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Christopher Blake11/22/14
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IBM Verse Takes Centre Stage delivering a New Way to Work

If you have been following my Blog posts of late you would have noticed a trend developing in my discussions about the role of eMail and its deficiencies the way people use it today.

Adi Gaskell11/22/14
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How TechShop is bringing the sharing economy to manufacturing

The sharing economy has thrust the concept of paying purely for what you use firmly into the mainstream. Whereas historically we would regard buying a car, and then not using it for 95% of its life, as very much the norm. Now though, we regard it as perfectly normal, and infinitely more sensible, to pay for a car as and when we need it.

Hearsay Social11/22/14
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Technology, the changing workplace, and entrepreneurship at Web Summit

Earlier this month, Hearsay Social CEO Clara Shih took center stage at Web Summit in Dublin to discuss the future of business with the technology industry’s most influential leaders–including Peter Thiel (Founder, Founders Fund,...

Adi Gaskell11/21/14
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Bringing the sharing economy to event spaces

Earlier this year I wrote about an Australian start-up that was aiming to apply some of the principles of open innovation to the way events are run.

Interact Intran...11/21/14
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How to win a free Interact Intranet for your non profit

Calling all non-profits, you only have until November 28th to enter our competition to win a free intranet with Interact Intranet. So if you haven’t entered yet I’m going to give you a little bit of help to make it easier for you to do so by showing you the winning entries from last year’s competition.

Adi Gaskell11/21/14
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Using Wikipedia to fight flu

The idea of using the way we search or the information we share on social media to track and monitor the spread of flu is not a new one. For instance, a Kansas State University project from a few years ago used social media content to both track and prevent the spread of disease.

Mark Morrell11/21/14
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It’s time for a change

I have been fortunate to work with and view many sites, intranets, digital workplaces, mobile and collaborative spaces since 1996. Many technology features and fads aimed at helping people have a good experience have come and gone.

Adi Gaskell11/20/14
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3 things to understand about yourself if feedback is to stick

Feedback is something that we desperately need if we’re to continuously improve our skills and knowledge. Whilst the receipt of positive feedback is something we crave, many of us are much less adept when it comes to receiving negative feedback.

Oscar Berg11/20/14
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The Collaboration Pyramid revisited

There has been a lot of buzz on Twitter recently about The Collaboration Pyramid model that I developed a few years ago. It started when Helen Bevan shared a redrawn version by Jim Farrell.

Adi Gaskell11/20/14
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Research explores how you can cultivate influence on Twitter

As Twitter has grown in size and importance, there have been a number of attempts to understand what contributes to success (or not). For instance there have been various studies into what encourages people to retweet your updates.

Troy Hunt11/20/14
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Does an Insecure Website Compromise the Security of a Payment System in an Iframe?

Everyone remembers the problem with SSL 3, right? But we’re also seeing SSL 2 supported. In this post, I will analyze the assertion that the security proposition of the merchant’s site is inconsequential so long as the payment provider is in ship shape.

Anthony Ferrier11/19/14
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Twitter Chat: The Value of Internal Networks for Open Innovation

This Twitter Chat examines the growing trend of companies building strong employee-focused networks in order to support their innovation efforts, with a special focus on the value driven to open innovation.

Adi Gaskell11/19/14
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New services aim to prove trust in the sharing economy

Whilst it’s probably a stretch too far to suggest we’re living in the free agent nation immortalized by Dan Pink, it’s no doubt true that more people are trading online in a variety of ways, whether as part of the sharing economy or via platforms such as oDesk and GitHub.

Mark Morrell11/19/14
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Are you moving to the Cloud?

I recently posted about the challenges organisations face as they move from having online content and tools hosted firmly on their estate to renting space in the cloud.

Adi Gaskell11/18/14
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Is credibility stopping you from innovating?

It’s fairly well known that our workplaces are not ideal environments for giving or receiving feedback. Despite the fundamental role it plays in the formation of a sense and respond enterprise, many of our organizations are a veritable feedback desert.

Bloomfire Marketing11/18/14
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Calculating the ROI of Enterprise Collaboration

We know determining the ROI of enterprise collaboration software isn’t easy, that’s why we’ve created another tool to help you justify your spend.

Adi Gaskell11/18/14
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Is a networked executive bad news?

Networking has always been important in business, and nowhere more so than in the boardroom. For instance, various reports have highlighted the crucial role social networks play in the success of a start-up, with one even suggesting that the networking style of the founder can accurately predict the success of that venture.

Hearsay Social11/17/14
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Ignore, innovate or die: A new era for financial services firms and advisors

At the recent LIMRA Annual conference, innovation and opportunity took center stage. The theme of this year’s conference was “The Leadership Challenge: Connecting in a Distracted World,” highlighting for executive-level conference attendees the importance of evolving their firms to grow their business in today’s digital era.

Adi Gaskell11/17/14
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How you can network smarter at conferences

Networking is not something that comes easily to many people. Indeed, to some it’s something that makes them feel positively dirty. It’s perhaps not surprising therefore that over the years, a variety of tools and applications have hit the market to try and make networking easier and more effective.

Oscar Berg11/17/14
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Sharing is our competitive advantage

The key to a successful enterprise is to activate people’s innate drive and ability to share what they know with each other. That drive and ability is also why we are only human species walking the earth today.

Adi Gaskell11/16/14
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Research highlights the best form of collaboration for start-ups

It makes sense that for a start-up to thrive, they will need to develop a strong network of partners that can help them achieve the growth they aspire to. This network will offer them the scale and resources required to punch above their weight.

Matt Ballantine11/16/14
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Crisis management

I was chatting with a former colleague over coffee yesterday, and he was recounting how his company recently went through a business continuity exercise. When I say “exercise”, I mean that his company lost power to their offices for a number of days and they had to work out what the hell to do.

Adi Gaskell11/16/14
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The role of social media in crime

One of the earliest posts I made on this blog was around the time of the riots in London in 2011. It transpired that many of the thugs out looting London’s streets were co-ordinating their efforts via social and mobile networks.

Adi Gaskell11/15/14
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The road to employee disengagement starts early

It’s widely known that employee engagement is in pretty dire straights. As befitting a topic of such importance, there have been no shortage of efforts to improve, or at least better understand the situation. After all, it’s said to cost $500 billion a year in lost productivity for American companies alone.

Highq Collaborate11/15/14
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Understanding the venture capital process: the four stages

Let’s talk stats for a minute… Venture capital (VC) investing has remained around the 12 year average for the last five years and 2014’s forecast is looking strong.