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Cormac Reynolds 09/12/14
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What Marketers Should Learn from the Ice Bucket Challenge

The ice bucket challenge has been a huge success - so what should marketers learn from the phenomenon ?

Tracy Vides09/01/14
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6 Copy Writing Secrets from the Masters

Words have the power to bring about revolutions. How do those of master wordsmiths make the world sit up and take notice, while most of ours fall on deaf ears?

Michael Georgiou08/14/14
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Mobile App Marketing: 5 Strategies to Boost Your App Downloads

Here are 5 marketing strategies that can help get your app discovered, thereby helping you boost your app’s download.

Bootstrap Mark...07/11/14
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SEO – Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It

SEO has been greatly on ours mind recently – and that’s not necessarily a good thing. As a sports fan, SEO is starting to feel an awful lot like the drugs-in-sports controversy – the more drugs testing is implemented, the more creative the drugs labs get – and I’m starting to feel the same about Google and SEO.

Michael Brenner06/27/14
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More Than A Thousand Words: The Power of Visual Storytelling

It’s no surprise that the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” was coined by one of the leading editors of the 20th century.

Christopher Taylor06/27/14
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Does your marketing have relevance? How do you know?

By definition, for something to be relevant, it needs to be important to the matter at hand. For marketing, the matter at hand was once simply reaching the public’s consciousness through mass media with hopes that your product would be remembered at buying time.

Adi Gaskell04/28/14
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Cancer sites failing readability tests

With my other half working in the healthcare industry, we regularly have discussions around the topic, and in particular at the various processes involved in promoting positive (ie healthy) behaviours.

Michael Brenner04/24/14
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The Critical Ingredients Of Effective Demand Generation

Demand Generation is one of the most critical components of B2B Marketing. And yet, demand generation skills are rare in B2B Marketers.

Michael Brenner04/06/14
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Why Brands Need To Act Like Publishers

I was recently interviewed by News 360 on Why Brands Need To Act Like Publishers? This is a huge question on the minds of many marketing leaders and practitioners alike. So here are some excerpts of my views on why brands need to think and act like publishers.

Michael Brenner03/31/14
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Business Buyers Relying More On 3rd Party Content

New content marketing research by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council reveals insight-hungry business buyers are increasingly reliant on trusted third-party information to make more educated decisions.

Michael Brenner03/25/14
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What Is Content Marketing? It’s Starts With Culture!

I was recently interviewed by an international business rag on content marketing. They asked me things like what is it, why anyone should care, how to do it well, etc.

Israel Rothman03/20/14
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Do Business in Societal Change Aided by Technology in 2014

Imagine being offered a job which included housing, schooling, upward mobility, food, shelter, safety - where you could start as a server, or janitor, or gardener, or laborer, or at any level, and work your way up, becoming rounded as you go; leave any time you wish.

Christopher Taylor02/27/14
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Sochi 2014 and the future of marketing

Coverage of the Olympic games in Sochi gives us beautiful insight into the future of marketing. This is the first time we’ve seen wholesale use of drones, sequential photography, and the use of virtual leader linesto show how competitors stack up in every race that has a finish line.

Michael Brenner01/03/14
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Top Marketing Predictions For 2014

Last year in my 2013 marketing predictions post, I predicted that content marketing would mature in many organizations, that brands would take themselves out of the stories they tell and finally put an end to the notion that marketing equals promotion.

Alex Strike12/30/13
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How To Write To Please Google Penguin

When Google's new algorithm named Penguin appeared, many websites owners had to change their approach to working with content in order to stay afloat. The time of good and natural texts has come, and it's better to know how to write these texts if you want to please Google Penguin and not to be banned.

Kyle Gregory12/17/13
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Facebook Marketing in 2014 with the New Timeline Layout

Social media marketing is the perfect way to reach millions of people each and every day. Facebook marketing is one of the best forms of social media marketing because you do not have to deal with the same restrictions that you do with other social media outlets.

Adi Gaskell12/17/13
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Weak ties are the key to getting retweeted

As Twitter has risen as a social network, so too have the number of studies and articles proposing the secrets to Twitter success. This attention is perhaps not surprising given the considerable influence the site has on the way ideas spread.

Michael Brenner12/07/13
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The 2014 Content Marketing Imperative

We’ve heard it time and time again: according to the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) almost 60% of the buyer journey is complete before prospects reach out to vendors.

Paul Andrews12/01/13
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How to Improve Your Facebook Timeline Cover for Conversions

One thing that people don’t necessarily think about with their Facebook timeline cover is getting conversions out of it. That’s fine as you are getting started, but at some point it should enter into the equation.

Adi Gaskell11/29/13
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Is e-commerce colour blind?

The famous New Yorker cartoon opined that on the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog. It portrayed a world where image was a rather transient thing, and participation online was more of a meritocratic process than is often the case in the real world, where our prejudices can flavour how we engage with others.

Adi Gaskell11/28/13
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Another reason why snooping on candidates social media is bad

With the rise of social networks it has become easier than ever to dig beneath the veneer of a CV and learn a whole lot about a job candidate during the recruitment process. An entire industry has emerged around this to help and advise individuals on how they can manage their personal brands online.

Paul Andrews11/28/13
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Old Advice - Beware of Things That Go Buzz

Things that buzz are often dangerous and can result in a nasty sting. There’s been a lot of buzz around social network marketing in recent months; so much so that some famous names have floated themselves on the stock markets.

Paul Andrews11/27/13
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10 Reason Why Google Lost The Social Media War

Google+ lost about 60 percent of its users in the recent past. This was a huge blow to the company since closure of some its divisions like Google Labs in order to concentrate more on the social media.

Paul Andrews11/21/13
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A handy guide to running successful Facebook competitions

It’s widely accepted that one of the quickest ways to grow your following on social media is to run a competition. While great content and engaging conversation is all fine and dandy, nothing gets new followers flocking to your social profiles quite like a giveaway.

Michael Georgiou11/03/13
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The Benefits of Having a Business Blog

The word easy keeps coming up in this article for a reason. Business blogging doesn’t have to be hard, even when maintaining one.