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Clark Sell11/13/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #8: Local and Roaming Data

In several of the articles in this series, we’ve mentioned that storing data is not only incredibly important, but also that it’s easy to do, both locally to a device, as well as roaming across the many different devices a user may use.

Niels Matthijs11/13/12
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Writing HTML with your Eyes Closed

I think one of the most important hurdles in the job of any html developer is reading the input he gets without getting caught in the visualization of things.

Gary Sieling11/13/12
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Fixing Issues when ExtJS Charts Don't Render in IE

I’ve encountered several instances where ExtJS charts fail to render in non-obvious ways in IE- these are all with the 3.x branch, but may apply elsewhere.

Clark Sell11/12/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #7: Share Contract

Today we’re going to take the next step and explore one of the features that gets both Jeff and I really excited, Sharing.

Alexander Beletsky11/12/12
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Baby Steps to Backbone.js: Model Validation

Any reliable system is almost impossible without validation. If some field is required or must conform to some particular rule, it should be validated as soon as possible and validation information should be displayed to user.

Paul Underwood11/12/12
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Use Box Model for Easier Widths

Here is a quick tip on working with width's in CSS. There are multiple things that make up the width's of the HTML elements, the width, the padding and any borders on the element.

Clark Sell11/11/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #6: Search Contract

Yesterday we introduced Contracts by exploring how to add Settings to our applications. Today we’re going to build upon that with Search, and tomorrow Share.

Clark Sell11/10/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #5: Settings Contract

Today we are kicking off a series of posts focused on contracts starting with application settings. The chances areday5-charms-side pretty high that your app has them, and you know you hate them.

Clark Sell11/09/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #4: New Controls

There are a lot of controls in WinJS. Today, I have one goal: help you understand the foundation on how all of these pieces fit together.

Clark Sell11/08/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #3: The Splash Screen

Today, we are going to talk about a small, but very important part of the application lifecycle: the splash screen.

Zac Gery11/08/12
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"I'm Not a Front-End Person"

The phrase "I'm not a front-end person" is often uttered by developers. This statement is always disappointing to hear. Learning, experiencing, and becoming an expert at web development is not difficult.

Clark Sell11/07/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #2: Orientation & Snap

Today we are going to talk about screen sizes, and why they are important to Windows 8 development.

Maximiliano Firtman11/07/12
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Mission: Impossible - iPad Mini Detection for HTML5

The biggest question about the new iPad Mini is how to detect it using server-side or client-side techniques. I have bad news for you: it seems impossible.

Mainak Goswami11/06/12
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By Your Command

Imagine a scenario where we have a web page will multiple menus in it. One way of writing this code is to have multiple if-else conditions and executing the actions on each click of the menu.

Clark Sell11/06/12
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31 Days of Windows 8 for HTML5 | Day #1: The Blank App

In the first article of this series, I thought it was important to cover the inner workings of a Windows Store Blank App template in Visual Studio 2012.

Paul Underwood11/06/12
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Using CSS3 Columns

When it comes to designing a website it's really handy to use a grid system to help. For the developer they are great, you don't need to work out any maths when changing the layout of the page.

Raymond Camden11/05/12
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Building a Enabled PhoneGap App - Part 4

In today's entry we're going to add geolocation to the application. This will be supported both in the tip reporting mechanism as well as in the page that fetches tips.

Alexander Beletsky11/05/12
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How to Run Multiple AJAX Requests

Suppose you have a list of resources that you would like to retrieve by means of AJAX. `$.ajax()` (or it's short variants like `$.get()` or `$.post`) is usual way of making AJAX calls, it works great than you need to fetch one.

Paul Hammant11/05/12
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Angular for Designers

I'm going to have another go at explaining one 'best practice' for AngularJS. A colleague asked me "Is it about graceful degradation?", and the answer is no it's not.

Hirvesh Munogee11/04/12
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JavaScript Style Badge - A Visual Fingerprint of your Coding Preferences

JavaScript Style Badge is a visual fingerprint of your coding preferences (and is somewhat similar to the Geek Code).

Merrick Chaffer11/03/12
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Beware the Perils of JavaScript

JavaScript has a few potentially problematic features. For instance, JavaScript has a mechanism that tries to correct faulty programs by automatically inserting semicolons.

Niels Matthijs11/02/12
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The Forgotten Horizontal Web

Horizontal is making big strides forward. Suddenly horizontal is a real thing and guess what ... the web is far from ready for it.

Raymond Camden11/01/12
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Building a Enabled PhoneGap App - Part 3

My goal for today's post is to build the initial layout of the application. That includes the home page, the Add Tip page, and the Get Tips page.

Andrey Prikaznov11/01/12
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Triangle Mesh for 3D Objects in HTML5

Today’s lesson is a bridge between two-dimensional graphics in html5 and truly three-dimensional (using WebGL).

Raymond Camden10/31/12
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Building a Enabled PhoneGap App - Part 2

There are two main technologies I'll be using for this application. They are PhoneGap and Parse. In this blog entry I'm going to focus on the set up steps you'll need to make use of these technologies.