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Alec Noller10/30/13
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Basho Announces Riak 2.0 Technical Preview

Basho announced yesterday that the Technical Preview of Riak 2.0 is now available. RICON West is currently under way in San Francisco (yesterday and today) and more Riak 2.0 updates are likely forthcoming, but many changes have already been announced.

Antoine Girbal10/29/13
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How to Speed Up MongoDB MapReduce by 20x

Analytics is becoming an increasingly important topic with MongoDB since it is in use for more and more large critical projects, and MongoDB offers two ways to analyze data in-place: MapReduce and the Aggregation Framework. In this article, you'll learn how to take on MongoDB's MapReduce.

Mark Needham10/29/13
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Neo4j and Cypher: Profiling ORDER BY LIMIT vs. LIMIT

Something the author has seen people get confused by when writing queries using Neo4j’s cypher query language is the sometimes significant difference in query execution time when using ‘LIMIT’ on its own compared to using it in combination with ‘ORDER BY’. This article addresses that confusion.

Antoine Girbal10/28/13
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How to Use MongoDB as a Pure In-memory DB (Redis Style)

There has been a growing interest in using MongoDB as an in-memory database, meaning that the data is not stored on disk at all. This can be super useful for several types of applications...

Mitch Pronschinske10/25/13
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MongoDB for C#

Simon Elliston Ball has an excellent presentation for using MongoDB in the .NET world. Get the full list of resources and GitHub demo code here.

Andreas Kollegger10/25/13
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GraphConnect 2013: Videos and Recap

The GraphConnect 2013 conference is over, but the ideas are still churning for many who attended. See some of the presentations and sights that they saw...

Mark Needham10/24/13
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Neo4j: Exploring New Data Sets With Help from the Neo4j Browser

One of the things that is difficult when looking at a new Neo4j database is working out the structure of the data it contains. The Neo4j browser alleviates this difficulty.

Mitch Pronschinske10/23/13
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MongoDB: Genius? Folly? Both?

MongoDB doesn't really bring much new stuff to the table. Whereas Cassandra has an innovative consistency protocol, Redis has "crazy data structures," and Hadoop has powerful batch data-processing abilities, MongoDB has mmap. But that's okay.

Mitch Pronschinske10/22/13
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Antifragile Architecture with Cassandra

Even with the best infrastructure, failures will occur without warning and are almost guaranteed. Building applications that can resist this fact of life can be both art and science.

Mitch Pronschinske10/21/13
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R and MongoDB

Watch as Dr. Markus Schmidberger shows you how to make wonderful statistical programs with a simple MongoDB backend and the statistical programming language, R.

Mitch Pronschinske10/21/13
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Massive Data Modeling w/ Cassandra

This talk will focus on practical data modeling and access in Cassandra using CQL3. We’ll cover nested data structures; different types of primary keys; and the many shapes your tables can take.

Mitch Pronschinske10/20/13
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FoundationDB - NoSQL and ACID

Learn from FoundationDB co-founder, Dave Rosenthal, about the history of NoSQL, problems that have arisen due to a lack of data consistency in NoSQL, his views on the CAP Theorem and where it's all headed.

Seth Proctor10/18/13
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Automation 2.0: NuoDB 2.0 Released

Multi-region, automated database management is the the next big step for NuoDB, which reached version 2.0 this week.

Reza Rahman10/17/13
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Using NoSQL with EclipseLink and JPA?

NoSQL is obviously a hot topic in the enterprise these days, at least at the water cooler if not in the production data center.

Andreas Kollegger10/17/13
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Introducing Neo4j's Browser in Neo4j 2.0 M6

Neo4j Browser debuted at the recent Graph Connect in San Francisco, with a live preview during the keynote. Now the browser is public, and you can download it to try it out yourself.

Mitch Pronschinske10/16/13
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Major Use Case: Adobe Moved Neo4j From Data Center to the Cloud

See how it looks when an application based on the open source graph database Neo4j makes the big switch to cloud infrastructure. This was Adobe, so it had to be done right.

Zardosht Kasheff10/16/13
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Introducing TokuMX Clustering Indexes for MongoDB

In this post, I introduce an extension we’ve made to the indexing API: clustering indexes, a tool that can tremendously improve query performance.

Mitch Pronschinske10/15/13
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What's the Best Development Resource You've Ever Found?

Once in a while, we find development resources that are really remarkable in the amount of great information they provide and other resources that they aggregate. What are some of the best programming resources (not including documentation) that you've ever found?

Mark Needham10/15/13
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Neo4j / Cypher: Getting Rid of an Optional Match

I was looking back over some of the queries I wrote for my football data set and I came across one I’d written to work out how many goals players scored in matches that were televised.

Zardosht Kasheff10/15/13
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Comparing MongoDB, MySQL, and TokuMX Data Layout

MySQL forces rows to fit a schema, with some value for each column (including NULL), whereas MongoDB documents only force a document to have an _id field. TokuMX, TokuDB, and InnoDB cluster an index that can be thought of as a primary key, and use that primary key as a row identifier for secondary indexes.

Lukas Eder10/14/13
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On MongoDB’s Success. Or, Do Not Let Cynicism Kill Your Spirit

Success is a strange beast. On the bright side and true to entrepreneurial spirit, people admire those who are obviously successful. But there's also a dark side, where the cynicism of the community comes out.

Mitch Pronschinske10/13/13
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The Blogging Programmer's Style Guide: Quirky Software Names

Have you ever been confused about whether you need to capitalize "node.js" or whether you should write "Angular.js", "AngularJS", or just "Angular"? Project names are a common writing inconsistency I see across developer blogs.

Stefan Armbruster10/13/13
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Nice Addition Back in Neo4j 1.9.1: Closeable ExecutionResult

A lot of Neo4j users might not have explored this small but very helpful addition yet, so here's a short synopsis of it.

Mitch Pronschinske10/11/13
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New Cassandra Release Features Rapid Read Protection

One feature that didn't make it into the massive Cassandra 2.0 release was the rapid read protection feature, but it's here now in this week's 2.0.2 release. According to Cassandra frontman Johnathan Ellis, "Rapid read protection allows Cassandra to tolerate node failure without dropping a single request."

Don Pinto10/11/13
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Libcouchbase with C++ and Threads (1/2)

See the new capabilities in the "more standard" set of C++ bindings for libcouchbase. Libcouchbase is the Couchbase client for C and C++.