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Google aim to discover what it takes to be healthy

I wrote recently about the value inherent in your doctors understanding the kind of places you go online to search for information about your ailments,...

0 replies - 997 views - 08/09/14 by Adi Gaskell in Articles

Apple Vs Google: War of the Wearables

In one of Apple’s latest TV adverts, ‘Strength’, they showcase some of the most popular fitness apps, integrating smart technology with tracking and...

0 replies - 561 views - 07/02/14 by Paul Andrews in Articles

Why Google Are Interested In The Temperature of Your Boiler

When Google acquired Nest earlier on this year, among the inevitable privacy concerns came the introduction to the wider public of the so called Internet...

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How To Write To Please Google Penguin

Summer 2013 has become a real test and challenge for many websites owners, especially if they were not connected with SEO, and did not even think of any black...

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What can Google teach us about being good corporate citizens?

Over the past few years a number of things have given rise to organisations, and by proxy their employees, seeking purpose in what they do.  The...

0 replies - 1233 views - 12/29/13 by Adi Gaskell in Articles

10 Reason Why Google Lost The Social Media War

Google+ lost about 60 percent of its users in the recent past. This was a huge blow to the company since closure of some its divisions like Google Labs in...

0 replies - 2346 views - 11/27/13 by Paul Andrews in Articles

Creating a collaborative environment the Google way

When looking to change behaviours in the workplace, it’s imperative to create an environment that encourages those behaviours.  When doing this, there...

0 replies - 891 views - 10/02/13 by Adi Gaskell in Articles

The dangers of link building (and requesting link removal)

As Information Architecture and Content Management are two of my core skills it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I have worked with improving on-site search...

0 replies - 1554 views - 07/08/13 by Oscar Berg in Articles

Eric Schmidt on disruptive technologies

Last month McKinsey produced a fascinating report on 12 disruptive technologies that they believed would fundamentally change society. They've followed up the...

0 replies - 1133 views - 06/04/13 by Adi Gaskell in Articles

Can Google predict the stock market?

Back in 1998, long before Google was born, the movie Pi was released.  In it a mathmatician believed he had unlocked the secrets to the stock market,...

0 replies - 1637 views - 04/29/13 by Adi Gaskell in Articles

How Google+ will put Facebook out of business

Google+ arrived on the social media scene in 2011 like a lamb, with little heralding, and on the surface level, it’s hardly become a lion that can...

0 replies - 2002 views - 04/12/13 by Christopher Taylor in Articles

Google Map Maker comes to the UK

Crowdsourcing has a long history of producing things of value.  The clearest example is with Wikipedia, where users have produced an encyclopedia that...

0 replies - 2011 views - 04/11/13 by Adi Gaskell in Articles

Google Launches Full Value of Mobile Calculator

Understanding and utilizing mobile advertising and a mobile presence is key in optimizing new paths to purchase in the B2C environment. Between 2011 and...

0 replies - 2123 views - 03/29/13 by Emilie Williams-sinn in Articles

Assorted social business links

Today we'll start your week off with some links about the Google workplace culture, why email is not as good as social media and an ode to Google Reader.Why...

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Good Reading–On What an Enterprise REALLY Needs

Another chance to share an article that provides an alternative view from one you normally read here – in this case an opinion piece from an enterprise CIO...

0 replies - 784 views - 02/21/13 by Ben Kepes in Articles

101 | Google Algorithms Explained in Plain English | 2013

 Originally posted by Israel Rothman on Apr 20th, 2011 | Still true in 2013 I get really tired of less than forthcoming geeks trying to make this sound...

0 replies - 2163 views - 02/08/13 by Israel Rothman in Articles

The social business of flu

Whilst social media tools have primarily been used for commercial ends, there is a growing stream of evidence showing that it has scientific and social...

0 replies - 2330 views - 01/28/13 by Adi Gaskell in Articles

Content Marketing: Using SEO Effectively

Despite the latest rumblings about Google Local, SEO can be very effective, if  you understand your target market very clearly.  But before you spend...

0 replies - 1717 views - 01/22/13 by Kay Hebbourn in Articles

Using Google Map On Mobile Phone

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Atom / RSS Feed Of Your GMail Account

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