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Tinu Awopetu07/27/09
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NetBeans IDE 6.7.1 with JavaFX Now Available for Download!

The NetBeans Team is pleased to announce the release of NetBeans IDE 6.7.1, which supports the latest JavaFX SDK. Download NetBeans 6.7.1 (A JavaFX-only download bundle is also available.) NetBeans IDE 6.7.1 is an update to NetBeans IDE 6.7 and includes the...

Rick Ross02/14/08
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Welcome to DZone's new IndicZone community for Indian IT Pros

Let me welcome all of you to the new DZone community for one of the most important and fastest growing groups in the worldwide IT scene: Indian developers and IT professionals. No matter where you look, if something interesting is happening on the IT and...

Adi Gaskell09/17/14
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Using a hackathon as part of your recruitment strategy

I’ve written a bit about hackathons recently, as they seem to be growing in popularity as a means of attracting outsiders to tackle particular problems facing an organization.

Christopher Taylor09/17/14
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Death of the enterprise salesman

The enterprise sales rep, as we know them, is dying a quick death. That doesn’t mean that enterprise selling is over by any means. All organizations need software, on-premise and cloud, as much and even more than ever before.

Adi Gaskell09/17/14
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How consensus forms on social networks

Social networks are undoubtedly a major part of modern life, and an increasingly common aspect of organizational life. There has been considerable discussion around the value of such networks however, particularly when it comes to forming opinions.

Highq Collaborate09/17/14
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Employee absence

Simplify the employee absence monitoring process by using this simple iSheets solution. Instead of manually filling in a paper form that will be stored in their employment file, employees can fill in an online form where they can quickly complete their absence record for holiday or sickness and attach all relevant documentation.

Adi Gaskell09/16/14
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Hackathon aims to bring innovations to healthcare

Hackathons are certainly not new affairs, but it’s interesting to see the verve with which the healthcare industry have taken to the format.

Mark Morrell09/16/14
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Can you risk your sensitive information leaking?

Can you risk your sensitive information leaking? Many organisations find it difficult to see the benefits from publishing standards. I remove the barriers to show the benefits from each publishing standard in my next few posts.

Adi Gaskell09/16/14
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The viral nature of management

There’s a nice psychological quirk called the pygmalion effect. It was first coined by Harvard researchers Robert Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobsen, who observed that students performed better when their teachers believed they had the potential to be great.

Jive Community09/16/14
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How I Work: An Interview with Aimee McCuen from Cox Automotive

I met Aimee at the Atlanta User Group Meeting in June. Starting a new job, traveling to a new city, and meeting a room full of people was a little stressful for me.

Adi Gaskell09/16/14
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A social network for algorithms launches

Over the past few years we’ve seen a fascinating shift in how organizations have been managing their redundant and un-used intellectual property.

Jive Community09/15/14
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Millennial Workers: Ready or Not, Here They Come

Millennials are so hot right now. It seems everywhere you turn on the internet there's another study, story or survey focused on millennials and how they work (or don't).

Adi Gaskell09/15/14
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Inside the mind of the workplace radical

I’ve written a few times in recent times about the innate courage in the innovator. To innovate often requires the individual to stand alone, often against quite significant foes, in order to get their ideas and thoughts out there.

Bloomfire Marketing09/15/14
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How LIVESTRONG Foundation Unite Employees and Volunteers in Improving the Lives of People Affected by Cancer

The LIVESTRONG Foundation is one of world’s most successful and influential nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by cancer.

Adi Gaskell09/15/14
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The importance of control and freedom at work

As regular readers of the blog will be aware, there have been several studies over the past year or so that have explored the motivations of people who participate in open innovation challenges or citizen science projects.

Mind Mixer09/15/14
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Take Public Meetings on the Road

Ideas are flowing freely and easily among Toronto residents at IdeaSpace. As an early introduction to this “community consultation” movement, local leaders are getting input from community members about how to make the process as meaningful for them as...

Adi Gaskell09/14/14
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How you can keep your mind on the job

There have been plenty of studies highlighting the importance of being able to focus on tasks at work. Indeed, Daniel Goleman, he of emotional intelligence fame, wrote a book devoted to the topic. He suggested that our mind can typically wander by as much as 40% of any time we devote to reading a piece of text.

Highq Collaborate09/14/14
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Tame the M&A beast with enterprise collaboration software

High stakes M&A is definitely not for the faint-hearted. When you consider the sheer valuation of such transactions it’s enough to make your head spin.

Adi Gaskell09/14/14
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Study explores the future of higher education

With the rise in popularity of MOOCs, there has been a significant amount of discussion surrounding the future of higher education.