API — It's All About Organization Part 2

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API — It's All About Organization Part 2

In part 2, the author describes what the different activities of an API Team could be.

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Well, I would split the activities of an API Team into two kinds of activities: regalian activities and extended activities. Indeed, the governance of an API management team should set a framework in which all the actors involved in APIs should be part of, in order to fully express themselves and facilitate the integration of systems between them via API.

The Regalian Activities

I would call regalian activities those activities for which the API Management team has full authority and cannot be overridden. In these activities I put:

  • Implementation and technical administration of the API Management platform — Who else?

  • Definition of API Management best practices — Put it once, please :) It will allow not lost time for no good reason

  • API Definition Workshop Formats — To move from endless and counterproductive meetings to efficient and productive meetings. I’ve personally reduced it by 4 on a project just by rethinking the way we animate our workshops!

  • Organizing API workshops — To be the driving force behind API topics, but free to the API Management team to let the concerned teams organize themselves if they are autonomous enough.

  • Training and Communication Management — To ensure team buy-in, and to demonstrate the added value of API Management teams.

The Extended Activities

However, some activities must be carried out not in a purely regalian mode but in a much more collaborative model, because after all, it is a question of organizing exchanges between at least two systems:

  • API definition and lifecycle management with projects and functional architects — Even if the API team has the last word, it remains at the service of the projects and the business! Never forget it!

  • Work with the architects on the alignment of API requirements in a clear roadmap — The architects are supposed to have a medium to long term vision of the future needs, the API teams are supposed to align with them!

  • Technical tooling with other development teams to bring the right tools and frameworks — Saying to a project "go ahead and do API" is not enough! Tell that to an old project on an old technical foundation! It's up to the API teams to work with the projects to modernize the technical foundation, distribute it, and share it with other development teams.

  • Ideation work with the trades to find new API ideas — The goal being to get the most value out of the company's assets.

And how about you? What are the typical activities of an API management team?

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