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Adinath Raveend...11/23/14
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OACC 2.0.0 new alpha 4 release, adds comprehensive pluggable authentication support.

OACC  is a powerful, new Java Application Security Framework (http://oaccframework.org). This release adds comprehensive pluggable authentication provider support. An application using OACC can now provide a custom authentication provider implementation...

Mark Needham11/23/14
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R: Refactoring to dplyr

I’ve been looking back over some of the early code I wrote using R before I knew about the dplyr library and thought it’d be an interesting exercise to refactor some of the snippets.

Fahim Farook11/23/14
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Spring - Accessing injected properties from constructor

Designing Spring for accessing properties from constructor.

Adi Gaskell11/23/14
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A learning network for change makers

Positive Deviance is a concept that was coined by researcher Richard Pascale. It suggests that within any field, there will be pockets of excellence, whereby things are done exceptionally well. The key, therefore, is to locate those deviants, and find out what it is about them that enables them to succeed in the same circumstances wherein others are not.

Matt Ballantine11/23/14
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Engineering serendipity

In the year and a half in which I have been building my business, I’ve had many great plans that have resulted in nothing (or, at least, nothing yet). In the same period my most successful and profitable client relationships have emerged seemingly by chance.

Adi Gaskell11/23/14
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Is open innovation simply looking under the streetlight?

When it comes to having creative thoughts and innovative ideas, there can often be a perception that we need to look far outside of our traditional field to find that bright idea. After all, if the answer is right under our feet, can it really be that revolutionary?

Franck Wolff11/23/14
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Beyond JSON: Spearal Serialization Protocol for iOS

Spearal is a new, open-source, serialization protocol that aims to overcome the limitations of JSON. It targets - as a first step - HTML and native mobile applications connected to a Java backend. This article introduce the Spearal iOS module, written in Swift, with a iPhone / Spring MVC sample application.

Ina Tontcheva11/23/14
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Become Part of the Web of Apps: Developers Tricks to Increase App Engagement

Mobile developers are facing some severe limitations when it comes to app distribution. How can you you overcome these limitations and put your app in your users hands?

Subhash Chandran11/22/14
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Version 0.3.2 of StaGen, the static site generator written in Java 8, is released

Version 0.3.2 of StaGen, the static site generator written in Java 8 is now available for download. StaGen uses Markdown for content and StringTemplate 4 for templating. This version features builds in .tgz and .zip format with shell-script and Windows batch...

Christopher Blake11/22/14
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IBM Verse Takes Centre Stage delivering a New Way to Work

If you have been following my Blog posts of late you would have noticed a trend developing in my discussions about the role of eMail and its deficiencies the way people use it today.

Adi Gaskell11/22/14
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How TechShop is bringing the sharing economy to manufacturing

The sharing economy has thrust the concept of paying purely for what you use firmly into the mainstream. Whereas historically we would regard buying a car, and then not using it for 95% of its life, as very much the norm. Now though, we regard it as perfectly normal, and infinitely more sensible, to pay for a car as and when we need it.

Hearsay Social11/22/14
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Technology, the changing workplace, and entrepreneurship at Web Summit

Earlier this month, Hearsay Social CEO Clara Shih took center stage at Web Summit in Dublin to discuss the future of business with the technology industry’s most influential leaders–including Peter Thiel (Founder, Founders Fund,...

Mark Needham11/22/14
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R: dplyr - Group by field dynamically

A few months ago I wrote a blog explaining how to dynamically/programatically group a data frame by a field using dplyr but that approach has been deprecated in the latest version. It turns out the ‘group_by_’ function doesn’t want to receive a list of fields so let’s remove the call to list:

Eugene Ivantsov11/22/14
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Build And Share Developer Environments in Your Browser

A modern browser is all you need to develop and share complex developer environments. Build environments that fit your project requirements. Instantly share your environments. Code, build, test and run projects in your browser.

Boris Dus11/22/14
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Making Backups VPS - How to Stop Worrying About Your Data

When hosting was gone into oblivion, it was too late to worry. Our website died on Friday, in the middle of intensive promotion. It was not possible to reach the tech support. Our colleagues were just shrugging...

Raymond Camden11/22/14
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Determining Installed Plugins at Runtime for Cordova and PhoneGap Applications

A Twitter user asked an interesting question: How can I tell via JavaScript if a particular plugin is installed in a Cordova/PhoneGap application? He mentioned that his code base was stand alone and would be used within other projects. There are a couple of different ways to handle this in InAppBrowser.

Adi Gaskell11/21/14
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Bringing the sharing economy to event spaces

Earlier this year I wrote about an Australian start-up that was aiming to apply some of the principles of open innovation to the way events are run.

Interact Intran...11/21/14
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How to win a free Interact Intranet for your non profit

Calling all non-profits, you only have until November 28th to enter our competition to win a free intranet with Interact Intranet. So if you haven’t entered yet I’m going to give you a little bit of help to make it easier for you to do so by showing you the winning entries from last year’s competition.

Adi Gaskell11/21/14
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Using Wikipedia to fight flu

The idea of using the way we search or the information we share on social media to track and monitor the spread of flu is not a new one. For instance, a Kansas State University project from a few years ago used social media content to both track and prevent the spread of disease.

Michael Sahota11/21/14
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People over Process

Agile and Lean are a means to an end. Once we are clear what our goals are and our approach is consistent with what we truly value, then we may hope for success. We outline a fundamentally different approach for organizational change: one where valuing people is integral to building lasting success.