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Show Images In Web Directory List

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        I was tired of found lots of images in a directory, and click in each one to see if someone of these are really cool are soooo dirty.

I wrote this bookmarklet, that create a new document with all the images opened in a table.
NSF56k but nice.

javascript:function showallimagesindirectory(){var s='test';var dc='<b>Images in: '+location.href+'</b><table border=1 style=\'font:x-small verdana\'>';for(var i=0;i<document.links.length;i++){s=document.links[i].href;if(s.toUpperCase().lastIndexOf('.JPG')!=-1 || s.toUpperCase().lastIndexOf('.JPEG')!=-1 || s.toUpperCase().lastIndexOf('.GIF')!=-1 || s.toUpperCase().lastIndexOf('.PNG')!=-1){dc+='<tr>';dc+='<td><img src='+s+'> </td>';dc+='</tr>';}}dc+='</table>';var'','iw','');;iw.document.write(dc);iw.document.close();}showallimagesindirectory();



Snippets Manager replied on Wed, 2007/06/27 - 9:10am

Very nice. I extended it because I had problems when the directory contained hundreds of images. You have to click on the bookmarklet again to advance. You can set the number of images on the page and the start point. javascript:function showallimagesindirectory(){var s='';var limit=20;var total=document.links.length;var start=0;if (document.getElementById('xmystart')) start=document.getElementById('xmystart').value;if (document.getElementById('xmylimit')) limit=document.getElementById('xmylimit').value;var dc='Images in: '+location.href+'Images in: '+location.href+'
Total: '+total+'; Start Limit
';for(var i=start,p=0;i';p++;}if(p==limit){break;}}dc+='
';for(var i=0;i'+t+''+'