

Ajitesh Kumar10/27/14
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AngularJS - How to Create a Custom Filter - Code Example

This article represents high level concepts and code sample/example for how to create a custom filter.

Antonio Santiago10/26/14
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7 reasons to use Yeoman's angular-fullstack generator

For my next project and, after looking for candidates and reading some hundreds of lines of documentation, I finally choose to work with the so called MEAN stack: mongodb, express, angular and node.

Remy Sharp10/25/14
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Adding an (SHA256 signed) SSL certificate

This walkthrough explains how to add an SSL certificate to your server. This is based on using a linux based machine (in my case Ubuntu) and nginx as the server.

Steven Lott10/24/14
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Using Bottle as a miniature demo server

Bottle doesn't do much. But what little it does do is a pretty tidy fit with tiny little demonstrations of super-simple HTML interactions.

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AngularJS: Different Ways of Using Array Filters

AngularJS provides a filter feature which can be used to format input value or to filter an Array with the given matching input criteria.The Array filtering is very commonly used with a Table along with ng-repeat directive.

Chris Odell10/23/14
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What's the Meta in WordPress

I hope this quick post will get you thinking about how to use meta data in WordPress and your plugin development.

Trisha Gee10/23/14
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AngularJS, HTML5, Groovy, Java And MongoDB All Together - What Could Possibly Go Wrong??

This year I’ve been giving an evolving live demonstration of coding a Fully Buzz Word Compliant, mobile-friendly web application. The aim of the demo is to show, via a real-world application rather than snippets or a toy example, where these popular technologies sit in your archtecture, and how they interact with each other.

Cormac Reynolds 10/23/14
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Why a Responsive Sites Makes Sense in 2014!

Responsive design solves such problems, optimising the browsing experience for the particular screen size in question to ensure it offers the best possible experience.

Cormac Reynolds 10/23/14
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What Newbies Need to Know about Creating Great Landing Pages

Great landing pages can be the difference between a reasonably successful site and an incredibly successful site.

John Walter10/22/14
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Dev of the Week: Ajitesh Kumar

Every week here and in our newsletter, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Ajitesh Kumar, Principal Architect with Evoke Technologies.

Remy Sharp10/22/14
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Element focus utility

I've recently been looking at retrofitting keyboard navigation support to JS Bin, but I was immediately struck by the totally lack of visibility on what was in focus. So I built a mini utility to visualise what's happening.

Arian Celina10/22/14
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HTML5 Local Storage API

It has started to become a common requirement for Web applications to have some support for offline usage. HTML 5 local storage (hereafter local storage) is one of the options to consider when you need to support offline use of your web application. But what is local storage, and when should you consider it. Let’s go through what you need to know before you start using local storage.

Ajitesh Kumar10/21/14
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ReactJS & Bootstrap UI Template

This article represents take away code for working with ReactJS and Bootstrap CSS library.

Burke Holland10/20/14
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Improving Site Performance with the Navigation Timing API

The web is evolving at a crazy pace. Every day new frameworks, tools, and libraries are released with the ambition, if not the potential, to become the next jQuery.

Raymond Camden10/20/14
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Thoughts on Integrating Ionic Into an Existing Application

Earlier this week a user asked me a question about integrating Ionic into an existing application. I had some thoughts on this and spent some time talking to Holly Schinsky as well about the topic.