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Paul Underwood01/23/13
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Create Post Tags With CSS

In this tutorial we are going to create post tags using CSS, we will also create a WordPress widget that will allow you to display these post tags in the sidebar of your WordPress site.

Hirvesh Munogee01/23/13
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Web Development: 2012 & Forward

We decided to invite some of the prominent writers from some very established blogs to talk to us and share their views of 2012 and beyond for web development. We’ve asked them to answer a set of questions and provide us with their views on those matters. They have duly obliged and below, we’ve put together the answers.

jb j01/22/13
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Useful Online Tools to make JavaScript Devlopment Easier

For over 15 years, JavaScript has allowed web developers to interact with the client browser. Today, I have compiled a list of the most useful online tools to make your JavaScript developer life even easier.

Hirvesh Munogee01/22/13
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Parsley.js - Powerful, UX Aware & Dead Simple JavaScript Forms Validation Library

Parsley.js is a JavaScript library for forms validation. Parsley.js takes a different approach to forms validation. Instead of making you use JavaScript for validating your forms, Parsley.js uses data attributes to achieve the same effect.

Paul Underwood01/22/13
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Remove Loading Stylesheets And Javascript In WordPress

In this article we are going to look at the dequeue style function. As you can guess this function will remove the stylesheets from the enqueue.

Raymond Camden01/22/13
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FYI - iOS, JavaScript, and inactive tabs

If you have a web page using timed JavaScript (for example, a setInterval), and switch to another tab (or another app), then the operating system will pause the JavaScript environment. Here is an incredible simple way around it.

Paul Hammant01/21/13
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Client-Side MVC Roundup

Here is a breakdown of the alternate technologies in the Client-Side MVC space. What I’m showing, in graph form, is “lines of code” analysis of the well-known reference todo list app implemented in each of the competing technologies.

Andrey Prikaznov01/21/13
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Neat and modern header sections with CSS3

In today’s article I will show you how to create a high-quality and modern header for your site. This header will include a logo, several links in the upper right corner, a drop-down navigation menu and a search form.

Hirvesh Munogee01/21/13
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xy.css - A Lightweight CSS Template For Building Responsive Liquid-Grid Designs

xy.css is a lightweight CSS template which allows us to build responsive liquid grid designs easily. xy.css is feature-packed. It performs browser style resets using Eric Meyer’s CSS Reset. It also implements horizontal and vertical rhythm with liquid-grid layout and scalable typographic grid respectively.

Gil Fink01/21/13
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Using Casting in TypeScript

In JavaScript, which is a dynamic language, you don’t have the concept of casting. On the other hand, TypeScript language, which compiles into JavaScript, does include casting. This post explains how to use casting in TypeScript.

Hirvesh Munogee01/20/13
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AppCache Generator - An Online Tool That Generates HTML5 AppCache Manifest Files

AppCache Generator is a simple online tool which allows you to enter the URL of your HTML5 application and it generates the AppCache manifest file for you.

Paul Underwood01/20/13
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Restrict Admin Area To Only Admin Users

When you create a new user in the WordPress user manager they will be able to login to your site by going to the default WordPress login page /wp-login.php. Depending on the role you have assigned to this user they will see different options in the admin area.

Merrick Chaffer01/19/13
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Project Silk for all your HTML web application needs

A colleague of mine pointed out this white paper article that Microsoft have kindly put together, which appears to be a full overview on how to construct a web site in this day and age.

Hirvesh Munogee01/19/13
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Ink - A Front-End Framework For Quick UI Development Using HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Ink is a front-end framework for quick development of UIs using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, similar to Twitter Bootstrap. It provides an easy way to create modern layouts and provides implementations of common interface elements such as gallery, modal, table, tree view, sortable list, data picker, tabs, form validator and more.

Antonio Santiago01/18/13
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Things I learnt creating a jQuery Plugin (Part I)

One of the key aspects of jQuery is the possibility to extend it with new functionalities, so called plugins. For those who have a basic knowledge of jQuery and want or need to create a new jQuery plugin this post tries to be a helpful summary of good things to take into account.

Zac Gery01/18/13
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Why a robots.txt File Is No Longer Sufficient

If Google isn't completely respecting the robots.txt file anymore, what other options are available?

Hirvesh Munogee01/18/13
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Maxmertkit - CSS Framework Based On Widget-Modifier Coding Style

Maxmertkit is a new CSS framework which is based on a widget-modifier coding style. What this means is that instead of trying to showcase all the functionalities of the CSS framework by demoing every single component of it, Maxmertkit allows you to demo each component by choosing yourself which one to demo.

Hirvesh Munogee01/18/13
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Heisenberg.js - A Project Base For Building Modern JavaScript Applications

Heisenberg. js is a boilerplate for building JavaScript applications based on the Mediator Pattern. It helps you structure your JavaScript code and allows you to use the Mediator Pattern to develop JavaScript applications.

Raymond Camden01/17/13
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PhoneGap Sample - Shake to Roll

I thought I'd share a simple PhoneGap application I built for my four hour lab in Ohio a few days back. The idea behind the application was to demonstrate the Accelerometer API. This returns movement information along three different axis.

Paul Underwood01/17/13
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Introduce Your Plugin With WordPress Pointers

In version 3.3 WordPress released a new feature called pointers. This is a great idea if you are a plugin or theme developer, you can make it so that when a user installs your new plugin you can use the pointers to show exactly how they are suppose to use it.

Hirvesh Munogee01/17/13
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Breeze - A JavaScript Library To Manage Data In Rich Client Applications

Breeze is a JavaScript library which allows you to manage data in rich client applications easily.

Hirvesh Munogee01/17/13
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Teoria.js - A Lightweight & Fast JavaScript Framework For Music Theory

Teoria.js is a lightweight and fast JavaScript library for music theory, which includes both Jazz and Classical.

Hirvesh Munogee01/16/13
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voxel.js - An Open Source Voxel Game Building Toolkit For Modern Web Browsers

voxel.js is a collection of projects which allows you to create Minecraft-like games in the browser. voxel.js requires a browser which has WebGL support, as the games created with Voxel.js required it to run.

Mikko Ohtamaa01/16/13
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Obfuscate.js: clean sensitive information out from web page screenshots

Obfuscate.js is a Javascript console tool which obfuscates the text on the web page hiding sensitive information. The purpose of this tool is to be able to make shareable screenshots for collaborative debugging, examples, demos and so on.

Remy Sharp01/16/13
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CORS isn’t just for XHR

This post isn’t about CORS for XHR, it’s about CORS for images. CORS for images is important for remixing content and sites such as Flickr, Instagram, Imgur and the like.