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Sending/Receiving SMS From MIDlets

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// Lets send an SMS now.
//get a reference to the appropriate Connection object using an appropriate url
MessageConnection conn = (MessageConnection)"sms://:50001");
//generate a new text message
TextMessage tmsg = (TextMessage) conn.newMessage(MessageConnection.TEXT_MESSAGE);
//set the message text and the address
tmsg.setAddress("sms://" + number);
//finally send our message

// Time to receive one.
//get reference to MessageConnection object
MessageConnection conn = (MessageConnection)"sms://:50001");
//set message listener
   new MessageListener() {
      public void notifyIncomingMessage(MessageConnection conn) {
         Message msg = conn.receive();
         //do whatever you want with the message
         if(msg instanceof TextMessage) {
            TextMessage tmsg = (TextMessage) msg;
         } else if(msg instanceof BinaryMessage) {
         } else {


Snippets Manager replied on Sun, 2010/05/02 - 10:46am

Hello. I've got a minor problem with this code. Getting a error at the last bit of 'sender', "conn.send() - send(javax.wireless.messaging.Message) in javax.wireless.messaging.MessageConnection cannot be applied to ()" Need any more imports to run it besides "javax.wireless.messaging.*;" ? Cheers.

Umut UTKAN replied on Thu, 2008/02/07 - 6:40am

I am not sure that the port have to be 50001 or not, but it is working on my phone."sms://:50001");