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Venkatt Guhesan06/05/14
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Cross-Browser Testing for WebSockets

So how do we test for both WebSockets and MozWebSocket? Here’s how:

Joseph Zimmerman06/05/14
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Book Review: Getting Started with Backbone Marionette

Not worth the money, especially with other great MarionetteJS books out there. Misused terminology, poor structure, lack of depth, and more make this book a dud.

Paul Underwood06/04/14
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Load Scripts Dynamically With jQuery

A common tactic to help speed up your website is to use a technique called lazy loading. You can do the same with other resources such as JavaScript or CSS files, you can make sure you only load in the script as and when they need them to be used.

Swizec Teller05/30/14
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(ab)Using d3.js to make a Pong game

D3.js is a data visualization library first and foremost. That’s what people use it for. To make shiny things that blow everyone’s minds. Recently I made a simple game of Pong using D3. There really isn’t much to making a game like this with D3.

Taylor Hawkes05/30/14
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Widening Browser Capabilities With WebRTC

In this article, the author discusses Click2Call, a solution that allows web developers to turn a web browser into a full fledged and completely free telephone.

Marcin Warpechowski05/30/14
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Introduction to Web Components

In this article, the author introduces a set of new technologies, web components, that includes templates, shadow DOM, HTML imports, custom elements, and more.

Victor Savkin05/28/14
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Updated AngularDart for AngularJS Developers.

AngularDart is a port of the acclaimed framework to the Dart platform. It is being developed by the Angular core team. In this article I will compare the Dart and JS versions of the framework. In particular, I will look into dependency injection, directives, and digesting.

Natalia Pankova05/24/14
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Why Do You Need Responsive Design?

Just several year ago all website owners, that were thinking about attracting more visitors, were trying to have a mobile version of their website as a must. Now the number of mobile users grows enormously every day. So here comes the responsive design.

Rahman Usta05/24/14
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AsciidocFX: An Editor for Asciidoc Markup Language

AsciidocFX is an editor with support Asciidoc markup language. It basically has a TextArea and when you write something on it, AsciidocFX automatically reflects any changes to Preview panel.

Simon Jackson05/17/14
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Architecting Unity3D – The dreaded “.”

You are now forewarned and forearmed with new knowledge, use this knowledge to change your current practices if you have been using the “.” method in your code. Keep it in mind with every video tutorial you watch or script you import from a lib or wiki and adapt it in advance.

Trevor Parsons05/14/14
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Using D3.js to Graph Your Log Data

In a nutshell, D3 allows you to efficiently manipulate documents based on data with minimal overhead. While it could in fact be used for all types of DOM manipulation that you might do with jQuery instead for example, we have used it purely for its graphing functionality.

Hirvesh Munogee05/14/14
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CutJS – A Lightweight, Fast & Interactable 2D HTML5 Rendering Engine For Game Development

CutJS is a 2D HTML5 rendering engine for game developement which aims to make canvas drawing easier. Using jQuery’s take on the DOM, CutJS presents your canvas application in a DOM-like tree structure and manages your application’s rendering cycles and click events.

Lorna Mitchell05/14/14
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Easy Lint Check for JavaScript

I'm introducing lint checking on one of my projects, because it didn't have a build process yet and I love this as a great place to start. Oh, and because we managed to commit broken syntax!

Younes Ouadi05/12/14
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Styling the parent of an element

There are many situation where you would need to style the parent of given element. Let's image a form that contains some input elements. This was a situation I have faced with inputs that have been enhanced with jQueryUI.

Tim Millwood05/09/14
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Polymorphic associations in Ruby on Rails

We have recently been working with a project where Polymorphic Associations have been used extensively. Here we'll give an example of how they can be used.

Hirvesh Munogee05/08/14
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iio Engine: An Interactive App Framework For HTML5

iio Engine is an application framework which allows you to create HTML5 applications. iio Engine comes with a feature-packed SDK, a debugger and a cross-platform development engine.

Paul Underwood05/07/14
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Add Post Types To RSS Feed

The below code will look into getting other post types into your website RSS feed.

Parth Patel05/03/14
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Quick Fix Ways to Keep your Magento Site Healthy

It is important that you follow all these techniques when maintaining your Magento site. The health of your website determines the customer retention and in turn their loyalty.

Ariya Hidayat05/02/14
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Autodetect JavaScript TDD/BDD Library

A unique feature of Venus.js, a JavaScript test runner from LinkedIn, is that the test configuration can be in the form of source annotation. This is useful, e.g. to choose which test library (Mocha, Jasmine, QUnit) should be used to execute the tests. Now, wouldn’t it be fantastic if the test runner can deduce the said library automatically?

Tobias Sjösten05/02/14
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Extending Symfony2

This book is definitely not for newcomers to Symfony2, which it also says in its introduction and online description. Knowing that and reading it as an experienced Symfony developer, I'm sure you'll pick up a new trick or two — I know I did!

Matt Farina05/01/14
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Modern PHP, Popularity, and Facebook

I'm not suggesting everyone jump on PHP. Or that Facebook doesn't deserve some credit. Or even that there isn't a lot of poorly written PHP. I'm simply suggesting the PHP isn't a hack that's is or should die off

Gabor Farkas05/01/14
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The Ease of Angular with GWT

The ease that popular javascript frameworks have is quite compelling if you're working with GWT MVP. We bring automatically propagating, declarative data binding to GWT.

Natalia Pankova05/01/14
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Node.js Technology and How to Use It

Nowadays Node.js is a quickly developing technology and has already became very popular. Let's have a look what this technology can be used for, its advantages and disadvantages and why we need it.

Raymond Camden04/30/14
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ColdFusion 11 and ColdFusion Builder 3 Released

Adobe has released the latest versions of ColdFusion and ColdFusion Builder. If you stopped using ColdFusion Builder in the past - you should really give it another look.

David Catuhe04/29/14
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Why we decided to move from plain JavaScript to TypeScript for Babylon.js

One year ago when we decided to sacrifice all of our spare time to create Babylon.js we had a really interesting discussion about using TypeScript as main development language.