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Andrey Prikaznov10/20/14
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Best Resources For Creating and Prototyping Mobile Apps

Professional web designers and web developers make it their business to create websites, web apps, and mobile apps for all types of clients. In this sense, they require the best tools that the present-day market has to offer.

Max Katz10/20/14
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Creating HTML5/PhoneGap Mobile App with API Backend in 5 Minutes

Here's a quick video tutorial to help you build a solid mobile app database in a short amount of time.

Zenobia Godschalk10/19/14
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How To Dig Your Organization Out of a Mobile Application Backlog

How to evaluate rapid application delivery (RAD) platforms to improve your mobile application capabilities.

Lucie Kruger10/18/14
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Some Noteworthy Tips to Generate Revenue From Your App

If you have created an app but your target audience isn't aware of it, then by adding a user guide to the app, or using some alternatives to sending out push notifications or offering some valuables will let users know about your app; and most likely will encourage them to utilize the app. This will eventually help you generate revenues from it.

John Walter10/17/14
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Ruboto Team Releases Ruboto 1.2.0

In conjunction with the announcement of the Android L preview, the team at Ruboto has released an update to their platform featuring support for Lollipop and the ART runtime.

Raymond Camden10/17/14
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UX Question, Handling Notifications

Lately I've run into two sites that handle notifications in a way that kinda bug me. I wanted to see if it bugs you too. I'm also curious if folks think my ideas for improvement makes sense, or if perhaps something else would be better.

Simon Gladman10/17/14
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Sound Synthesis in Swift: A Core Audio Tone Generator

The other day, Morgan at Swift London mentioned it may be interesting to use my Swift node based user interface as the basis for an audio synthesiser. Always ready for a challenge, I've spent a little time looking into Core Audio to see how this could be done and created a little demonstration app: a multi channel tone generator.

John Walter10/15/14
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Google Unveils Android ‘Lollipop’

Today, Google officially unveiled Android L - Lollipop. DZone has the lowdown of all of the new features.

Marcelo Jabali10/15/14
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Working with Device Information in the Oracle Mobile Application Framework

With the proliferation of new device models, form factors and operating systems, you may be thinking about the challenges to make your application work handle all of these different device properties information as there may be features that rely on specific characteristics or capabilities.

Raymond Camden10/15/14
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Cordova and Large Asset Downloads - An Abstract

Doing something a bit different today. A PhoneGap user contacted me yesterday with an interesting problem. He and I discussed it over a quick Google Hangout, and I thought I'd write up some thoughts about our discussion.

Simon Gladman10/14/14
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Swift: When removeFromSuperview() Is Not Enough

I've just added a little menu button with pop out UIAlertController to my Swift node based user interface demonstration. Along with options to change the selected node's type, it also allows the user to delete the current node.

Juhani Lehtimaki10/14/14
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Navigation Drawer - Where Does it Belong in the View Hierarchy?

Sometimes you have to break the old to create new. When the Navigation Drawer pattern became a part of the Google's design guideline for Android it was clearly defined and the implementation was available of devs to use.

Chris Beauchamp10/14/14
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7 Metrics You Must Know

We’ve gathered the top 7 stats to know to ensure mobile works for you. These 7 metrics will help you make your case in using mobile as a key enabler for your organization.

Doug Winfield10/13/14
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Why iOS Developers Still Need to Know Objective-C

I remember it all so well, I was at WWDC 2014, when Apple first announced a new programming language for iOS called Swift. The first thought that passed through the minds of most attendees was something along the lines of: wait.. what?

Francesco Azzola10/13/14
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Android Promoted Actions: Floating Action Button (FAB)

Recently new design patterns were introduced in Android. One of the most known pattern is the Promoted Actions.

Jorge Ramon10/13/14
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jQuery Mobile Tutorial: User Registration, Login and Logout Screens for the Meeting Room Booking App

In this jQuery Mobile tutorial we will create the screens that will handle user registration, login and logout in a real-world Meeting Room Booking application.

Chris Beauchamp10/10/14
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Developer Tips To Improve iOS8 App Transition

A year ago Apple released iOS7, which represented the largest visual overhaul in iOS history. While the recently-released iOS8 didn’t have a flashy new interface, the vast amount of changes under-the-hood made for another big jump in the operating system.

Igor Kulman10/10/14
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What To Put On the About Screen of Your Windows Phone App

The about screen of a Windows Phone app is usually the most overlooked part of the app. Sure, the users usually visit it only once, after installing the app, if ever, but it is a part of your Windows Phone app that you could put to a good use.

Bill Jones10/10/14
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5/5 Informative and Definitive Guide to Mobile Forensics

5/5 Informative and Definitive Guide to Mobile Forensics

Francesco Azzola10/09/14
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Control Sphero Using Temperature Sensor In Android

In this post I want to introduce a new way to use our Android phone and explain how we can use it to control Sphero ball.

Mehul Rajput10/09/14
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Mobile Developers Should Get Accustomed with Onboarding Techniques

Displaying onboarding screen for first time user may or may not help you and your users. In most cases, it gives good impressions over the minds of most users. Therefore, learning various onboarding techniques in contemporary designing is an essential step towards the success.

Simon Gladman10/08/14
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Creating a Node Based User Interface for iOS Using Swift

I've long been a fan of node based user interfaces and I've been coding various implementations from my first Flex version back in 2008 up to my recent Adobe AIR based Nodality image compositing app for iPads.

Paul Hammant10/08/14
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Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development

This started as a regurgitation of the wisdom of Chris Stephenson – CTO of 955 Dreams who make the acclaimed Band of the Day mobile app (and others). He’s also a much-missed ex ThoughtWorker. We had lunch on Friday.

Troy Miles10/07/14
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Getting Started Building Mobile Apps with the Ionic Framework

Let's learn how to start building mobile apps with the Ionic Framework. If you aren't hip to Ionic, don't worry. It is a relatively new framework. At the time this post was written the current version is: 1.0.0 beta 13, not quite release version, but pretty close.

Marco Siccardi10/06/14
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Helper Class to Handle In-App-Products (IAP) Licenses on Windows Phone (SL)

Like a lot of other apps, also UniShare got hit by an outage in the licensing system of the Windows Phone Store recently. Here is my solution for durable IAP.