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Mongrel Spinner And Restart Tasks For Capistrano

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        These tasks should work with the default deploy.rb file. I assume you've at least read the Capistrano manual at, also, you should get your app running on mongrel first with manual booting and restarting before you try to automate.

h2. Spinner

desc <<-DESC
Spinner is run by the default cold_deploy task. Instead of using script/spinner, we're just gonna rely on Mongrel to keep itself up.
task :spinner, :roles => :app do
  application_port = xxxx #get this from your friendly sysadmin
  run "mongrel_rails start -e production -p #{application_port} -d -c #{current_path}"

h2. Restart

desc "Restart the web server"
task :restart, :roles => :app do
    run "cd #{current_path} && mongrel_rails restart"
  rescue RuntimeError => e
    puts e
    puts "Probably not a big deal, so I'll just keep trucking..."

There's a more complete article <a href="">on my blog.</a>