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Hirvesh Munogee01/10/13
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Image Picker - A jQuery Plugin That Transforms A Select Element Into An Image Picker

Image Picker is a nice little jQuery plugin which allows you to transform an element into an image picker. With this jQuery plugin, you can implement an interface which allows you to select a single or multiple images from a group of images and auto-set the values of an optionally hidden select element.

Veera Sundar01/09/13
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Underscore.js and guid function

Underscore library comes with the uniqueId() function that generates globally unique IDs to use in code. I have been using this code snippet to generate pseudo unique IDs for sometime.

Hirvesh Munogee01/09/13
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Shibui - A Simple & Lightweight HTML5 Boilerplate

Shibui is a simple and lightweight HTML5 boilerplate which has been created to contain only the bare essentials needed for you to get going. Shibui, unlike other boilerplates does not come with components, layouts, styles or plugins.

Hirvesh Munogee01/09/13
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Regexper - An Online Tool For Beautiful JavaScript Regexp Visualizations

Regexper is a tool for visualizing JavaScript regular expressions online. The tool can be used as a teaching tool or simply as a tool to follow the logic of your JavaScript regex to get a better understanding of it. It might especially be useful when you have to write complex regular expressions.

Ben Forta01/09/13
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Web Platform Doc Sprint Coming To Berlin is an open community of developers building resources for a better web, regardless of brand, browser or platform. Adobe is very involved in this project, as are other industry leaders, and lots of individual developers.

Catalin Red01/08/13
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Things you may not have known about HTML & CSS

I’ve recently watched a good video presentation by Mathias from Fronteers 2012 which I found both interesting and inspirational. I already had in mind some similar things, so I ended up writing this article down. It’s about some random things and facts you may (not) have known about HTML & CSS.

Paul Hammant01/08/13
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Visualizing the Client-Side MVC race

Alex Gomes has a great series running on alternate technologies that are competing for the mindshare of JavaScript web-app development. You know, as functionality shifts from server to browser. Here’s his latest. He has added Backbone to a series that already has ExtJS and JavaScriptMVC in it.

Henri Bergius01/08/13
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Create.js in 2013

Alongside Apache Stanbol and VIE.js, the Create.js inline editing toolkit was one of the major outcomes of this European Union funded effort. This post outlines the current state of Create, and some of the things that will be happening around it in 2013.

Hirvesh Munogee01/08/13
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Junior - A Native-Looking & Feeling Mobile HTML5 Front-End Framework

Junior is an HTML5 framework which allows you to create native-looking and feeling mobile applications, similar to jQuery mobile. Junior optimizes CSS3 transitions for best mobile performance. It also features swipable carousels using Flickable.js.

Shannon Behrens01/07/13
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More Dart HTML5 Goodness

dart-html5-samples is a collection of HTML5 samples written in Dart. Most of them were ported from HTML5 Rocks. There are a couple samples that I want to point out because they're so interesting.

Paul Underwood01/07/13
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Using WordPress New Theme Customiser

If you have a high traffic site a couple hundred people could be on your site and watch you play around with the styles until you get the settings right. With the theme customiser you can just stay in the admin area and see your changes in real-time in a preview panel, without changing the live site.

Hirvesh Munogee01/07/13
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ControlDeck.js - Control HTML5 Presentations Remotely With Node.js

ControlDeck. js is a a JavaScript library which allows you to control HTML5 presentations remotely with Node.js. ControlDeck.js can control several browser-based presentation frameworks like deck.js reveal.js and impress.js.

Mikko Ohtamaa01/07/13
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Testing mobile sites on Android and its emulator

This blog post deals testing mobile sites for Android devices. Android comes with a browser called Android Browser (very Germanic naming habits they have…). It is developed separate from Google Chrome which saw its first mobile release recently.

Hirvesh Munogee01/06/13
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ish. - Viewport Resizer To Test Your Responsive Designs At Different Resolutions

ish. is a viewport resizer which allows you to test your responsive web design at different resolutions.

Mikko Ohtamaa01/06/13
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Testing mobile sites on Nokia Series 60, Series 40 and Meego

This blog post gives you intro how to test mobile sites in Nokia phones, with one exception. Windows Phone phones will have their own blog post following soon after this post.

Hirvesh Munogee01/05/13
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jKit - A Small, Feature-Packed Cross Platform jQuery UI Toolkit

jKit is a small but featured-packed UI toolkit based on jQuery which allows you to to have several common UI components ready to be used on your page. jKit was built to be as small as possible, while providing a stable and consistent API.

Mikko Ohtamaa01/05/13
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Testing mobile sites on Firefox Mobile, Opera Mini and other aftermarket browsers

Firefox Mobile and Opera Mini are popular after market browsers the user can install on their device. They offer additional functionality and speed over the stock browsers. You should also test your mobile sites with these browsers.

Hirvesh Munogee01/04/13
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Workless - A Clean & Classy HTML5, CSS3 Framework

Workless is a clean and classy HTML5 and CSS3 framework which allows you to get up and running with your projects very easily.

Raymond Camden01/04/13
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ColdFusion Quickie - Turning a set of XML nodes into a string.

Yesterday a reader sent me a question concerning XML handling and ColdFusion, and while it was rather simple, I thought others might like to see a quick demo of it as well.

Mikko Ohtamaa01/04/13
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Testing mobile sites on iPhone, iPad and the simulator

iPhone might not be the market leader, but its users are known to be the most picky of phone folk. Thus, always make sure your mobile site works in iPhone. Here are tips for testing your site for iPhone.

Hirvesh Munogee01/04/13
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Supermodel.js - Minimal Model Tracking For Backbone.js

Supermodel. js is a Backbone.js component which provides minimal tracking for models. Often when creating Backbone.js applications, we have several models representing the same server object.

Lakshan Perera01/03/13
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Revisiting JavaScript Objects

While going through some of the proposals such as Minimal Class Definitions, Proxy API and Weak Maps; I noticed most of these enhancements make extensive use of the object manipulation features introduced in ES5 (ie. ECMAScript5 - the current JavaScript standard).

Howard Lewis Ship01/03/13
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Tapestry 5.4: jQuery Support now in place

I've spent the last several months significantly reworking Tapestry 5's client-side JavaScript support, in an effort to move away form the tight binding to Prototype.

Hirvesh Munogee01/03/13
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Arctic.js - A JavaScript Game Engine For Smartphones

Arctic.js is a JavaScript game engine, written specifically with smartphones in mind. It is optimized to run on smartphone browsers as smoothly as possible.

Hirvesh Munogee01/03/13
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Fay - A Proper Subset Of Haskell That Compiles To JavaScript

Fay is a programming language which is a proper subset of the Haskell programming language. The latter language is a general, standardized functional language, with non-strict semantics and strong typing.