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Hirvesh Munogee02/15/13
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Kimbo.js - A Fast & Lightweight ECMAScript 5 Only Compatible JavaScript Library

Kimbo.js is a fast and lightweight ECMAScript 5 only compatible JavaScript library. Kimbo.js tries to take advantage of newer native JavaScript functions without adding extra code for supporting older browsers.

Allen Coin02/14/13
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Opera Moves to WebKit, Hits 300 Mil. Users

Opera has announced that for all of its new products will use WebKit as its rendering agent and V8 for its JavaScript engine. But what does this mean for developers and users?

Hirvesh Munogee02/14/13
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Tecate.js–A jQuery Plugin For In-Page HTML Validation

Tecate.js is a jQuery plugin which allows for in-page HTML validation. Tecate.js automatically checks for common HTML writing mistakes like matching tags, general bad syntax.

Robert Nyman02/14/13
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The WebKit culture & web rendering engine diversity

Yesterday Opera announced that they’re moving from their own web rendering engine, Presto, to WebKit. I thought I’d express my thoughts on this – what it means and what I’m afraid developers erroneously will believe it means.

Raymond Camden02/14/13
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Getting a quota error with Google and you've barely touched your limit?

I spent the last 30 minutes or so trying to figure out why in the heck my simple Google Maps demo was giving me an error in the console. The "site" in question was localhost and I knew I was nowhere near my 25,000 daily limit.

Hirvesh Munogee02/13/13
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threesixty.js - A jQuery Plugin For Creating Draggable 360s

threesixty. js is a simple jQuery plugin which allows you to create draggable 360s easily. You can then use your mouse to drag the image generated to view it in 360 degree view.

Martin Fowler02/13/13
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Debugging environments are getting pretty nifty these days, but they are all in terms of the HTML/CSS/JavaScript triad. So it's important that you understand how your input language translates to its executable target.

Hirvesh Munogee02/13/13
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Parallel.js - A JavaScript Library For Parallel Computing Using Web Workers

Parallel. js is a JavaScript library which allows you to perform multi-core processing in JavaScript. Despite fast JavaScript engine like Google V8 engine, JavaScript is inherently single-threaded.

Krishna Prasad02/13/13
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Latest in JQuery, Javascript frameworks for Web development

Responsive Web Design is a useful paradigm where in your build a web application and it runs on any device, adjusting itself with the layout. There are a few JQuery frameworks which enable this.

Raymond Camden02/12/13
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jQuery Example: Related, hidden selects

This request came in from a reader and I thought I'd share it. I'm not sure how re-usable it is for others, nor will I promise that it is The Best jQuery Code ever. (Far from it.) But on the off chance the example helps others, I wanted to post it.

Raymond Camden02/12/13
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Quick Example of Chrome JavaScript Hot Swapping

This morning I read an nice blog entry about Chrome JavaScript hot swapping: The Chrome Javascript editor can do hot swapping. I liked the article but wanted to try it myself to see it in action.

Paul Hammant02/12/13
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Push or Pull Decorators

Decorators are the HTML page processing pipelines things that wrap pages in other pages to make more of a site experience. You’d use them to typically add masthead stuff at the top of a page, navigation panels at the left and/or right, and standardized footer stuff.

Hirvesh Munogee02/12/13
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HTML5 Audio Player - Fully Featured Music Player With Artworks

HTML5 Audio Player is a fully featured HTML5 audio player with a nice UI. It is very lightweight in size, weighing in at only 14KB and supports artworks.

Mariano Vazquez02/11/13
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Creating Triangular-shaped DIVs with shadow using CSS

In this post, I'm going to explain how you can add a shadow to a triangular-shaped div using only HTML elements & pure CSS.

Hirvesh Munogee02/11/13
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Harmony - A jQuery Publisher-Subscriber Framework For Building Web Applications

Harmony is a lightweight jQuery based library which implements the publisher-subscriber pattern for building web applications.

Raymond Camden02/11/13
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PhoneGap 2.4.0 Released

The title pretty much says it all. PhoneGap 2.4.0 was released today. You can read the official blog entry on it here: PhoneGap 2.4.0 Released.

Hemanth Madhavarao02/11/13
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Better HTML password fields for mobile?

There is a particular issue that most of us would have noticed with few mobile devices in portrait with T9 (predictive_text) enabled : "To avoid prediction we have to use a lot of spaces and backspace."

Hirvesh Munogee02/10/13
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Zimit Framework - A Responsive Prototyping Framework For Web Developers

Zimit is a responsive prototyping framework for front-end web developers. All the components of the Zimit framework has been styled to a specific standard and the framework uses LESS to achieve modular and scalable CSS.

Jos Dirksen02/10/13
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Chrome and Firefox: Desktop Notifications

In this article we'll very quickly look at the state of desktop notifications. For desktop notifications there is currently a W3C specification, but there aren't any implementations of this standard yet.

Hirvesh Munogee02/09/13
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demarcate.js - An In-Page jQuery Based Editor For Markdown

demarcate. js is a jQuery plugin which allows you to directly edit a page’s HTML code and generate the equivalent Markdown code from it.

Hirvesh Munogee02/09/13
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demarcate.js - An In-Page jQuery Based Editor For Markdown

demarcate. js is a jQuery plugin which allows you to directly edit a page’s HTML code and generate the equivalent Markdown code from it.

Paul Hammant02/09/13
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Angular Instead of Media-Queries

I feel there is an element of “tail wagging the dog” about CSS driving more sweeping experience changes. I’m not sure CSS is the place for something that feels like conditional logic.

Christopher Bennage02/08/13
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Getting Started With JavaScript... Again

Everyone wants to learn JavaScript. So, like me, you probably already kinda maybe knew JavaScript. But times have changed and now it’s a serious language. How do you get up to speed? Here’s what I did.

Joost Van Schaik02/08/13
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A KnockOut.js binding helper for a JQuery Mobile Slider

I tried to find a way to bind a JQuery Mobile slider to Knockout.js. That’s not supported out of the box, so you have to make or find a customer ‘binding helper’ and I found so much examples that were plainly wrong or incomplete that I had to blog mine, which is complete and actually works.

Sandeep Patel02/08/13
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CSS3 Transitions: A Small Tutorial

Here's a very quick tutorial on CSS3 transitions, with illustrations and a code snippet.