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Adi Gaskell10/10/14
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Where the best place to work from home is

Research from the University of Illinois earlier this summer highlighted (again) how beneficial working from home often is. When deprived of the joys of a commute to work, and of the frequent distractions of the modern open plan office, it seemed that employees were both more productive and more engaged.

Mark Morrell10/10/14
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Publishing content: Use it, don’t abuse it!

Content that is easy to use does not appear like that by magic. It is having standards on usability, supported by training and guidance, that helps to make this happen.

Adi Gaskell10/10/14
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Learning how to learn (and unlearn)

A social business is nothing if not a hive of learning and adaptation. Whether on an individual or an organizational level, it’s crucial that there is a constant state of progress.

Shany Dembak10/10/14
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How to Create Content That Converts

In today’s global marketplace, you need a web presence to survive, but that’s not all. If you want to set yourself apart, you absolutely need to create engaging content.

Adi Gaskell10/10/14
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Healthcare HackDays

Hack days or hackathons are increasingly popular, as organisations attempt to tap into interested parties from outside of their traditional talent pool.

Borislav Iordanov10/10/14
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Jayson Skima - Validating JavaScript Object Notation Data

A crash course on JSON Schema. A nearly complete coverage of the Draft 4 specification, in brief.

Igor Kulman10/10/14
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What To Put On the About Screen of Your Windows Phone App

The about screen of a Windows Phone app is usually the most overlooked part of the app. Sure, the users usually visit it only once, after installing the app, if ever, but it is a part of your Windows Phone app that you could put to a good use.

David Mai10/10/14
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9 Influential Women Writers in Big Data and Business Intelligence

In my own experience as an editor who covers BI, I read numerous BI articles and I have found that despite the disproportionately low number of women in technology, many of the articles that I’ve read were authored by women. In BI, the works of women have provided great insight and thought leadership to the BI community and I personally want to list nine of the the top women writers who have helped shape my view on BI.

Bill Jones10/10/14
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5/5 Informative and Definitive Guide to Mobile Forensics

5/5 Informative and Definitive Guide to Mobile Forensics

Jason Johnson Peretz10/09/14
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LexisNexis' HPCC Systems Developer Contest Now Open

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions has announced its inaugural HPCC Systems Developer Contest. Developers and other technical professionals have the opportunity to demonstrate how they leveraged HPCC Systems to solve either a Big Data or Complex Query problem....

Jive Community10/09/14
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Are you a 2+ Year Jive Customer? Don't Miss these JiveWorld14 Killer Advanced Community Topics To Solve Key Problems!

Before I became a Jiver I was a practitioner and looked forward to JiveWorld to gain insights from my peers.

Adi Gaskell10/09/14
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Email remains key in the public sector

Since the social business movement has grown in popularity, email has become something of the ugly duckling of professional communication.

Matt Ballantine10/09/14
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Spend a lot of your time firefighting? It’s a funny metaphor, because one group of people who don’t are firefighters.

Adi Gaskell10/09/14
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How multitasking changes your brain

Our modern workplaces are often a hive of activity, whether it’s the hubbub of conversation across our open plan offices or the multitude of digital disruptions busting to interrupt our flow of thought.

Mehul Rajput10/09/14
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Mobile Developers Should Get Accustomed with Onboarding Techniques

Displaying onboarding screen for first time user may or may not help you and your users. In most cases, it gives good impressions over the minds of most users. Therefore, learning various onboarding techniques in contemporary designing is an essential step towards the success.

SyncRo Soft10/08/14
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New Release of Oxygen XML Editor version 16.1

  New in oXygen XML Editor  16.1:

Michael Brenner10/08/14
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How To Break Through The Noise With The 3 Vs Of Content Marketing

Today’s consumer is bombarded with thousands of marketing messages every single day.

Adi Gaskell10/08/14
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Can the crowd reshape the food system?

Whilst the global food system has much to be proud of, with the Green Revolution and its predescessors doing much to feed the growing global population, it’s hard to dispute that there are areas for improvement.

Christopher Taylor10/08/14
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Ebola shows the mundane, not technology, will protect us

Technology has driven our economy and made our country powerful, but tech alone is proving to be insufficient to stop the spread of Ebola.

Adi Gaskell10/08/14
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Research looks at what makes natural networks so strong

It’s believed that the kind of networks that we see formed by nature, such as the neural networks in our brain for instance, are stronger and more resilient than our man made networks, be they our power grids or the Internet.