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Ayende Rahien09/12/13
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RavenDB 2.5 Features Explored and Demonstrated

RavenDB creator Ayende Rahien discusses the latest version of RavenDB with Oren Eini. Check out the video...

Mitch Pronschinske09/12/13
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How the MongoDB Devs Use Go

The developers working on MongoDB have started using the Go language in a couple of projects. One around cloud backup capabilities and the other is a continuous integration tool.

Allen Coin09/11/13
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Dev of the Week: Duncan Brown

This week we're talking to Duncan "The Mad Grapher" Brown, graph-based database enthusiast, and wearer of many hats.

Mitch Pronschinske09/11/13
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A NoSQL Schema Evolution Language

Many NoSQL data stores have the advantage of being schema-free (although the data still has an implicit structure). However, NoSQL stores don't have convenient schema management tools for when the schema evolves with the application. Meet the NoSQL schema evolution language.

Mitch Pronschinske09/11/13
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STEFFI Joins the Graph DB Ecosystem

A new distributed graph database made its debut recently, saying it's comparable to Neo4j and Titan. The new database, called STEFFI, is in-memory and claims that it has recorded better performance metrics than Titan and Neo4j in several benchmarks.

Mitch Pronschinske09/11/13
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Don't Make Your Database Server Sad (Neo4j Humor)

The Neo4j README makes it very clear that you are not to delete the core Java libraries. Why? Read the screenshot tweet in this post

Mitch Pronschinske09/11/13
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Running RiakCS Locally

There's a new tutorial up on how to set up setup (the cloud flavor of Riak NoSQL) from source. The author also makes it really simple if you just want to clone the Vagrant setup he runs.

Lukas Eder09/10/13
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PostgreSQL 9.3 - Done!

A great database has just gotten better. PostgreSQL 9.3 has been released this week. While improved reliability and availability are certainly some of the more thrilling additions, from the jOOQ perspective, the most interesting features are new SQL syntax elements.

Mitch Pronschinske09/10/13
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Getting Started With Riak's New Distributed Solr Feature, Yokozuna

Have you heard of Yokozuna? It's an awesome new feature of Riak. It bakes in a Solr instance to run with each Riak node in your cluster. Software blogger Drew Kerrigan has created a tutorial to build a robust search engine on the Sinatra micro framework using this feature.

Mitch Pronschinske09/10/13
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New Neo4j Vizualization and Exploration Product

A company focused on graph data visualization and transversal, Linkcurious, just announced a new product for exploring and visualizing data stored in Neo4j. It basically gives you the power and usability similar to Facebook's Social Graph for your own data.

Mitch Pronschinske09/09/13
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Cassandra is a Top 10 DB

According to the latest rankings from, Cassandra just edged Teradata in the overall database rankings for the 10th spot. The jump was probably caused by the lead-up to the Cassandra 2.0 release.

Mitch Pronschinske09/09/13
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OrientDB Hotfix 1.5.1

The recent 1.5 release of OrientDB just got a hotfix release. Seven bugs have been fixed for this release. For those of you unfamiliar with OrientDB, here's a recap.

René Pickhardt09/06/13
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Titan Can Handle 2400 Concurrent Users Against a Graph Cluster in Real-Time

Sorry to start with a conclusion first… To me Titan graph seems to be the egg-laying wool-milk-sow that people would dream of when working with graph data.

Marc Fasel09/06/13
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The Joys of Redis

It’s very rare that a project can cause an engineer to get excited about the prospect of working with a database the engineer has never worked with previously, especially when it’s a relational one.

Andreas Kollegger09/06/13
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Neo4j 1.9.3 Released

This week we're pleased to release Neo4j 1.9.3. This is a bugfix release in the 1.9.x series and has no new features (though it does restore an old way of registering unmanaged extensions with the server).

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis09/06/13
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PyMongo 2.6.1 Released With Refleak Fix

Bernie Hackett and I released PyMongo 2.6.1 yesterday. This version fixes a bug in PyMongo 2.6, a reference-count leak in insert() that caused memory to grow slowly without bound. Please upgrade immediately.

Mitch Pronschinske09/05/13
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Cassandra 2.0 Goes GA – Requires Java 7

The headlining features in 2.0 are lightweight transactions, CQL enhancements, and triggers. But 2.0 also features a lot of internal optimizations and improvements!

Robert Diana09/04/13
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NoSQL Job Trends: August 2013

MongoDB continues to lead the pack with a big jump in demand since the beginning of 2013. The other major players, Cassandra, HBase and Redis have seen similar increases in 2013.

Mitch Pronschinske09/04/13
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Decibel Music Discovery Moving to Neo4j

Music services (and really any sort of entertainment databases with genres) are becoming prime candidates for graph databases. Decibel is the latest company to realize that the RDBMS they started with is not going to be the most efficient model for data as they scale out their application.

Trisha Gee09/04/13
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How to get started with the new MongoDB Java Driver

The second in my short series of blogs about the new Java driver is now available for your perusal.

Mitch Pronschinske09/04/13
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Install HBase in Pseudo-Distributed Mode on Ubuntu 13.4

HBase has two types of "distributed mode." One being fully-distributed, with daemons spread across all nodes in the cluster, and pseudo-distributed, where there can be multiple nodes but all the daemons are running on a single node.

Mitch Pronschinske09/03/13
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The 5 Graphs You Meet in Telecos

Learn about the five graphs of telecommunications, and how companies like Deutsche Telekom, Maaii, Telenor and HP are now using graph databases in their everyday business.

Thomas Kratz09/03/13
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From Hibernate to MongoDB - Part 2

See what issues and solutions this developer ran into when he decided to switch to another approach with EclipseLink, which has JPA/MongoDB support too.

Seth Proctor09/03/13
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NuoDB 1.2 SQL Stored Procedures

One of the new preview features of the NuoDB NewSQL DBMS 1.2 is the addition of SQL stored procedures to the toolbox that users have at their disposal.

Thomas Kratz09/02/13
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From Hibernate to MongoDB, Part 1

Hear about one developer's working proof of concept for changing his persistence layer from Hibernate/Hibernate Search to MongoDB.