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Max Katz11/20/14
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How To Build a Farmers Market Search Hybrid Mobile App

This video shows how to build a Farmers Market search app based on a zip code. The app has two pages. The first page allows to search for farmers markets by entering a zip code. The second page shows details for a selected farmers market.

Courtney Symons11/20/14
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Don't Get Caught with Your App Down on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

It's been said that a man's life can be defined by one key moment, one decision, or, maybe most importantly, a lack of a decision. I've come to learn that something similar can be said of an ecommerce company or ecommerce app on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Lauren Clapper11/20/14
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The Apple WatchKit is Now Available for Devs. What Does that Mean for Mobile?

On Tuesday, Apple announced the release of Watchkit for developers to create apps for the Apple Watch, set to be released sometime in 2015. Is it the death of mobile apps as we know it? Or are they changing the game by improving it?

Lauren Clapper11/19/14
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The New Facebook Groups App is Keeping Up with Your Needs

Facebook released its new Groups App for iOS and Android this past Tuesday. Here's a look inside what it is, what it can do for you, and how Facebook might be facing its demographic change.

Rick Delgado11/19/14
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Desktop-as-a-Service and BYOD: Two Growing Complementary Trends

BYOD and DaaS are both growing trends that are making bigger impacts in the business world with each passing year. One of the reasons both are growing at such a steady pace is how they work together so effectively.

Tony Siciliani11/19/14
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Android Tips: Add an On/Off Toggle for a Widget

When we need to give to users of our apps the ability to switch on/off a given feature, we automatically think of check boxes, toggle buttons or switches. If we’re looking for something entirely different, there are other ways to give users a visual feedback on whether a given feature is enabled or not, such as icons.

Matt Lacey11/19/14
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How to Add a Twitter Feed to Your App Studio App

I've recently released an app for the UK based charity Toilet Twinning. The app started life in App Studio but I wanted to add the ability to show tweets from a specific account in the app. This post is an attempt to address this and show how to add a twitter feed to an app studio app.

Lauren Clapper11/18/14
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Nokia's N1: Is It Just Another iPad Imitator?

Only months after selling its device business to Microsoft, Nokia has announced its N1 tablet. While it might look familiar to you, it has some slick features that will set it apart from its competitors.

Juhani Lehtimaki11/18/14
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The State of Android Hardware Companion Apps

Time after time I keep running to this same issue: hardware companies don't get Android.

Michael Crump11/18/14
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Why iOS Developers Still Need to Know Objective-C

Even with all the advantages that Swift has to offer with iOS, nothing beats its big brother, Objective-C. Here are the reasons it still pays off to still learn the language - even if you want to jump straight into Swift.

Mehul Rajput11/18/14
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Improving Your Google App Play Rankings – The Smart Way

After all the time and effort that you have invested into getting that Android app, you now need to focus solely on ranking your app at the top of the Play Store. The number of downloads its getting and the people who are satisfied using it together tell you how successful your app truly is!

Val Huber11/18/14
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5 Critical REST Services for Mobile Developers

Having built REST servers from scratch, I can confidently say that building REST server from scratch takes a lot of code and time. To save you time, here are the five critical REST services your team must have in order to stand up to the test of building an enterprise mobile back-end server.

Lammert Westerhoff11/17/14
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iOS Localization Tricks for Storyboard and NIB Files

Localization in iOS from Interface Builder designed UI has never been without any problems. In this post I'll show a couple of tricks that can help with the Localization of Storyboard and Nib files.

Marco Siccardi11/16/14
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How to capture a photo in your Windows Phone 8.1 Runtime app - Part I: The Preview of the Photo to Capture

With the recent release of the public beta of RandR, I also learned a lot about taking photos from within an Windows Phone 8.1 app. There are several differences to Windows Phone 8, so I decided to start this three part series on how to capture a photo in your app.

Burke Holland11/14/14
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Adding Real World Context to Mobile Apps with Beacons

There are affordable ways to leverage the power of beacons as a promotional tool, even for smaller businesses. Introducing Estimotes! For the purposes of this tutorial, I’m going to demonstrate how to create a more ‘civic hack’ type of project, an app for a public library.

Jari Timonen11/14/14
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Getting Started with Windows Phone 8 Development

So, you got tools to getting started with Windows Phone 8 Development, but don’t know how to do it? How do I design my UI? In this post I will try to answer to these questions.

Sushrut Padhye11/13/14
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The Major Drawbacks of Android

Ever wondered why people prefer iPhones over Android phones despite of the many amazing features and technologies that Android phones have? Well, although Android OS as well as the phones are ahead in the technology race, there are some major flaws in Android which ruin the entire experience.

Lauren Clapper11/10/14
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Why Does Silicon Valley Hate Android?

With Android making up 85% of the worldwide device market, why is it that Silicon Valley-ites continue to dislike developing for the OS?

Lauren Clapper11/10/14
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Microsoft is Set to Release Its Latest Lumia Phone This Week

Microsoft's latest Lumia phone is set for a full reveal November 11.

Lauren Clapper11/07/14
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Microsoft Wants You Back

Microsoft may not be as trendy and hip as Apple (see: Urban Dictionary’s definition of a “hipster”), but its three reveals this past week might be about to change all that.

Lauren Clapper11/06/14
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Give Your Code a Shot of Caffeine

Percolate promises that the Caffeine library will speed up development for Android - as Java, in their own words, can be very “verbose.”

Burke Holland11/05/14
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What Android 5.0’s Auto-Updating WebView Means for Mobile Apps

For years, hybrid development has been plagued by the the slow, buggy, and difficult-to-debug Android WebView. Now, with Android 5.0, Android has introduced a game-changing new feature: updatable WebViews.

Lauren Clapper11/05/14
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Getting to the Center of Google's Lollipop

You’ve probably heard that Android is developing a new operating system called “Lollipop." So, what’s in store for this software upgrade?

Burke Holland11/05/14
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Adding Native Touches to Your Hybrid App

Designing hybrid apps can be difficult. The challenge is to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build apps that feel at home on multiple mobile platforms with different UI paradigms, but we frequently overlook the fact that Cordova gives us access to native OS UI components directly.

Alex Curylo11/04/14
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SceneKit and Swift

Hmmm, looks like we’ve managed to completely overlook the existence of SceneKit in the annals herein thus far, even though it’s been around for a couple years on OS X now.