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The “trickle up” when choosing an online working environment

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The “trickle up” when choosing an online working environment

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When it comes to the implementation of workflow management software, the concept of delegating the choice to the employees seems to be quite reasonable. Why would a c-level manager chоose work management software themselves? Work management software will be used by the employees for their daily routine. The c-level manager only needs visibility and good reporting capabilities from this software, while the choice of the operational features should be done by those who are going to operate with the help of the new workflow system.

With the consumerization of IT, we feel more and more at ease online when it comes to our personal communication: most of us have Facebook or Linkedin accounts, some sorts of applications that remind us to fetch milk from the shop or send a card to our granny. There are GoogleDocs and Dropbox and all sorts of other things that help us collaborate online.

Mostly, we use it for life and leisure, but we can keep it in mind: whenever we need to choose an online working environment, we can delegate it to those who will work with it and those who already use most of the features adopted by collaborative work management software. The only difference is that they currently use those features for personal matters, when those skills can now also be applied to work. In both cases this should result in more productivity.

What do you expect from the software you are using? It must be functional and correct, of course – that’s essential. And it must be convenient – that forms your impression of the software. You don’t want to struggle the software, trying to figure it out – where’s this button for my simplest action. At Comindware, we solved this problem by adopting the MS interface, the same view you already have in MS Windows and Outlook. This Outlook-like interface makes it possible to start working with the software much quicker, than with other similar solutions for work management.

The software you’re using on your job has an important thing in common with the software we use for sharing pieces of personal information: first of all, you’re not alone at work. For most of us, collaboration with our colleagues is a key feature we want from the software we are using at the workplace. We want to discuss work problems, find common solutions, and stay informed about what is currently happening with processes we are involved in. Comindware Tracker has a full set of collaborative features such as comments, notifications, instant update of work items, history, attachments and document sharing and versioning.

This way, the team can collaborate inside the familiar interface. Thanks to the integration with Outlook the work collaboration system features can be used without leaving Outlook tasks. In other words, teams can simply adapt a new way of collaboration without the need to learn to operate with new software.

What if you are already using some great software at your workplace and now you have found even better software? What if you want to keep both programs and use their best features? Any software today must have possibilities to integrate in the existing infrastructure without excuses. Comindware Tracker has simple API integration with third party work applications and thus makes it possible to create a unique online environment where you can collaborate and exchange a single piece of work data, instead of switching between different solutions.

Comindware Tracker can be used to collaborate on any kind of business activity because it adapts to your activities. We call it flexibility and we mean it. And you can use it to track your business processes, and collaborate with colleagues. It has a neat, intuitive graphical workflow builder interface. It is accessible from everywhere simply via your browser. It has great integration possibilities – built-in integration with Microsoft Outlook, API for external tools. And more is in the pipeline – SharePoint integration, native application for iOS and Android clients, and many more.

Do not miss your chance and take a brief look at it. It will be even better if you will give the trial version of our product a go with your colleagues. I hope, you will learn that our software is a perfect solution for your company. Also, please do not hesitate to contact our sales representatives for more information. They can even help you to present our product to your boss and your colleagues by using their intricate professional presentations.


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