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Raymond Camden04/06/13
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ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit 10

I'm happy to announce that you can now purchase the latest edition of the CFWACK, volume 10. CFWACK10 was written by a host of ColdFusion super stars including Ben Forta, Charlie Arehart, Rob Brooks-Bilson, Kenneth Fricklas, Hemant Khandelwal, Chandan Kumar, and yours truly.

Gary Sieling04/06/13
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Philly ETE – Metor.js Talk Summary

I went to a talk at Philly ETE on Meteor, a Javascript-based webapp development platform. The talk was given by Avital Oliver, one of the core meteor developers.

Raymond Camden04/05/13
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Delaying an Edge Animate asset until visible

What if your Edge Animate asset is on a page where it may not be visible? For example, a page with lots of text or other assets above it? Here is how I solved it.

jb j04/05/13
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Cross browser compatible HTML5 videos

For years, Flash has been the most popular solution for playing videos on the web. But the HTML5 specification is bringing a new solution, HTML5 videos. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use HTML5 to display videos on your website.

David Salter04/05/13
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Hosting WordPress On OpenShift

OpenShift uses git to publish files to your site, so the general approach is to make your application locally. In this post, I’m going to show the steps needed to host WordPress at OpenShift Express.

Nathalie Daigle04/05/13
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Instant HTML5 Presentations How-to

Complete step-by-step guide to create beautiful HTML5 Presentations.

Raymond Camden04/04/13
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Remember this special little rule about ColdFusion Components

People new to CFC development often forget a very critical rule: Every line of CFML that is not inside a cffunction block will execute whenever you create an instance of a CFC.

Raymond Camden04/04/13
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Recording from my PhoneGap Build Ask a Pro Session

Miss my presentation last week? You can watch the recording below. If you would like the slide deck or any code samples from what I demonstrated, just ask.

Andrey Prikaznov04/04/13
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Neat and modern design – responsive

Responsive templates become a trend. This technology makes it possible to simply use your site on mobile devices without a global alteration of your template.

Ben Forta04/04/13
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CIO Magazine On Responsive Design Tools

CIO Magazine has published an overview of 7 Tools to Build Websites Using Responsive Design, and highlights both Dreamweaver and Edge Reflow.

Remy Sharp04/03/13
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Creating popups without HTML files

One thing that always bugged me about dynamic popup windows when compared to dynamic iframes: you need a separate .html file to use as the target of the popup. I’ve documented this process because it might help someone else.

Gil Fink04/03/13
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Quick Tip – The Order Of JavaScript Operations Do Count

Here is another thing to consider when writing your JavaScript code. The order of your operations can decrease your performance.

Brian Rinaldi04/03/13
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Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS - Week of March 25, 2013

This is a very, very full update this week. Click through for last week's most interesting tutorials, updates, and etc.!

Anders Abel04/03/13
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this and $(this) in jQuery callbacks

Now that I know how this works in JavaScript I got curious on how this is handled in jQuery and how $(this) is bound to the current element in jQuery event handler callbacks.

Felix Dahlke04/02/13
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Why asm.js is a big deal for game developers

So, why is asm.js a big deal? Because the browser is suddenly a feasible platform for game developers, most of which previously ignored it.

Toni Petrina04/02/13
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Combining three.js and KineticJS [update]

I wrote already how to combine three.js and Kinetic.js in the previous blog post. Since then, both libraries have evolved and the same code won’t work anymore so here is the update.

Gil Fink04/02/13
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Quick Tip – Change CSS Classes and Not Element Styles

Here is another JavaScript mistake I’m seeing from time to time and a way to go around it.

Raymond Camden04/02/13
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ColdFusion and OAuth Part 1 - Facebook

Last week, for some reason, I had multiple requests for an example of ColdFusion and OAuth integration. I ended up creating quick demos for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google. Today: Facebook.

Paul Underwood04/01/13
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CSS Media Query Snippets

With responsive design being big in web design it's important that you design your website so that it can be used on different devices. Here are some example snippets.

jb j04/01/13
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Super useful jQuery plugins for responsive web design

When building responsive websites, jQuery can be very helpful. In today’s article, I have compiled a list of jQuery plugins that will definitely help you building more responsive and usable websites.

Raymond Camden04/01/13
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Google Analytics and PhoneGap

Today I decided to try out the Google Analytics plugin with PhoneGap, and more specifically, PhoneGap Build. It is one of the plugins supported by PhoneGap Build and being somewhat of a data nerd, I was curious to see how well it worked. Unfortunately, my "quick little experiment" turned out pretty horrid so I thought I'd write up my experiences to help others avoid the same mistakes I made.

David Shaw04/01/13
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The New Tactics of Search Engine Optimization

As the last few years have flown by the Internet Marketing industry has evolved and changed drastically.

Allen Coin03/31/13
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Video: Overview of HTML5 Forms Types, Attributes, and Elements

"In this screencast we look at all the new types, attributes, and elements and finish up looking at real world forms and how they could be better if they used these HTML5 features."

Allen Coin03/31/13
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Video: Practical Magic: HTML5 and Today's Design Environment

"HTML5 provides us with some exciting design opportunities. What are some of the practical, real-world ways that it is being used? We've found some exciting examples of how to properly use HTML5."

Ben Forta03/30/13
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Check Out Drawscript

The very talented Tom Krcha has created Drawscript, an Illustrator extension that generates graphics code from vector shapes in real-time.