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Hearsay Social09/10/14
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To all 90,000 of you: thanks for believing in us

Four years ago, Steve and I set out on a mission to bring Social Business to relationship managers. We felt Social Business could bring us back to what the industry has always been about: listening to people, understanding their dreams, and guiding their most important and impactful decisions regarding the future.

Adi Gaskell09/10/14
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Meet Amy, the AI office assistant

Whilst many of us may associate mobile apps with Angry Birds and their like, there is pleasingly a growing trend of apps that are aiming to be rather valuable in terms of our productivity.

Highq Collaborate09/10/14
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What could Jennifer Lawrence learn from enterprise cloud technology?

The batch of nude celebrity photos leaked from Apple’s iCloud to the internet last weekend inspired headlines and debates across the media. The shock reverberated throughout the iCloud community, as the extent of how vulnerable our personal information is when stored using the consumer cloud services became very clear.

Adi Gaskell09/09/14
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Are ethical companies bad for society?

Being a keen cyclist I tend to ride a few hundred kilometres a week, and as such my two bikes tend to need regular maintenance and repair to keep them in good working order. Whilst I’ve made an attempt to become more learned in the various mechanics of bike repair, it’s still not something that comes particularly naturally.

Bloomfire Marketing09/09/14
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KMWorld: Bloomfire a Trend-Setting Product of 2014

Leading knowledge management publication KMWorld has named Bloomfire a trend-setting product of 2014, highlighting the latest integrations with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.

Adi Gaskell09/09/14
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Why the praise sandwich isn’t so wholesome

Feedback is crucial to improvement, whether it’s as an individual or as an organisation. Despite it’s importance however, the act of delivering it is something that few of us are all that good at doing. This is especially so when the feedback is negative in some way.

Highq Collaborate09/09/14
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Enterprise collaboration news

Without a doubt, the biggest news in the enterprise collaboration world this August was about ILTA 2014, the annual legal technology conference this year held in Nashville, Tennessee.

Adi Gaskell09/09/14
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The management price of fairness

Earlier this year I posted about a new study exploring the small matter of hierarchy in the workplace, and specifically how employees perceived it.

Mark Morrell09/08/14
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Intranet Now has a bright future!

Congratulations Wedge and Brian for successfully giving birth to Intranet Now yesterday. It was a privilege to be there yesterday. I have never experienced such an atmosphere of goodwill and wish for everything to go well from everyone – delegates, speakers, and sponsors.

Adi Gaskell09/08/14
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How stereotypes can erode performance

We all know that stereotyping is generally not a good idea, right? Sadly, I’m sure we all are also aware that it’s all too pervasive in life.

Paul Andrews09/08/14
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Is Social Media Hurting Our Social Skills?

It seems peculiar to suggest that in this social media driven age that our social skills could be in decline. After all, we send millions of messages to each other every day, so surely all of that communication must be helping?

Adi Gaskell09/08/14
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How the production line can speed up innovation

When we talk about innovation, it’s often accompanied by mention of things such as flatter management structures, more collaborative decision making and transparent flow of information.

Interact Intran...09/08/14
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The Good Intranet Parenting Guide

Many of my peers in the intranet industry will openly tell you that your intranet is not a project. However, very few actually say what your intranet is if it isn’t a project.

Adi Gaskell09/07/14
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How you can perceive your way to better sleep

It’s fairly well known that sleep has a powerful impact on our cognitive abilities, both in terms of how we learn new things and how we perform at work.

Paul Andrews09/07/14
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Who Could Be The Psychopath In Your Office?

Whilst the traditional image of a psychopath tends to involve the kind of deviant characters you see chopping people up in Hollywood slasher flicks, there is a substantial amount of research suggesting that our workplaces have a reasonable number of them.

Adi Gaskell09/07/14
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New app aims to crowdsource cycle safety

Cycling in London can be a pretty hair raising experience. Traffic tends to be very dense, and you need your wits about you constantly to ensure you’re in the right position on the road and are aware of what other road users, and pedestrians, are up to. Just around the corner from me sits one of the more dangerous parts of the capital for cycling.

John Walter09/06/14
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Locating Simulator Files in Xcode 6

With Xcode 6's full release right around the corner, now is the time to become familiar with all the changes. iOS Developer Tips has a great tutorial about locating where to locate your app's documents.

Paul Andrews09/06/14
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The Secret To Happiness In Just 10 Minutes Per Day

Happiness is the golden fleece that we all chase in life, and as such there are guides aplenty on how we can better obtain this most elusive elixir.

Adi Gaskell09/06/14
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Study shows what we really do on conference calls

With the amount of flexible working on the (gradual) increase, so too the amount of time spent in virtual meetings is on the rise. The technology has long existed to allow people to dial in to meetings from wherever they may be, but just how effective are these coming togethers?

Paul Andrews09/06/14
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Why Bullies So Often Win At Work

Whilst no one likes a bully, it's sadly likely that we have all encountered one of them at some point in our life. Their presence can often make school or work a complete misery.