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Request Database Authentication When Rails Boots

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        Simple solution to a problem that may not affect very many folks.
If you don't like your password displayed in plain text in database.yml, this might help you.
It utilizes the Highline gem (big thanks to James Edward Gray II).

# database.yml

require 'highline/import'

def request_input(msg, show_input = true)
  ask(msg) { |q| q.echo = show_input }

  username: <%= request_input 'Username: ' %>
  password: <%= request_input 'Password: ', false %>


Wiktor Macura replied on Fri, 2006/06/09 - 1:22pm

Hey! That's great, thanks a lot for this. I've always been a bit figgity about keeping the password in plain text. Many thanks. Wiktor