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Hirvesh Munogee02/05/13
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Hint.css - A Tooltip Library In CSS

Hint.css is a tooltip library written completely in CSS. It’s originally written in SASS and uses only HTML/CSS to implement simple tooltips.

Hirvesh Munogee02/05/13
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Lazy Line Painter - A jQuery Plugin For SVG Path Animation

Lazy Line Painter is a jQuery plugin which allows you to do SVG path animation. It works by converting your SVG line graphic to JavaScript code, then you import jQuery, Raphaël and the Lazy Line Painter jQuery plugin and voila – done.

Andrew Trice02/05/13
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Video: Native vs. Hybrid vs. Web

Here’s a video from the “What Developers Love and Hate about iOS, Android, Windows and HTML5″ panel discussion that I took part in during MoDev East back in December. The panelists represented native app developers, HTML/web developers, and myself-representing the HTML/hybrid app paradigm.

Paul Hammant02/04/13
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Application Development Glass Ceilings Revisited

I had previous written something on application development glass ceilings. To describe this I have always used the lack of a ‘image drop-down’ widget as the proof of the glass ceiling when developing web applications. I’m going to get into an solution for that today.

Raymond Camden02/04/13
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Advice for a Server to Client Side Developer

Yesterday I got an email from a reader that meshes perfectly with what I presented on earlier in the week. Here is his email:

Hirvesh Munogee02/04/13
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Flight - A Lightweight, Component-Based JavaScript Framework From Twitter

Flight is a lightweight, component-based JavaScript framework from Twitter. Unlike other JavaScript frameworks which are based around the MVC pattern, Flight maps behavior directly to DOM nodes.

Hirvesh Munogee02/04/13
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modern.IE - Cross-Browser IE Testing Tools Suite

modern.IE is an undertaking my Microsoft to make cross-browser testing for the Internet Explorer browsers easier. Microsoft has created modern.IE to provide developers and designers with a suite of tools to facilitate IE browser testing.

Hirvesh Munogee02/03/13
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Nested - A jQuery Plugin For A Gap Free, Multi Column Grid Layout Experience

Nested is a jQuery plugin which allows you to create gap-free, multi-column layouts. Unlike other libraries and jQuery plugins similar to Nested, the latter allows you gap-free layouts, which save you some more space on your page.

Tim Spann02/03/13
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CSS Links

Here is a collection of CSS links from MVB Tim Spann!

Shannon Behrens02/02/13
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Dart: Some Good Blog Posts to Read

The Dart community has been very active recently. Here are some blog posts you might want to check out...

Raymond Camden02/02/13
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Latest presentations and materials

I'm still at a conference in San Francisco, but I thought I'd post up the links to my last two presentations. These links are both on Github and include an HTML-based slide deck and demos.

Hirvesh Munogee02/01/13
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Textillate.js - A jQuery Plugin For CSS3 Text Animations

Textillate. js is a simple jQuery plugin which allows you to perform some neat CSS3 animations. It combines two powerful JavaScript libraries animate. css and lettering. js and provides a simple API for CSS3 animations.

Phillip Haydon02/01/13
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NancyFX and Content Negotiation

This has to be one of the most awesome features of Nancy, Content Negotiation. Recently added in 0.12, it gives you the ability to implement a single route that responds with different versions of the same document, without having to mess up your code with duplicate methods or conditional statements.

Hirvesh Munogee02/01/13
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This Trashman Generates a Clean Stylesheet from Old CSS

CSSTrashman is an online tool which allows you to supply a URL and it scans the website and generates a new clean CSS file from the existing styles.

Robert Demmer02/01/13
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An Interview with Andy Selvig, Author of Kara Web Framework

"In the end, Kara is intended to be a true developer’s framework. Instead of writing traditional HTML and CSS we rely on the power and expressiveness of Kotlin."

Hirvesh Munogee01/31/13
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Toolbar.js - A jQuery Plugin To Create Responsive Tooltip Style Toolbars

Toolbar.js is a jQuery plugin which allows you to create tooltip-style toolbars. It uses Twitter Bootstrap’s icons for the UI. With Toolbar.js you can easily create toolbars for use in web applications.

Phillip Haydon01/31/13
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OAuth with NancyFX and WorldDomination.Web.Authentication

One of the biggest pains of building websites, in my opinion, is implementing OAuth providers. So PureKrome and myself decided to create WorldDomination: Web Authentication. The idea behind this framework is to keep it super simple to implement OAuth into your website, without the bloat.

Lorna Mitchell01/31/13
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Printing PDF Bookmarks List

I used a tool called pdftk which is excellent, I've used it before for doing various other PDF-related things. To grab metadata such as bookmarks, use the dump-data command, like this:

Andrey Prikaznov01/31/13
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Webkit Image Effects with Masks

The idea to study the masks came to me when I saw the Chrome browser logo on a Google website. I liked this effect and I wanted to understand how it works. Well, what is a mask?

Kay Hebbourn01/30/13
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Challenge WordPress, Challenge Me!

I’m fed up with people telling me that WordPress is a platform for amateurs, or that it is not flexible or powerful enough for professionals or that it is just a blog not a website. Therefore, I am setting up this challenge. Challenge me to get my WordPress Website to do anything you want it to do. I (or someone in my team) will make it happen.

Hirvesh Munogee01/30/13
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howler.js - A Modern Web Audio JavaScript Library

howler.js is a modern JavaScript library for web audio. The library was initially developed for an HTML5 game engine, but can also be used for web applications.

Hirvesh Munogee01/30/13
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RoughDraft.js - A jQuery Plugin To Create & Prototype A Full Interactive HTML Mock-Up

RoughDraft. js is a jQuery plugin which allows you to create and prototype full interactive HTML mockups quickly and easily.

Allen Coin01/30/13
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Tooling For The Modern WebApp Developer

"Tools are the enablers that help us bring an idea to fruition. Over the past year we've seen a crazy shift in how much web developers care about the tools they use." Presentation by Addy Osmani.

Paul Underwood01/29/13
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Create A Page Template For Logged In Users

There are times that you would want a page only to be accessible for users which have logged into your the WordPress user manager. Such as if you have a members only area of your website which is only for logged in users, you need to make sure that the page can not be seen by any users who haven't logged in yet.

Raymond Camden01/29/13
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Tip for PhoneGap Users - Modify the WWW template

Now that I've gotten comfortable with PhoneGap's command line I'm finding myself much more productive when building quick demos. By default, the new project has this fancy HTML. Luckily there is a quick fix for this.