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Eric Pugh03/19/13
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Redesigning the SmallBizContracting Homepage

The new design has a clear focus and the content is easier to understand. Hopefully this glimpse into some of the thoughts behind the redesign shows the important role that content plays in a project.

Brian Rinaldi03/19/13
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Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS - Week of March 11, 2013

A lot of CSS tutorials and examples this week as well quite a few tutorials focused on a variety of different frameworks and libraries. Notable releases this week include YUI, Node and the new ColtJS framework.

Konrad Garus03/19/13
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Angular Tutorial Rewritten to ClojureScript

Over the last few months I learned some more ClojureScript and I finally came back to Angular. First I followed their excellent tutorial. Then I decided to rewrite it to plain Clojure and ClojureScript, and it went pretty well.

Pranay Rana03/19/13
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Store data locally with HTML5 Web Storage

Now new version of HTML5 having number of new API one of the is Storage API, which allow you to store data of use locally. Here in following post I am going to describe Storage API.

Andrey Prikaznov03/18/13
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MP3 Player with HTML5 – lesson 2

In this chapter, we’re going to move beyond the provided HTML5 controls and start using Javascript to control the audio playback.

Matt Raible03/18/13
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The HTML5 Roadshow Rocks!

In early February, as I was creating my Modern Java Web Developer presentation, I came across a training event that was similarly named.

Blaise Doughan03/18/13
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Binding to JSON & XML - Handling Collections

One of EclipseLink JAXB (MOXy)'s strengths is the ability to map an object model to both JSON and XML with a single set of metadata. I will demonstrate below with an example.

Chris Shiflett03/18/13
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XSS Is Still Tricky

This works in Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

Allen Coin03/17/13
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Video: How to make an HTML5 video player very quickly

"I'll show you how to code a video in html 5 and put it on a webpage. Learn how to code an HTML5 video player in under 5 minutes and make it so that it plays on any browser!"

Allen Coin03/16/13
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Video: 50 performance tricks to make your HTML5 apps and sites faster

Creating high performance web apps is crucial for every web developer. Learn directly from the Internet Explorer Performance team about what actually drives performance across the web and how you can make your sites faster.

Stephen Forte03/15/13
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AcceleratorHK Applications Open for Cohort #2

AcceleratorHK, the world’s only startup accelerator focused on cross platform mobile development with HTML5 and Phonegap, has opened its applications for cohort #2 to be based in Hong Kong.

Kay Cichini03/15/13
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Example Code for a Customized RSS-Feed

A short code snippet for the customized RSS-Feed on this Google-Blogger site. I simply added the below code to a gadget to yield a tailored RSS-Feed in the sidebar. Most of the code was grabbed from the Google Code Playground.

Swizec Teller03/15/13
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Bring Ruby VCR to Javascript testing with Capybara and puffing-billy

Let’s say you are writing an application in Ruby. You are probably talking to every API under the sun and are happily writing tests to make sure your code isn’t failing.

Paul Underwood03/15/13
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Namespaces With PHP

PHP namespaces was introduced in version 5.3. Namespaces is a way of group classes together into virtual directories, the main reason we would want to do this is to help avoid collision of class names in your application.

Hirvesh Munogee03/14/13
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Countable.js - A JavaScript Library For Live Paragraph, Word & Character Counting

Countable. js is a small JavaScript library which allows you to present the number of paragraphs, words and characters from a text area to any HTML element of your choice.

Gary Sieling03/14/13
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Inspired by a client project with thousands of lines of poorly structured, badly written ExtJS code, I wrote a grep implementation to recursively search the contents of Javascript variables, available on github.

Raymond Camden03/14/13
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Free ColdFusion 10 and jQuery Mobile Tutorial

Thanks to reader Mikel Shilling for pointing this out to me. The most excellent (as Bill would say) folks at FigLeaf have released a free ColdFusion 10 and jQuery Mobile tutorial.

Simon Gladman03/14/13
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ActionScript Workers Now Work Under Chrome/PPAPI

Today I am over the moon to say that ActionScript Workers now properly work under Chrome. You may need to force an update; at the time of writing, I'm on 25.0.1364.172 under Mac OS 10.8.2.

Hirvesh Munogee03/13/13
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SPOILER ALERT! - A jQuery Plugin Which Uses Blurs For Hiding Spoilers

SPOILER ALERT! is a jQuery plugin which uses blurs to hide spoilers from readers online. However, SPOILER ALERT! adds some more bells and whistles to the concept by enabling you to specify maximum blurs and partial blurs.

Tomasz Nurkiewicz03/13/13
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Promises and Deferred objects in jQuery and AngularJS

Futures (more commonly named promises in JS land) are ubiquitous in JavaScript to the point where we almost don't recognize them any more. In this article I will explain how promises can improve readability and modularize your code.

Hirvesh Munogee03/13/13
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lunr.js - A JavaScript Library For Simple Full-Text Search In Your Browser

lunr.js is a JavaScript library which implements a full-text search in your browser in a simple and easy way. lunr.js is designed to be small and fast, without you needing a server-side engine to implement the search engine.

Dmitry Sheiko03/13/13
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JavaScript Asynchronous Dependency Loader

Non-blocking Javascript is getting nowadays something of "must have". However when dependencies loaded asynchronously we need to resolve them. Most common approach here is AMD. But that requires you to convert your dependencies into AMD-compatible modules. Can we do without? Sure! Here is the tiny, but yet sufficient solution

Andrew Trice03/13/13
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Performance & UX Considerations For Successful PhoneGap Apps

I’ve already posted about workflow and app store approval processes, and in this post the primary focus is runtime performance.

Reza Rahman03/12/13
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An Overview of JSF 2.2

In a brief article, Arjan Tijms does a great job of overviewing the big ticket items included in JSF 2.2. He talks about view actions, the Faces flow, HTML 5/pass-through attributes, the file upload component, CDI alignment and more.

Brian Rinaldi03/12/13
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Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS - Week of March 4, 2013

This past week featured a lot of interesting new projects and libraries including RaptorJS, review, resemble and pixi. Of course, there were also plenty of excellent tutorials as well as a new version of Brackets and a new edition of Appliness.