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G. Andrew Duthie11/27/12
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Creating Your Windows 8 Store Logo

There are two ways that you can ensure that you have a custom store logo with appropriate branding for your app.

Kristof Degrave11/27/12
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Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Specialist

I am putting together this post so that anyone who wants to take the 70-480 test in order to program in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 can get a head start.

Hirvesh Munogee11/27/12
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Pomelo - A Fast, Scalable, Distributed Game Server Framework For Node.js

Pomelo is a fast, scalable, distributed game server framework for Node.js. It provides the basic development framework and a lot of related components, including libraries and tools.

Clark Sell11/26/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #19 File Picker

Today, we are going to look at another invaluable tool in Windows 8 development, the File Picker. There are millions of ways to use the File Picker, but when you boil it down, you’re going to need to get files from the user’s computer for something.

Kristof Degrave11/26/12
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IndexedDBViewer: Take a Look Inside your IndexedDB

Some days ago I released a new version of the IndexedDBViewer 1.1.0. The IndexedDBViewer is intended for web developers who want to sneak into their indexedDB database.

Hirvesh Munogee11/26/12
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UltraREPL - A JavaScript Development Environment Within JavaScript

UltraREPL is a JavaScript development environment, not just a toy or a simple debugger. Developing JS code inside of JavaScript itself enables a lot of powerful options that are otherwise difficult or cumbersome.

Clark Sell11/25/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #18 File Associations

Today, we are going to look at a couple of cool features in Windows 8: File Associations and App Contracts.

Clark Sell11/24/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #17 The Clipboard

Today, we’re going to focus on the Windows 8 clipboard exclusively. More specifically, we’re going to look at how we can save and retrieve data from this system-wide and heavily used mechanism.

Clark Sell11/23/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #16: Context Menus

Today, our focus is on context menus aka PopupMenu. These are those small little popup commands that appear from time to time in your application when you right click on something.

Clark Sell11/22/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #15: The On-Screen Keyboard

Today we are going to take a look at the on-screen keyboard in Windows 8.

Hirvesh Munogee11/22/12
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Normalize.css - A Modern, HTML5-Ready Alternative to CSS Resets

Normalize. css is a modern, HTML5-ready alternative to CSS resets. Normalize.css makes browsers render all elements more consistently and in line with modern standards.

Clark Sell11/21/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #14 Geolocation

Today, we get to talk about geolocation. Having knowledge about the user’s location (or more specifically, the device) makes every app and its user experience better.

Christian Grobmeier11/21/12
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Roadcrew.js - Page-Switching Like a Boss!

For the page switching I didn’t find anything, so I decided to write some code myself. I named it after the Motörhead song "We are The Roadcrew."

Clark Sell11/20/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #13 Navigation

I am pretty sure we’ve all done some kind of navigation in our websites but let’s level set a bit see how today’s web practices fit into a Windows 8 App.

Dmitry Sheiko11/20/12
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10 Things You need to Know about Javascript

Back in 1995 Netscape wanted a language with a simple programming model, but flexible enough for building real scalable applications. Curious, Brendan Eich accomplished the task in a few weeks.

David Catuhe11/20/12
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Optimizing JavaScript for Windows 8: Using the Visual Studio Performance Analysis Tool

Performance is always an important point in any project. And you must be well equipped to find potential issues in your code in order to provide the best experience for your user regardless of the device he uses.

Clark Sell11/19/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #12: Background Tasks

Today, we are talking about Background Tasks. The short way to describe Background Tasks is this: A Background Task is the code that runs when your app doesn’t.

Hirvesh Munogee11/19/12
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Singularity - A Powerful, Flexible And Small Responsive Grid System

Singularity is a responsive grid system designed to be as flexible and small as possible while still providing an enormous amount of power.

jb j11/19/12
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Using CSS/HTML to Make a Responsive Website in 3 Easy Steps

Jean-Baptiste Jung explains how to easily create a responsive website using in just 3 easy steps!

Hirvesh Munogee11/18/12
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Plusstrap - Sleek, Intuitive and Powerful Front-End Framework for Faster, Easier Web Development

Hirvesh Munogee returns with another valuable tool: Plusstrap.

Hirvesh Munogee11/17/12
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Write ActionScript Code into HTML with FlashJS Javascript Library

Hirvesh Munogee provides a great overview of FlashJS including browser support and requirements.

Clark Sell11/16/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #11: Lock Screen Apps

Today we look at creating Lock Screen apps and some key things to be aware of before you start.

Clark Sell11/15/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #10: Toast Notifications

Today, we’re looking at a different type of user notification: Toast Notifications.

Sagar H Ganatra11/15/12
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Using Routers in Backbone.js

A Router is created by extending Backbone.Router. The only property that you need to define is the 'routes' property.

Clark Sell11/14/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #9: Live Tiles

Today, we’re covering a very important topic: Live Tiles. As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, your tile is one of the most important parts of your application’s success, and it’s one of the most overlooked.