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Enterprise Integration     NOVEMBER '14

Enterprise Integration poses huge challenges for developers, and with so many different technologies to choose from, finding the right solution can be tricky. DZone’s coverage of the space considers web services, integration architecture, SOA governance, enterprise service bus products, and much more.

  • In-depth articles written by industry experts
  • Results from our survey of over 500 EI practitioners and developers
  • Detailed profiles on over 40 Message Queues, Integration Frameworks & Suites, ESBs, iPaaS Solutions, and   API Management Platforms
  • “The REST API Maturity Model”

Big Data     SEPTEMBER '14

Discover emerging information about the Big Data landscape, and learn about how the shifting needs of data scientists and developers are influencing new tools and technologies. This guide explores the meaning of Big Data, how businesses use it, and uncovers new tools and techniques for the future of Big Data. This guide includes:

  • Detailed profiles on 43 Big Data vendor solutions
  • In-depth Articles Written by Industry Experts
  • Results from our survey of 850 IT Professionals
  • "Finding the Database for Your Use Case"

Internet of Things     July '14

Explore the most promising areas of Internet of Things (IoT) and learn how to get started developing applications and devices for this exciting new industry. This guide features a solutions directory of devices, frameworks, platforms middleware and tools and examines the major players in the space today and where they are headed, including:

  • Detailed profiles on IoT vendors
  • In-depth articles written by industry experts
  • Results from our survey of IoT developers
  • "The Scale of IoT" Infographic

Mobile Development     June '14

DZone's latest research guide provides an analysis of the current state of mobile development and important strategies, tools, and insights for accelerating development for mobile devices. This guide includes:

  • In-depth articles written by industry experts
  • Key findings from our survey of over 1000 mobile developers
  • Profiles on 40 mobile development tools and frameworks
  • "Game of Phones" Infographic
  • Glossary of common mobile development terms
  • Mobile Application Development Checklist

Continuous Delivery     April '14

This guide covers the benefits of Continuous Delivery and DevOps and the strategies organizations use to adopt these practices. This guide also includes comparison data to help you choose the right technology for your Continuous Delivery toolchain. This guide includes:

  • Key Product and Vendor Differentiators for 38 Continuous Delivery Solutions
  • Articles Written by Industry Experts
  • Survey Results from Over 500 Developers
  • Continuous Delivery Maturity Checklist

Cloud Platforms     March '14

The 2014 DZone Cloud Platform Research Report brings together worldwide cloud providers into one free, exclusive report that offers impartial insight into 39 specific cloud platform providers. This guide includes:

  • 39 Popular Cloud Platforms
  • Key Product and Vendor Differentiators
  • How Successful Companies Make Decisions
  • Survey Results of 600 IT Professionals
  • What to Ask Potential Cloud Providers
  • A Glossary of Cloud Platform Terms